This came out towards me and I thought what would happen if the guys from the Hazards along with Musaki, Arizona and Max experience on their half day off? Here's the answer.

Guys' Day Out

A few days have passed by and Musaki and most of the Hazards have been training a lot and felt like they need something to cool off for a bit and Shifu told most of the boys that they'll have have a day off and once they heard that, Kiba was the first one to plop down to the ground for a rest. Kiba said to himself, "It's about time."

Ryo rolled his eyes and just scoffed at Kiba's antics and he said, "You're pathetic."

Musaki gave himself time to stretch a little bit and he asked, "So...what do we do now?"

Takami snapped his fingers and he said, "We can all head out for a little swim, you know to give ourselves time to cool off a little bit. Just us guys, you know."

"Yeah, sorta like a guys day out." Arizona responded.

"Who's in?" asked Takami.

"I am." Musaki replied.

Most of the gang was in on the guys day out and Arizona said, "We can bring Kovu, Max and Borko in too."

"Sounds good to me." Tamaki agreed.

Minutes later, after gaining permission from Shifu, everyone was getting themselves ready to go out swimming as they brought in their swimming trunks and other stuff and before they even left, they see Po coming in with a few bags and he said, "Shifu said I can join you guys."

"Did Shifu say you could go?" asked Musaki.

"So I can supervise you guys." Po finished.

Musaki clears his throat at that and he said, "Sounds great...but who's gonna look after you?"

Takami snickered at that comment while most of the others sided with him and Po asked, "What, you think I can't join in on your all-guys outing?"

"We never said that." Musaki said.

Shifu walked in on this and he told Musaki, "I have asked Po to accompany you to your little outing...although I'm beginning to have doubts on having Po look after you."

"Trust me, Shifu...I got this in the bag." Po stated.

"I'm sure you do, panda. Tamaki, can you be in charge?" asked Shifu.

Tamaki nodded his head and replied, "Yes, master."

Po protested at this for a second and he asked, "Why should he be in charge?"

" may be older than them, but you have the mind of a 10 year old." Shifu answered.

"And eats like one too." Arizona mutters.

"And I only put Tamaki in charge in case something happens. You and Tamaki can both be in charge, but mostly Tamaki because he's more wise and mature." Shifu added.

Po lets out a sigh and replied, "Yes, master."

At the swimming place

As soon as they arrived, everyone changed into their swim trunks; Musaki: a green and black striped swimsuit, Arizona; blue and grey swim trunks, Takami: black trunks, Ryo: brown trunks, Kiba: orange shorts, Hope: orange striped trunks, Tamaki: black and red trunks, Max: blue and white trunks, Kovu: orange trunks, Borko: red and white trunks and Kaizer: red trunks; and immediately dived into the pool, just swimming around the pool.

Kaizer only sat down on one of the chairs just to watch while everyone else is swimming around and Musaki looks over at Kaizer and said, "You oughta come down here. The water's fine."

Kaizer looks up at Musaki and he said, "No, thanks. I'm good."

"Why, you scared of the water or something?" asked Musaki.

"No...not really the swimming type." Kaizer replied.

Musaki scoffs at this and he said, "Okay then."

Arizona swam around parts of the pool with Max on his back for a little ride and as he swam around, they got underneath the water and rose back to the surface. Arizona took a deep breath and he asked Max, "You okay, buddy?"

"Can't complain." Max replied.

Tamaki then swam in front of them and he said to Max, "Hey, wanna play some ball with Kovu and Borko?"

"Yeah." Max replied.

Arizona and Max swam across parts of the pool and played some waterball for a few moments and as Tamaki threw the ball across, Max quickly spikes and Borko throws it towards Max and then throws it to Kovu and so on.

Musaki chuckled softly and he turns to Takami and said, "Looks like your brother's getting along with my tiger cousin."

"Yeah, he is. He likes being around the young ones a lot because he has this big brother role towards everyone. Even towards me and Kalia. But I think when it comes down to it, Tamaki treats everyone like family." Takami said.

Ryo sat down on the edge of the pool along with Musaki and Takami as they were chatting and Ryo said, "Anyone knows where Po is?"

"Last I checked, he was still in the dressing room, trying to make sure his trunks still fit." Musaki replied.

Kiba then jumps into the pool and swam around backwards and then floats around the pool for a second as he looks up at most of them and said, "Sup?"

"Showoff." Ryo scoffs.

Just then, out comes Po with his big red trunks on and he said, "You guys are about to witness the Dragon Warrior cannonball."




And with that, Po takes a few moments to gather himself up, get himself ready to make a big impression and most of the gang knew that as big as he is, he'll make a big splash and soon enough, he musters enough energy to run up towards the pool and takes a massive dive in a cannonball position as he splashes into the pool, much to the surprise of everyone that got soaked up.

Even Kiba got caught underwater after the big splash Po made and then comes back to the surface and exclaimed, "Not cool, man!"

Then, Po pops out of the surface and he asked, "What did you guys think?"

Musaki wiped off a few inches of water out of him and said, "Well, you certainly made a big splash."

Suddenly, a very ticked off Kaizer got soaked on the chair and he said, "I'm freaking wet here!"

"My bad." Po said.

Just then, Po swam out of the pool and much to the surprise of almost everyone, he came out without his trunks and just then, Po asked, "You guys feel a draft here?"

No one else knew how to tell Po that his trunks are floating out of through the pool and all Musaki could say was, "Nope, not at all."

"Wow. I did not need to see that." Takami stated.

After 2 and a half hours, everyone got themselves back on their normal clothes as they were about to head back to the Jade Palace and with Po still in the dressing room, Arizona asked Max, "You had fun, Maxie?"

"Big fun! The best!" Max exclaimed.

Tamaki chuckled softly and he said, "Glad you had fun, little guy."


Tamaki turned to Arizona and he asked, "Kid's full of energy, huh?"

"Yeah, Max is a lot of fun to be around." Arizona replied.

Not long after that, Kiba snuck out of Po's dressing room with his shorts on his hand as well as Ryo's shorts and Tamaki looks up at Kiba and asked, "What have you got there?"

"I got both Ryo's and Po's pants." Kiba whispered, with letting out a snicker.

"You do realize one of them are gonna knock you out for that, right?" asked Tamaki, his arms crossed.

"Come on, Maki...I'm sure you did the same thing to Takami." Kiba said, playfully.

"Yeah...not really."

"Where are my pants?!" Po and Ryo, said at the same time.

"See ya!" Kiba said, taking off.

Ryo burst open the door and he sees Kiba walking out with both pants and he shouted, "KIBA!"

Po and Ryo ran across the pool grounds, chasing Kiba completely naked to get their pants back and Ryo seemed very furious while Po became very embarassed.

"Kiba, give me my pants back! You know that I hate running around naked!" Ryo shouted.

"Well, it's a good look for you guys!" Kiba added.

Po covered his pandahood in hopes that no one's watching this while they're chasing Kiba around and as the chase continues...Kiba opens the girls room and then keeps running, thinking that Kiba's in there and when Ryo saw the door fling around, he could assume that Kiba's in there and he brings Po into girls' room and by the minute they were in there...

Most of them could hear girls screaming out of nowhere and as soon as both Po and Ryo came out, Po said, "I'm guessing he's not in there."

"Don't we know that much?" asked Ryo, in a sarcastic tone.

Suddenly, they see a couple of ticked off girls coming in to chase down Ryo and Po for 'spying' on them and as soon as Max heard the screaming, he asked, "What's going on?"

"Max...I'll let you know when you're older...and don't turn out like they did." Musaki replied.

Think it's worthy of a T rating? Was that hilarious enough for ya? Stay tuned for more!