SpiritualLoneWolf XIII had suggested this particular chapter where Musaki gets to spar with Hope and Kaizer. Hope this interests you. Sorry if I didn't put any elemental owers to showcase there. I needed to wait until later on.

Sparring with Hope and Kaizer

Sometime later, Shifu had assigned Musaki to spar with Hope and after hearing this, Hope was definitely up to the challenge and he had a good feeling about this. As they faced each other in the training hall, they looked up at each other like they're ready to see who will stand out among the best.

"May the best warrior win." Musaki remarked.

"What you said." Hope said, with a smirk on his face.

Shifu snapped his finger and almost immediately, Hope charged at him head-on and did a punch to Musaki's face, but Musaki got himself back up and completely sparred with the brown bear like it was nobody's business and did some insane flips, kicks, punches and twists at him. Hope struck him down with all his might and kicked Musaki straight to the jaw.

Musaki got himself back up and he leaped towards Hope as he was chasing him and landed on the ground and kicks Hope in the face, causing him to fall down on the ground. The brown bear gets himself back up on his feet and continued to spar Musaki down and Musaki did the same thing as well.

Soon enough, Hope tries to make any effort to bring him to defeat, but he was soon outsmarted by Musaki when he got down on the ground and spun his entire body around, kicking Hope in the face numerous times, then he kicked Hope in the shin as he got up. Musaki then picks him up by the wrist and starts slamming him down in different places.

But Hope did a flip above the ground and kicked Musaki straight in the back and continues kicking him and the final strike is where Hope kicks Musaki in the jaw, causing him to fall down to the ground. Hope checks to make sure he's defeat, but unbeknownst to him, Musaki had another surprise up on his sleeve. He grabs Hope's wrist and threw him to the wall and completely kicked him in the face.

They both get up and as they looked at each other, they bowed to each other and Shifu came in and said, "Very impressive. It seems as though you've held your own against the Phoenix Warrior. Hope, that was excellent on your part."

"Thanks, Shifu." Hope replied.

Next up, Musaki squares off against Kaizer and as the white tiger puts on a serious face, Musaki said, "What up, Beelzabub?"

That simple comment made Kaizer growl and he said, "You do realize you're asking for it."

Kaizer immediatelycharged at him and punched him down, kicked him in the face and swung him around towards the wall, but Musaki released him from his grip and kicks Kaizer in the face hard. Both of them continued to spar with each other and Kaizer continued to slam him down hard, but Musaki knew his ability to stay cool under pressure.

Musaki jumps up in the air and grabs onto the railings of the training hall and that seemed to irritate Kaizer a little bit and he shouted, "Get down from there!"

"Whatever you say." Musaki answered.

Musaki swung his entire body around the railings and Kaizer was on the verge of losing his patience and he said, "Are you gonna come down before I kick your...?"

What Kaizer didn't expect is that Musaki filled himself with blue and white lightning around him and as soon as he came down, he struck towards Kaizer with a single powerful kick to the shin that sent him hurtling through the wall. Kaizer was definitely shocked to see this and he never thought that something would come out in him.

Kaizer growls and continues to spar with Musaki and kept punching, kicking and shoving him down as hard as he could, but even that wouldn't be enough to defeat Musaki as he releases himself from his grip and proceeds to give him a super punch to the jaw and to the head.

Musaki takes a deep breath after this and Kaizer began to stand up and he lets out a low growl, apparently in disbelief that he had beaten him and Shifu came towards both of them and he said, "Musaki...extraordinary moves. I can tell that you've been training as hard as you can. Kaizer, good...but you need to control your strength and your temper a little bit."

Hope snickered at that and he said, "Kaizer's got a temper."

Kaizer easily heard that and he lets out a simple glare towards Hope and he said, "Don't think I didn't hear that."

Musaki stuck out his paw to offer a handshake with Kaizer, hoping everything's cool between them, but for some reason...Kaizer didn't think it was even fair to give a handshake to Musaki and instead just walked away in a huff.

"Okay, then." Musaki added.

"If I know Kaizer, he's probably trying to cool himself down." Hope said.

"Let's hope he's in a calming mood soon."

We get to conversin' with Musaki and Kaizer pretty soon. Keep it here!