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Session 1: The Ringleader and the Lion

"I bite my girlfriend."

"E-Excuse me?" The man sitting in the chair with his legs crossed, pushes up his glasses, confused. It didn't occur to Vincent until now that this might seem a little off to…well the normal everyday human.

"I bite my girlfriend…that's why I'm here…I think." Vincent frowns. To be honest the real reason why he was here was because said girlfriend was no doubt bored out of her cute little mind. She wanted to mess with him and by making him an appointment with a human therapist she thought she was messing with him. If it was amusement she sought then it was amusement that he shall deliver to her on a silver platter.

"Do you bite her out of an act of…sexuality?" This time it's the therapist frowns.

Vincent's frown becomes a smile. "Sometimes. In fact just thinking about last night makes me want to go home and bite her once more…mmmm…" Just imagining his fangs dipping into her lovely milky white neck was making him anxious. If she wanted to play games then there was going to be a penalty game. "Have you met my…fiancé?" Saying girlfriend was a bit…odd to him.

In the town where they live they play house so to say.

"Fiancé? If I remember correctly she's a charming young girl with red hair…wears a top hat. To be honest she reminds me of a circus ringleader."

I couldn't have put it better myself…a ring leader and I am her lion.

"So Vincent," The man leans forward with his hands firmly laced together. Like every other human Vincent has encountered he's very stupid…or rather oblivious. "If she requested you to be here don't you think that she's sending you a sign that she wants the biting to stop?"

"On the contrary Mister…oh whatever. She hardly wants it to stop in fact this entire charade is merely her way of amusing herself while she mulls through her studying. In fact I'm willing to bet that she's at home giggling right now…" Sitting on her bed with a book in her lap, her eyes on the magic mirror to see him messing with this therapist. "I hope she's looking forward to my return."

"Vincent this entire conversation is confidential." The human wrinkles his nose. He wasn't exactly sure what to make of his new client.

Vincent shrugs. "Sir…if I may ask…do you love your wife?"

"Of course I do…but I don't bite her." He makes a joke out of it.

Vincent smirks. "I don't love Lydia."

"You don't? Does Lydia know this?"

"Of course she does. I do not love her but I find her amusing. Her entire existence is dedicated to amusing me and finding new ways to entertain me. The day she fails to do that…will be the day that the girl called Lydia will fail to exist. I want nothing more than to live my life full of entertainment with her being the center of my universe." Vincent nods. That sounded about right to him, having her run around in his little cage was what she did best. She danced between the bars, sometimes grabbing one to spin around on it.

Yes…that was Lydia.

"That's love…"

"No it's not," Vincent contradicts. "If it were love then I wouldn't mind if she failed to meet my expectations."

Lydia has never failed to meet his expectations, on the contrary she's gone above them.

"Honey I'm hooooome-"

He has to duck to avoid a bottle being whipped right at his head. What was intended for his face, hits the mail box exploding into a mixture of sharp glass and a fizzy blue liquid. Sleep elixir…

"Naughty, naughty Lydia. If you wanted to see me lye on the floor then you could have just said something." Vincent flashes her his signature smirk, it was practically made for the fiery red head that plays his 'wife to be'.

She stands at the top of the stairs with nothing in her tiny hands. Having watched his entire therapy session from the comfort of her bedroom she had finally conjured a plan for the day. It started with the sleeping elixir but had gone up in smoke…or rather broken glass. If looks could kill…

"Welcome home! How was therapy?" She tilts her head. By all means the top hat should have fallen off due to gravity…it was as if it was super glued to her head.

"Wonderful. We talked about you and how I love to bite you…which is apparently due to sexual frustrations. Wonderful isn't it? I thought so. How was your alone time?"

"I spent it missing you naturally. Or that's what a normal wife would say…" From the air pops a book labeled 'The Desperate House Wife'. She flips it to a page that pleases her, nods to herself for a moment. The book is gone in a flash as if it were never there. "Oh my darling! I'm so glad that your home! Every second that you're away is like a year! Please don't ever leave me!"

Worse than a drama, she throws herself at Vincent who catches her. It's almost been routine for her to look up pathetic things like this and show him what he's missing. Some of the things she would do makes him want to retch, others not so much. He could definitely get used to this throwing herself at him thing. "Is dinner ready?"

"Crap…" Lydia sighs. Dinner. Right. It wasn't something that she was used to conjuring. "I'll get on it!" From her pocket she whips out her wand and heads off to the kitchen her hips sashaying along with her. Watching her work was like watching a man slip on marbles.

Everything flies out at once, a whisk begins beating some eggs, a frying pan begins to butter itself and so on.

Lydia is a marvelous cook.

Cooking is second nature to her; usually she's upstairs brewing potions and reading. Having the best ingredients was everything to her.

"Hello vampire…I mean father." From her bedroom emerges a blue haired girl, her red wings flashing with the lights. She doesn't seem too pleased to see him in the house, she hardly does. "Did the humans label you as psychotic?"

"They told me I need to work on my biting habits…"

"Good, it's disgusting." The child of the house is none other than Alexandria. A 300 year old fairy looking for a way to undo her curse. Some time ago a witch had cursed her with the body of a child; she's spent the last 100 years looking for a way to reverse it.

She's also openly rude to Vincent, choosing to stick close to Lydia in high hopes that Lydia finally restores her to her normal self. Lydia wasn't the one to cast the spell but she readily accepted the challenge of figuring out how to reverse it or better yet: find the one who dared to do this to the young girl.

"My apologies for not snacking on fruits and vegetables. Lydia! Alexandria is being mean again…" Vincent raises an eyebrow to Alexandria who only sticks her child tongue out.

Lydia however wasn't amused. As the 'mother' of the house it was her duty to make sure that her 'child' behaves. "You will respect your father."

"I will not!"

"Then you will do the dishes…by hand!"

A look of pure horror crosses Alexandria's pretty face. "I love you vampire…I mean father…"

"Better…squirt." Even Vincent was trying. He was mostly doing it to annoy the young girl. It worked, Alexandria shakes her head and storms back into her bedroom where she would no doubt stay for the rest of the night.

"By hand huh? You're a scary girl." Vincent whispers into the young witch's ear. His hands go to her shoulders but not for long for her soon finds a wand in his face.

"Vampire, please refrain from touching me while out of the public eye. I'll play along with you but on my own turns…we both agreed to that a long time ago." The first day that Lydia had met Vincent they had bonded each other to one another for selfish reasons. She needed money to fund her business and he needed her to shove off his boredom for that was a vampire's true weakness.

"That's funny…minutes ago you had thrown yourself at me."

"You were a good boy at therapy." Was her answer.

Vincent pouts. "But I'm hungry! The good boy wants food, not hugs."

"There's a juice box in the fridge."

".." Juice box…warm blood tastes so much better.

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