President Snow blinks as he looks at the rose garden in front of him. Such pretty things. He still needs to get used to it and learn some more tricks to keep the garden blooming in his private garden but something tells him this garden will survive a long time. He smiles at the thought. He picks up a rose just as the thorn pricks at him and a small drop of red crimson blood shows. An avox attacks him to clean it up.

He stays silent before noticing the nervous Gamemaker in front of him. Some random woman, not even the Head Gamemaker. Having someone do his dirty business now is he? He will make sure he knows that if he has something to say to him that he comes and says it to his face not his assistant.

"Yes?" Snow drawls out the word watching the nervous woman holding a folder. This must be for the new Arena. He smiles at the thought. The idiot Head Gamemaker Yttrium proved he had some of the skills last year. But it could be more exciting. More thrilling. The Capitol has sit through sixty Arenas of all sorts, forest are boring. This better not be a forest.

The woman, Xia maybe. Snow couldn't exactly place his finger on her name but she looks like a Xia so that is what he shall call her. Anyway the woman hands him the folder which he opens slowly and looks at the paper. "It is for the new Arena sir." Xia mutters.

"A mental asylum?" Snow looks up from the paper.

She nods her head quickly. "Yes sir but there will be some outside area with a fence that…"

He cuts her off. "I am aware of the fence you have it right here. I must say I am impressed but how will the anthems be shown if they are inside?" He asks.

"On the ceilings it will show it in every room." She comments. He nods. "And there are many nooks and crannies so that tributes can get sponsor gifts and dead bodies can be retrieved." She says.

He smiles, "I understand. Interesting indeed well I am giving it the okay. But don't take that for me liking it. After last year's tributes only lasting seven days I want to make sure it lasts no less than eight. And don't think I am in love with it you still have much to prove to me. Don't disappoint me." Snows says and Xia shakes her head and walks towards the door. "Oh and dear." She turns around. "If Yttrium has something to show me tell him he can come. Not his assistant." He says and she nods her head again and walks out.'

This year will be interesting it seems. But Snow can't say for sure yet, only time will tell after all.

Twenty more will die this year. Twenty more dead bodies shipped off to their families. They are just shattered memories. Memories that reek of what could have been and what should have been. Tears will fall for this year's tributes. But in the end only one can win the 61st Hunger Games and the rest will just be shattered memories. This year Arena won't be your normal forest scenery, it won't really even be much of a landscape. No this year the tributes will be fighting in a place that will surely test how well they can grasp onto their sanity. And after all this is the Hunger Games, the Capitol will just be stepping on the tribute's memories. Making the dead just shattered memories. This year for the 61st Hunger Games the Arena will be a small Arena. Usually that means quick death but this year the tributes will really be pushed to their limits to sustain their sanity. Why? Because this year's Arena is a Mental Asylum. Tall with a labyrinth of rooms and halls there are doors out, doors that lead to a field with long untamed grass and few to none trees before there is a gate surrounding it with the fence a mile away from it on every side. If the tributes attempt to touch the gates, death. And after the anthem each night the doors to the outside will lock up. If you are outside, mutts will bring certain death.

Tribute List

District One

Female- Peridot Angel, 17

Male- Jacinth Averol LeAmir, 15

District Two

Female- Maria Cunningham, 18

Male- Hazard Treflex, 17

District Three

Female- Kaya Thompson, 17

Male- Zai Windows, 16

District Four

Female- Sedna Okpik, 18

Male- Frank Pescado, 17

District Five

Female- Theresa Sampson, 15

Male- Leon Krowes, 16

District Six

Female- Carrie Pitchard, 12

Male- Curtis Yovok, 16

District Seven

Female- Juneberry Hayes "June", 15

Male- Peytro Myawhim, 14

District Eight

Female- Rhett Evers, 16

Male-Roman Summers, 18

District Nine

Female- Natalie Blight, 18

Male- Tiberius Ivory, 18

District Ten

Female- Cassandra Walker, 15

Male- Anthony Underwood, 15

District Eleven

Female- Siva Equatia, 12

Male- Dustin Barnette, 17

District Twelve

Female-Jasmine Ashuray "Jazz", 16

Male- Tundra Smiths, 14

I will begin to write the reapings! Warning though I don't go in order. Sorry but if I went in order I might get caught on one District and it could hold me back from updating. And yes I update extremely quickly. Like once a day, though on Fridays I can't always update. I promise that intro was short just because I need it so that it is more legal to write. And also I write in first person most of the time and I write MUCH longer.