Yes, chapter five and I just found out the look I want to give…wait. I can't spill my thoughts just yet! As you can see by the chapter name, things are gonna get snowy! But let's not ruin any surprises. This chapter, more of the Titans meet Lance…in the snow…on a cold day…God they're dead. Anyway, this is much more than a snowball fight, but I'm not spilling the details, so have fun guessing! Oh by the way sorry for the extremely late update; my computer was having problems posting and then several school projects and home and family and BLUGH! You know the drill, you just can't seem to get time to work on things. Anyway, have fun reading!

Chapter Five: Just another Snowball Fight

Late morning, 10:12 a.m., dim grey clouds role in, beginning to deposit light snow. Beastboy, sauntering into the main room, went to the fridge to get some skim milk. The last thing he expected to see in the fridge was anything but food, but he was in for a surprise…"Eeeeauuuuuuugh!" "AAAAAGH!"

After backing up so fast he fell over a chair, he looked back at the fridge in terror. There loomed a gnarled, thin, brown skinned zombie: a Redead, slowly sauntering towards Beastboy. "R-r-rr-r-ROBIN HELP!" the green shape shifter squealed, jumping behind the couch. Suddenly, the zombie was before him, its pupil-less black eyes hungrily gazing at him. As it screeched again, Robin tiredly walked in saying "Beastboy…it's too early fo-Oh my God!" and then becoming sobered up at the sight of a zombie having cornered Beastboy.

"Eeeeauuuuuuugh!" it screeched a second time, freezing Robin in his tracks as he ran to help Beastboy. This scream earned the attention of Cyborg. "Man, what is goi-WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!" Mario, wearing simple blue night clothes and a night cap, then burst in after being awakened by Cyborg. He didn't even say anything; well, he couldn't because the Redead kept screaming every time someone walked into the room, inching closer and closer to Beastboy.

In another link in the chain reaction, Starfire awoke. She floated in fully alert, only to become frozen when the Redead screeched again. The screech alerted Raven, who had already been awake and, though visibly emotionless as she flew in, was actually quite concerned and scared. That increased a bit when she saw the living corpse rest a gnarled hand on Beastboy's shoulder. Her hand raised as she chanted "Azarath Metrion Zin-" "Eeeeauuuuuuugh!" it interrupted her, freezing her as well.

With no one left coming in, the Redead leaned close to Beastboy's face…before speaking.

"Good morning-" "NAAAAAAAaaaaah…wait." By this point, Cyborg, Mario, and the Redead's laughter, which sounded oddly like that of a certain alien, filled the room before Beastboy's hand reached up and gripped the felt skin. "Dude," he started grouchily, pulling up on the skin to remove a mask, "not funny." Lance walked to the counter in a remarkably calm state, compared to that of Cyborg and Mario who were cracking up, and picked up a hidden camera before walking back to his room, leaving a confused group to think about his joke. Then something even weirder happened: Robin chuckled.

"Dude," Beastboy growled, jumping to his feet and pointing to the mask, "how is this funny?" Robin just shrugged before saying "I guess it's just my sense of humor." Mario looked at him astounded. "I've only known you for about a week and I can easily say 'What sense of humor?'"

Lance, now in normal wear, strolled back in ignoring the looks Beastboy gave him, and began making himself a cup of tea. Raven was about to ask him something, but Lance replied "Yes, I like tea." Raven withdrew her question.

"So, Traffic Light," Lance began, having learned everyone's nick-names from Cyborg, "what's the game plan today?" Said leader shrugged. "I'm thinking training-" Lance made a small gagging sound. "What?" "Well," Lance circled his hand in the air, "one, I choked on some tea, but two, we've been training like crazy since I got here {I only include training if it's really important to plot}, taking breaks only to fight villains. We need a rest."

As if on cue, the rest of the main team sunk into their seats like rocks. "Maybe we could use a break…but with Voyd growing stronger, we can't just do nothing" he retorted, bringing the 'dire' factor into play. Beastboy then got an idea judging by how he nearly jumped out of his seat. "A snowball fight!"

All eyes were on him now that Mario had come back in from changing. A low chuckle brought attention to Lance, two snowballs mystically forming in his hands as he said "Fine, we'll have the ice war, but we need more people." That is a good point…Just then, Starfire got an idea. "Perhaps we could invite our friends Kid Flash, Jinx, Thunder, and Lightning. They seem most likely to accept the challenge."

Robin mulled it over for a brief moment, everyone knowing he would say…"Sure." An epic silence reigned for a whole minute before Raven broke it with "I second that." An even more awesome silence followed. "I'm with her on this" Lance agreed, emphasizing his point by downing the rest of his tea. "Ight," Cyborg began, "we've really entered the Twilight Zone now, but I'm game." Starfire eagerly nodded, followed by an "Oh yeah!" from Mario. Beastboy shrugged before answering "…fine, but only so I can get back at Lance." He took out an odd looking phone-like device. "Over three hundred hits, by the way."

The group stood on the tower roof at around noon, waiting for the four heroes they had called to arrive. Of course, no one noticed Lance pull up his scarf and hood and step behind Cyborg. Just after this had been done, a blur of yellow and purple scaled the side of the tower before turning onto the roof and skidding to a halt, sending a wave of snow onto Beastboy and burying him. "Sorry we're late; Jinx was fixing-" Kid Flash cut off when he noticed Mario. "No way," he started, "you're not real, right?" Mario gave "I'm real, all right" in response just as Beastboy dug himself out of the snow.

Just then a small storm cloud and a trail of lightning descended to the tower. "We, Thunder and Lightning, accept your challenge! So…when does it commence?" Lightning asked. Just then, the white blanket of flaked ice (a.k.a. snow) grew around the four arrivals until they were trapped up to their necks. Only then, after a white flash behind Cyborg, did the short black and white alien known as Lance revealed himself…actually, since he weighs very little in his mask form, he just hopped on Cyborg's shoulder. He kept his tail hidden, however.

The faces of shock on the four arrivals' faces was unmistakable. "Who the…what the heck are you?" Jinx blurted, trying to squirm out of her icy prison. Remembering he could phase through stuff, Kid Flash phased free and leapt at Lance. Everything seemed to slow down as Lance rose up on his tail and bent it into a curve so that Kid Flash just missed. He then got stuck in a pile of snow.

It was silent as Lance dug through his pocket and pulled out a communicator. Thunder then spoke up with "How do we know if that is truly yours, alien one?" Lance flipped open the device to reveal the name 'Lance' above a DNA scanner; a lock he had installed himself. "Prove it." Lance unlocked it by scanning a drop of blood and clicked the name 'Cyborg'. Cyborg's arm was brought up to his face a few seconds later and an image was shown of the aliens face on his screen (and vice-versa). "Hello, this is Cyborg, who is this?" he asked, just to tick Lance off. He obviously succeeded, because a scowl formed on his face in a show of white triangular teeth.

Lance lifted his left arm and a sword made of light energy formed. "Hey," he started, "it'd be best not to tick off someone standing right next to your jugular." Cyborg only laughed, and soon Lance was laughing with him as he retracted the light sword. The pair received some looks.

"A little dark, yes," Lance began once more, "but I'm sorry that's my style after something darker than dark itself took my soul for a joy ride." "Dude, could we get to the snowball fight already?" Beastboy interrupted, stopping any further conversation. Lance chuckled like he normally does in Gragunian form (which freaked those who had just met him out) and hopped off Cyborg's shoulder. After removing his mask (which freaked them out again) he snapped his fingers and the remaining three captives were released. He snapped again and the snow swallowed everyone up.

Everyone was brought back above ground in less than a second, but their surroundings made them doubt it had been that short of a time. An absolute obstacle course, urban in origin, surrounded them, a score board set upon the side of the tallest building. The names of everyone there were on it, and then they realized; everything was made of ice.

"Well, what's keeping you? You have ten minutes to score as many points as you can." Two basketball sized snowballs were spinning on his pointer fingers as Lance said this. Beastboy's pupils shrunk as one hurtled towards him, breaking apart at the last second and instead of breaking his ribs engulfed him in snow. The score under Lance's name went up from zero to one.

Everything was still for a few seconds before a timer appeared above the scores, starting a countdown from ten minutes. This sent everyone in different directions, either seeking shelter or a better point at which they could snipe people with snowballs. One of these people was Cyborg, having trekked to the top of the score building and converted his sonic cannon to a snowball launcher. "Ight, Cy," he muttered to himself, his cannon aimed off of the building's edge, "let's see who you can find."

Lightning, being who he is, decided to sneak up on Cyborg with a hand full of snow. He drew his arm back slowly…aiming like an assassin would…he clenched the snowball in his hand and…'thud!' He felt a cold ball smack him in the back of the head. He looked to see Jinx's Cheshire smile as a snowball bounced in her hand. The sound caused from the blow caused Cyborg to turn, and aiming his snow cannon he swamped both of them with a hail of snowballs. Defying the laws of physics, two snowmen stood in their places after the barrage, one with yellow eyes and one with pink eyes.

Then the building began to shake, and at sonic speeds Cyborg thought 'Having a snowball fight, building made of ice, Lance can move ice…-' "Azarath Rohto Zinthos!" "OH SNAP!" The roof suddenly caved in below the three, sending them through about ten floors of frozen water (without damaging the walls) before they were thrown out the front doors. Sure, they weren't seriously hurt, but they were pretty freakin' dizzy. So dizzy, in fact, that they failed to notice three snowballs hurtling straight at them, hitting each square in the face.

From down the street, Robin, Mario, and Starfire silently cheered as their scores climbed by one…and that's when they noticed that Kid Flash's score was already 5, basically double everyone else's. Noticing this, they knew what to do…they each gathered snowballs and threw them at the person on their right, then their left. Their scores climbed by two each, matching Kid Flash's. Then they noticed something else odd: both Lance and Raven's scores were at zero. At this, Mario began to snicker, which made him look crazy to his two allies.

"Why are you laughing, friend Mario?" "No, it's just that…the fact that both of their scores are at zero when they seem like the most adept/powerful fighters on the team makes me wonder…what exactly are they doing?

"You know, I was really looking forward to dominating the competition, but I decided against it" Lance confessed. He and Raven were far outside of the icicle city, sitting next to one another under a frozen tree. Despite the usual peacefulness this setting would hold, Raven wasn't quite feeling it – scratch that, she was so cold she could barely feel anything. "Yeah…but c-could it be any c-colder?" she shivered in response, curled up against the icy tree. A snap answered her own response, and with that she felt it become warmer. The ice cloaking the area began to melt, giving way to green grass and a tall oak tree with a thick brown trunk.

Raven looked around in silent awe before stating "I thought you could only create ice?" Lance chuckled. "What good would that be?" A smile graced Raven's lips before she shivered again. "It's still cold, though." Suddenly, she felt a warm arm around her shoulders, gently pulling her close to a warm body. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up at his touch, but she eventually relaxed with her head on Lance's shoulder. "Aw, look at the lovely new couple" a filtered voice jeered from above. 'No…' Raven thought through her blush, 'it can't be him.' To her displeasure, he hung from a branch directly above them: Red X.

"Why are you here?" "Just checking in on some old friends." "How did you even get here?" "I have my ways in." "Then let me give you a way out" Lance interrupted lifting up his leg a bit and slamming it down fast on the ground. At this motion a pillar of ice burst out of the ground, rapidly closing the distance between it and Red X, who managed to dodge at the last moment.

Lance had been prepared for this, however, and the pillar had become sharp just after Red X dodged. This severed the thick branch he had been hanging from, and the piece of tree charged downwards towards a surprised Red X. It conked him on the head hard enough that stars appeared in his eyes. Rubbing them away, he readied his stance just as Lance readied his. Raven, on the other hand, remained on the ground seething. 'Every time something is going normally or usually when something good happens, some jerk always has to ruin it, don't they?'

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" One large beam of dark energy later, Red X was hurtling down the mountain at maybe half of mach 1 (still a lot), disappearing from the sight of the two atop the rock in seconds. Lance looked at Raven warily before stating "I will never get you angry without writing a will first." Fortunate for him, that got Raven to giggle, which then unfortunately cause a small area of grass to explode in dark energy. Raven's smile disappeared, replaced with a sigh and a frown.

"Emotions?" "Yeah, it kind of annoys…me…wait, if we have the same mantra that means your powers are controlled by emotion too, right?" Lance nodded and sat back down next to Raven, who continued "So why don't your powers go haywire?" Lance sighed. "Well," he began, "being of a different race, a different part of me controls my powers. You use your soul while I use my brain, and both still use emotions, but I found a way to "sever" the connection between my powers and my emotions by having applied a special acupressure to a certain part of my head, allowing me to mentally switch the connection from "on to off" at will. I suspect there is a similar answer with your soul and emotion connection, but I have little to no idea how or where to apply some kind of method."

Raven frowned again and sighed, creating a cloud of breath. "I'm not finished with you two yet!" Red X yelled as he leapt up high from his place just out of view down the mountain. Drawing his staff, he swung it down towards Raven.

"YAAAAH!" Beastboy yelled as he chucked a small ball of snow, only for one three times its size to obliterate the oncoming projectile and send a conjoined ball back at Beastboy. He went down when it crashed into his stomach. "Many apologies, Green One, but you are no match for Thunder!" Interrupting his gloat, the thunderous teen spotted a lush green oak tree atop a frozen mountain in the distance. Several icy looking beams were fired from the base of the tree, a few black ones thrown in but a bit more calculated.

At this point Beastboy had morphed into an octopus and held eight large snowballs, but became confused at Thunder's change of attention. Morphing back and following his eyes, he saw the problem with his enhanced senses: a small black and red figure. "We need to find Robin, dude, c'mon!" he urged, grabbing Thunder and trying to pull him. However, Beastboy only began to wear out his shoes this way. Thunder sighed and created a cloud large enough for both of them, lifting them into the air and over the icy town.

They found the rest of the group that was in town in a type of plaza, a sharply frozen fountain lined with icicles in its center, each member that remained in the town equidistant from each other all along the storefronts and buildings on the plaza's fringes, snowballs clutched in each hand like life-lines.

"Wait! Hold your fire, friends! There is trouble outside of this icy town!" Thunder called as he landed, attention directed from killing each other with hunks of packed ice crystals to the information just relayed. "What kind of trouble?" Robin was the first to inquire, immediately at the pair's side; he didn't have to wait long.

A screaming began very quietly far down the street, rushing towards the gathering at an awesome pace. Starfire offered "Could it be the Zoktaroans launching an attack?" She was passed an odd glance by everyone else before Kid Flash could finally make it out as a moderately sized black dot at an incredibly far point down the street. As soon as he told them this, the four founders of the Teen Titans present yelled "Hit the deck!" (well, not Star), and yanked all they could out of the way before Lance careened through like an absolute speed demon, crashing into the fountain and creating an explosive sound and a plume of icy smoke to match.

A few moments of silence followed afterwards before a few shuffling rocks broke the stillness. Upon the smoke departing, Lance was shown to not have been killed from such a spectacle, though silver blood was oozing from his back a little as he sat amongst the rubble disoriented. However, as soon as he gazed down the street his weariness was replaced with determination. The reason why, one might ask? Oh I don't know, just the fact that Raven was flying down the street as fast as she could, consistently and narrowly avoiding beams of radiant red energy.

Lance leaped up and landed right next to Robin, who asked "What's the trouble?" Lance peered at him with silver irises and replied "Oh just some X freak in a Xenothium suit." Robin's mask contorted with anger. "Red X. He's a dangerous and elusive criminal who only looks out for himself." Lance nodded and suddenly smirked, drawing his mask from his pocket. "Y'know, Rob, you learn something new everyday. Speaking of which…" Lance placed the mask on his face, his form altering in white light until it reached a familiar mutant Gragunian. Then came something that would plague Robin's mind for eons: Lance's hands began to give off a blood red glow, and his irises followed suit.

"Is that…is that-" "Surprise, bird boy! Didn't think it could do that, right?" Lance put his arms above his head, his body crackling with red static as a bundle formed above both of his palms. Raven was finally nearing the group, having been dodging blasts and throwing whatever she could at Red X to slow him down; he had recently done some major upgrades to the suit, including palm blasters and an X shaped pair of jet wings.

"Raven!" Lance shouted, gaining her attention, "get behind me, quick!" She chose not to argue; she suddenly turned her body around, yelling "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" to blast Red X right in the face with a dark beam, knocking him back and off course. After this she sped up, zooming behind the group behind Robin and Lance.

The alien mentioned lightly chanted "Azarath Rohto Zinthos", the crackling red orb in his hands growing to three feet all around. At this, Raven felt some power inside Lance dip a fair amount; 'His Gragunian life force!' "Lance, wa-" a one-eyed look was given to her before he replied "Don't worry, I've done this dozens of times before!" "Done what?!" Jinx shouted, obviously freaked out thoroughly today. "You'll find out!"

He aimed it at Red X as he lay prone on the ground, and a large beam burst from the red orb, rushing at Red X. "Ha," he mocked as he got up off the ground, "is that all you-" He finally looked up to see a blast of Xenothium energy charging at him. He got the wings working just in time, allowing the beam to continue far into the distance towards the mountain with the oak tree from earlier.

"Hmph," came from Red X's disguised voice as he softly whispered to himself in the air, "he's gotten a little rusty with his aim." The only one who picked this up was Beastboy, his ears twitching as he heard the info. 'Why is that in the past tense?' he thought, interrupted by a red blast coming back from the mountain. Having reflected off the frozen peak, Red X wasn't expecting it and took it full force in the back. He gave a short cry of pain as the jets broke and he fell, hitting the ground with a dull thud.

He groaned, elevating his head to find a sword in his face, wielded by the boy wonder; Cyborg also had his sonic cannon ready. Quickly Red X's hand flew towards his teleportation device, but a black energy beat him to it, encasing both hands and lifting him off the ground with ease. At this, Jinx and Lightning walked over and decided to mess with his gear – bad luck and lightning have a habit of destroying technology.

With nowhere to go and nothing he could do, the Titans thought that they had him cornered; wrong. Out of his palm sprang a button, and once he managed to clench a fist, he teleported away. Beastboy groaned before whining "Aw, c'mon! When is he finally going to get captured!?" However, a light beeping was brought to his attention; looking down, his face paled – a Xenothium grenade sat there, gradually increasing in beep rate.

"Dudes HIT THE DECK!" he shouted, running straight past everyone. Confused, they looked back to where Beastboy was before and got the same reaction. "It is of technology, so I advise we shock it!" Lightning yelled, his hands buzzing with electricity. However, he didn't have a chance to do as he wished; Lance's tail suddenly stretched the fifteen feet or so to the grenade, plucking it off the ground and bringing it back. "Hmm," he turned it over in his hands a few times, seemingly ignoring the fact it was mere seconds from bursting.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? THAT THINGS GONNA EXPLODE!" Kid Flash cried, ducking for cover behind Jinx. Lance just opened a side compartment like it was nothing and cut a small green wire with a claw, halting the beeping and the glow. Everyone emerged from their feeble positions to see that they weren't going to explode in Xenothium. After merely storing the bomb in his pocket, Lance turned on a heel to see everyone staring. "Well," he began, "I suppose I owe you and explanation and a full introduction…" Everyone leaned in completely alert – everyone was grabbing notepads; Mario didn't have one, so he looked like an idiot holding a pen and…a mushroom. "…I said I owe you an explanation, which means you'll get one at a later date." Since they had been leaning forward in anticipation, everyone fell over.

In response Lance offered "*Sigh* You with the freaking mushroom" pointing at Mario, who stuffed said item in his mouth before anyone else could comment. Lance sighed once more before removing the mask on his face in synch with Jinx's loud mouth. However, she didn't manage more then half a syllable before Kid Flash's communicator rang. "Trouble in BreakCity, some guy named Reaper." He turned to bolt, his feet slipping like lightning on the ice; the blur only interrupted for a brief second as a light blue object was kicked up from his feet and hit Lance in the face. "Ugh…Hey, cool" he said as he picked up the icy key on the ground and stowed it in his pocket.

Kid Flash's feet continued to slide until he realized one: he wasn't moving and two: they were still in the icy place, turning to Lance and placing his palms together. "If you would be so kind as to let us out of here, that would be much appreciated." A snap of Lance's fingers and the ice below took the teens in, depositing them back on the roof of the T shaped tower, where the founders of the Teen Titans returned inside.

Kid Flash then proceeded to scoop up Jinx and bolt, Thunder and Lightning planning to return to their home when they were halted by a floating ice wall. Turning, they found Lance was holding up and palm both to levitate the ice and to stop them. "For all our sakes," he began, lowering the wall, "follow Kid Quick and his girlfriend Friday the 13th. Reaper is one of my enemies and a very powerful one at that; they'll need help, because quite frankly even I have trouble with him. Please, I know we barely know each other but I can tell they're going to need help."

Thunder and Lightning glanced at each other for a moment, seemingly having a conversation with only subtle changes in expression before determined smiles showed. "It would be our honor, Frozen One. We will assist the pair straight away" Lightning agreed, the two blasting off after the other pair. Lance smiled at their generosity as they flew off, but as soon as they left his face contorted into an expression of grief. 'Well, that's all in the past now…I should just forget about that….'

With that thought, a shooting star arched across the night sky, and Lance caught it in the corner of his eye. It didn't register as he began another thought. 'So many people call me a monster; sometimes I wish I were one.' He then departed for his room.

Beastboy flopped down on his bed in a daze, his eyelids drooping down, ready for sleep…until..."Wait, who won!?"

"…Yes…you are a monster…you just need some…incentive to help you realize it…"

And that is that! Finally posted in like a few weeks (which is really bad because it's only chapter five), and so happy to be done with this massive road bump. In other news, Break City is mine and the keys will be one – two chapters apart from one another for time reasons. Oh, and uh…keep this chapter in mind…it's many hints might come in handy. Be sure to tune in next time, which I hope will be only a short time from now.