This totally came out of nowhere and I thought that maybe Faith, Skyler and Layla get to know Max a little here ya go.

Max Befriends the Girls

Sometime later in the afternoon, Max wanders around the barracks for a litle while and soon enough, he caught Faith's attention and the cheetah looks up at the little white tiger cub and she caught up with him and asked, "Max, right?"

"Uh-huh." Max replied, quietly.

Faith stared at Max and she got down to his level and studied his expressions and she asked him in a gentle tone, "Are you a little shy?"

Max nods his head in response and Faith lets out a smile and told him, "Don't be shy. I promise you I won't bite."

Max looks at her and he said, "You sure?"

"Of course not."

Just then, Skyler comes out and she sees Faith talking with Max and she walked towards him and he said, "Hey...we meet again."

"Hi." Max replied.

"What are you doing walking around here all by yourself?" asked Faith.

Max puts his paws on his pockets and replied in an innocent tone, "Nothing."

Skyler looks up into Max's eyes and she said, "Hey, I just realized that I haven't gotten to know that much about you."

"Neither do I." Faith answered.

Max seemed a little reluctant to let them know where he came from because he wasn't sure if he would explain it to them and Faith noticed that right away and she said, "You can trust us. Besides, it's okay if you don't have to tell us."

Faith and Skyler took Max to the kitchen and they saw Layla sitting there and as Max sat down on the chair, Layla asked, "Hey, what's Max doing here?"

Faith and Skyler took a seat themselves and Skyler said, "We've met Max a few months ago and we haven't even got to know him a little bit."

Max wasn't quite sure if he should tell them but looking at Faith's eyes, he could sense that gentle motherly-like figure look and it in turn made him feel like he could trust her...even though she's only met him on that one time. He then said to them, "My story may not be a good one."

"You can trust all of us. Aside from the fact we have powers, we're good friends here." Skyler stated.

"Okay. I've been here in the Valley of Peace for like...two years now and my past has been really painful and something that a kid shouldn't have to deal with. I was molested by my mom when I was a tiny cub and she abandoned me by a pack of wolves for nearly a year until I ran away from them and landed in the orphanage. I've been picked on and tormented by them and I would often have nightmares about my mom coming back for me. I always felt like it was my fault and that nobody really cares about me." Max replied.

All girls felt a huge amount of sympathy for Max after hearing a story like that and their response was, "Aw..."

"That's the most saddest thing I've ever heard." Faith added.

Skyler couldn't imagine the horror Max had to go through and she said, "What kind of mother would do something like that to her own cubs? It's just sickening."

"Whatever happened to her?" asked Layla.

Max looked at all three of them in the eye and he said, "My wolf brother killed her to protect me so I wouldn't go through this again."

"Wolf brother?" asked Skyler.

"Yeah, Arizona."

All three of them were surprised that Arizona would do that to protect Max and they were extremely estatic about that and Faith said, "Looks like she might've deserved it."

"After she was stalking me and trying to get me to come back to her so I can feel the same pain she put me in. But now that she's gone, I feel happier now than I've ever been." Max added.

The girls could see that Max is smiling a little bit and that he sees them as his friends and Layla asked, "For someone so young, you're definitely the coolest person I've ever met. And how old are you?"

"Eight." Max said.

Skyler patted Max on the head and she said, "You're a sweet little person, Maxie."

"Thank you. And you're very nice too." Max added.

The girls liked being around Max and Layla asked, "You know any kung-fu moves?"

Max showed them a few moves that Arizona taught him and when he landed them really well, the three cheered for him and Faith said, "You're so good at this."

"Thanks. That's really kind of you." Max said, smiling.

"Aw, you're so adorable."

Minutes later, Ryo, Takami, Hope, Musaki and Arizona were heading their way to the barracks and as they were heading towards the hallways, they were surprised to see Skyler, Faith and Layla with Max coming out of the kitchen just laughing with each other and with Max's jokes.

"Adorable and funny. Maxie, you've got the best personality I've ever seen." Layla added.

"Thank you. I enjoyed hanging with you guys a lot." Max replied.

Faith puts her hand on Max's shoulder and she said, "It's really great seeing you again, Max. If you ever need someone to talk to or just hang out, come to one of us and we'll be sure to keep you company."

"I will. I promise." Max said, smiling.

Almost immediately, Layla, Faith and Skyler gave Max a kiss on the cheek and that seemed to shock all five guys standing there and when the girls did notice them standing, they said, "Hey, guys."

Then, Skyler notices Arizona there and she said, "Max said told us about how you became his wolf brother. I think he's lucky to have someone like you to care for him."

"And we think it's really sweet." Faith agreed.

All three of them walked away and the boys looked at Max for a second and Musaki said, "Finally got some girlfriends, Max?"

"They're my new friends." Max added.

Arizona chuckled at this and he said, "And you said girls were gross."

Ryo, Takami and Hope shared no hard feelings towards the young cub and Takami said to him, "I think someone's got a crush."

Ryo chuckled softly and said, "Way to score, Maxie-boy."

"Same here." Hope agreed.

Max giggled a little bit and he said, "I need some ice cream."

How's that? Was it a little too much. Didn't want to give in too much detail about Max's past because he's younger. We got more coming up soon!