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~Kingdom of Stars~

Chapter One: Destination

January 1868, during the battle of Toba-Fushimi

"Ah! Let go of me!" I shouted before he stuffed his wormy tongue into my mouth. I struggled to fight back but his arms were too strong.

"Do we have time for this we're in the middle of a war?" grunted a soldier standing behind me.

"It looks like our enemy is retreating to Edo, so we can have some fun with her."

They're retreating to Edo? I thought to myself. I was being attacked by three Satsuma-Choshu alliance soldiers while traveling through the woods alone. "Ah!" I screamed. The man then shoved me onto the ground.

"No! Get ow-th of meh!" I sobbed. His grip on my wrist ached as he restrained me. If only I could get to the knife in my bag; I could defend myself. No even if I did that, these men had guns and, as a young woman, I stand no chance against three strong men.

Then suddenly one of the men shouted.

"What the hell!?"

I heard a sword slash through flesh and blood spattered on the dirt. Suddenly the man on top of me was thrown off and I bolted upright just in time to see a strange shadow figured man stab my attacker in the face, blood oozing out from every angle of the wound. The three Satcho warriors were dead. The man that saved me didn't seem to notice that I was there.

"Uh, thank you." I mumbled quietly. I watched this mysterious shadow figure dig his fingers into the dead soldiers face, peeling his skin off, and started to eat his head. As I stared in horror I staggered to my feet. He had his back to me.

"Hey what are you doing!" I franticly yelled. The man froze when I screamed those words and tilted his head to the side. Had he just aknowledged me?

"Blooooood!" He slowly turned his head to face me, his lower chin soaked in blood. His eyes were glowing garnet and he had ghostly white hair.

"AHH!" I hollered at the monster before me.

"HeheheHaHaHAHAAHHH!" He cackled hysterically as he leaped toward me. I screamed and turned to run, retreating into the dense misty woods. Some of the trees had broken branches that tore my kimono and whipped me. As I stumbled over a sharp rock I could feel my skin peel apart on my ankle. When it looked like I might have lost him, I tripped and fell on the ground. Once I sat up I saw a dozen pairs of glowing red eyes all around me, from every direction. Maybe I shouldn't have embarked on this journey alone, if only I had a companion; someone to protect me. I was so foolish to think I could make it on my own, and now I was going to die!

"He…hehehe!" Laughter and growls echoed in the woods. They sounded almost like animals.

I stumbled to my feet wondering which way to go, and once I turned around I came face to face with one of those creatures. Before I could even scream, I saw ten no twenty of them spring out from everywhere. One grabbed my wrist and confined me to the ground. I felt my wrist begin to bruise. As my body hit the dirt the back of my head slammed into a rock.

Everything went silent for a moment, as I gazed up at the burning sun I saw the face of the man I loved, his dark hair was flowing just like the last time I saw him.

"I'm glad I got to see your face one last time before I died, even if this is just a short dream."

I told myself as my eyes began to close. Something wet splashed onto my face and made me conscious again. One of the creatures that attacked me was now lying lifeless on top of me. When I sat up I saw limbs flying and heard swords slashing.

"Hmph, damn these filthy creatures, they're going to be a nuisance all the way to Edo." said a tall handsome man. His voice was very deep and erotic. He had blond hair and piercing red eyes and one scratch on his left cheek that seemed to be fading. I was in awe, this man was surely an accomplished swordsman he had killed at least twenty or so men in almost a split second.

"uh you…saved me." I stuttered shyly.

"hn?" He looked over at me, as if he just noticed I was there."


"Saving you was not my intent…" He cut me off.

"…I thought you were already dead." He said as he smeared all the guts off his sword and put it back into its sheath. He turned and started to walk away from me.

"Wait! What were those things!" I hollered, trying to get my shaky body to stand up.

"I see no particular reason for me to tell you." He grumbled annoyed.

"Hold on, you're going to Edo right? You just said they were going to be a nuisance all the way to Edo." I sputtered catching up with him. He stopped and turned his head. "Please, I'm going to Edo as well, could you let me travel with you?"

"I can't have anyone getting in my way." He grunted. I began to get frustrated.


"You'll only slow me down, I'm in a hurry."

"Then don't wait up." I mumbled in a mocking tone that only seemed to anger him.

"Don't test me human." He growled.

"So you would just leave a defenseless woman in the middle of the woods!" I taunted holding my arms out.

"Hmph, you are hardly a woman."

"Please! I have no way to defend myself against those monsters, please take me with you! I'm in a hurry as well!" I yelled wild with desperation.

"In that direction there is a safer route. If you go that way it is unlikely that you will get attacked, it will eventually lead you to a road, and you can navigate your way to Edo from there, but going that route will take about twice as long-"

"No! If it takes me twice as long then I absolutely cannot go that way! I'm in a hurry, please!"

I heard a slicing sound and felt something cold at the side of my neck.

I gasped when I realized that he had drawn his sword with lighting speed and precision. The blade laid on the right side of my neck. I shivered as a thick warm thread of blood slid down the length of my neck and tickled as it landed on my collar bone. I felt like my body was frozen, I couldn't move at all, and he stared at me, with fury in his crimson eyes.

"This is your only warning, do not get in my way, and do NOT talk BACK to me!" He growled furiously; several long seconds past. I felt my skin rip as he slowly pulled the sword from my neck. A string of blood followed the tip of his blade then spattered onto the floor. A salty tear rolled down my check and landed in the corner of my mouth. My whole body was trembling.

"I'm scared. I'm scared!"

He was about to turn around and walk away when something caught his attention.

"That thing around your neck, where did you get it from?" He said. I was wearing a medicine bottle with an X mark on it like a necklace around my neck. I was still in shock when he asked me. I clenched my fist trying to get the tears to stop rolling down my checks. He had no right to treat me like dirt!

"I..see…no particular reason…for me…to tell YOU!" I said staring into his vicious red eyes.

"AHH!" I was slammed into a tree suddenly. He grabbed ahold of my wrist so tight and looked at me with a furious gaze. I whimpered in pain.


"AHH…uh…haaa!" I felt something in my wrist snap and moaned in agony. He just broke my wrist! How could a man do that!

"I thought I warned you not to talk BACK to me, foolish woman." He said leaning his face into mine, I could just barley feel his breath, he was so close. He let go of me and I fell to my knees crying. I gently held onto my broken wrist. He stood over me silent as I writhed in pain. Then I heard him sigh, as if he didn't intend to hurt me this badly.

"Forget it, you probably just bought it as a decoration, you humans, it's all about money with you. And I bet that's why you're in a 'hurry' to get to Edo." He snickered.

"That's not true!"

"Then what is it? What would make a woman travel through such dangerous territory in the middle of a war?"

I sat there at his feet silently copping with the pain.

"Hmph." He began to turn and walk away from me.

"It's because…." I shivered when I spoke. I just realized how tense I was. I was trembling so much it was hard to speak.

"I have to…I…" I felt some of my strength return to me.


To Be Continued...