Here's where Max meets Ryo's brothers, Chronos and Zack.

Two Wolf Brothers and a Tiger Cub

The following afternoon, Chronos and Zack made their way to the Jade Palace to check up on Ryo to see how he's doing and as soon as they get to the top, a very exhausted Chronos laid down flat on his back after taking those long steps and he said, "Couldn't they have made these steps shorter?"

Zack looked up at Chronos and he replied, "Apparently not."

Chronos grunts as he stood up and tried to catch his breath as both wolves walked towards the door and knocked on the door. Zack looks up at Chronos and asked, "Think Ryo would be surprised to see us?"

"Knowing Ryo...possible chance." Chronos replied.

The door opens and they see Skyler standing there answering the door and she said, "Hey, what are you doing here?"

"We came to check on your 'boyfriend' or 'mate'." Zack replied.

Skyler rolled her eyes at that remark Zack made and she said, "Training Hall. And for the record, if Ryo was my boyfriend, he wouldn't be such an immature puppy."

"Hey, cut Ryo a break, Sky." Chronos reasoned.

Skyler lets out an amused scoff at Chronos and she said, "Very funny."

The two wolves made their way to the courtyard and they seek a little white tiger cub pouncing out of the steps out of nowhere and the wolves were almost freaked out by it. Max sees them and he said, "You're not Ryo."

Chronos chuckled softly and he said, "No, but we know him."

Max tilted his head to the side and he asked, "How?"

"We're his brothers. I'm the oldest brother, Ryo's the middle wolf and this guy's the youngest." Chronos explained.

Zack waved his paw towards Max and he asked, "What's your name, little guy?"

"Maximumus Bushido-Akio. But everyone calls me 'Max'."

Both Chronos and Zack shook Max's paw and Zack tells him, "Nice to meet you, Max. How old are you?"

"Eight years old." Max replied.

Chronos whistled at that and he said, "Eight...sounds like you're getting to become a big cub, huh?"

"Uh...sorta." Max said, softly.

Zack got down to Max's level a little bit and he asked, "Are you a little shy?"

Max nods his head in response and Zack places his paw around the cub's shoulder and he said, "Me and my brother are cool with you. Don't be afraid of us."

"I'm...not afraid...a little." Max stated.

Chronos looks up at Max and he lets out a smile that assured him that everything's okay and just then, Ryo comes out of nowhere and he said, "Hey, Max. Weren't you gonna look for me?"

Zack turns around and sees Ryo walking by and he said, "Hey, big bro."

Ryo was surprised to see that Chronos and Zack showed up and he said, "What are you guys doing here?"

"Uh...we came to check in on you." Chronos replied.

Ryo chuckled at that and he said, " I am."

He then noticed that they've met Max and he told them, "I see you've met Max already."

Zack chuckled and he said, "Yeah, he's a cool kid."

"Very." Chronos agreed.

Max then looked up at all three wolves and he asked, "You guys wanna play hide and seek with us?"

Zack seemed enthusiastic about hide and seek, but Chronos was pretty much confused that he was gonna join in and Max took some coaxing to convince Chronos to join him...when he did the sad tiger cub eyes. Chronos recognized that look anywhere because it was similar to Ryo's and he turned to Ryo and asked, "Did you teach him that look?"

"No. I didn't teach him the sad eyes look." Ryo replied.

Chronos lets out a smile and he said, "All right. I'll join in."

Just then, Max immediately began counting as the three wolves scrambled for a place to hide to play along and as soon as he was done counting, Max immediately lurked over towards parts of the courtyard to find them. Very quickly, he had found Zack hiding behind the training hall building and chased him down and both partnered up to find Chronos.

Max then saw Chronos' tail sticking out under the side of the building and the tiger cub pretty much knew that Chronos' merely exposed his tail and he grabbed ahold of it and said, "Gotcha!"

Chronos turned to both of them and he said, "How did you even see me?"

"Your tail gave it away." Zack replied.

Chronos lets out an embarassed groan and he didn't realize anyone would recognize it and he said, "Stupid me."

Seconds later, Max, Zack and Chronos were heading through parts of the training hall to find Ryo and very quickly, Skyler walks by and saw them running around the training hall and she went up to them and said, "What are you guys doing?"

"We're playing hide and go seek." Max replied.

"Looking for Ryo." Chronos added.

Skyler could figure out where Ryo could be hiding if he played the game and she said, "Hey, Max...mind if a girl can play?"

Zack snickered at her for that and he said, "You...playing hide and seek?"

Skyler glared at Zack for making that statement and she growled at him and that was enough to make Zack shut his mouth and Max said, "Yeah, you can play."

"I think I might know where Ryo is." Skyler added.

Max lead Skyler, Chronos and Zack into the training hall in hopes of finding Ryo and they heard a sneeze coming out of nowhere and Skyler turned around and motioned all of them to head into the closet and when Max opened the door, he saw Ryo's tail sticking out from behind the wall and Skyler quickly walked over and stomped on his tail.

Ryo let out a howl out nowhere and he said, "Max...why'd you step on my tail?"

"That wasn't me." Max replied.

"Then, was it one of my brothers or some nutty doofus?" asked Ryo.

Skyler clears her throat and she replied, "Don't you mean, 'Miss' nutty doofus?"

Ryo recognized that angry voice coming out of nowhere and it was Skyler's and as he turned around, Skyler looked up at him and said, "Looks like I won this game."

"Did Max let you in this game?" asked Ryo.

"Yes, he did." Skyler replied, with her arms crossed.

Ryo then turned to his brothers and he asked Max, "Did you already know where I was?"

Max nodded his head stating no and he said, "We kinda heard you sneeze."

Ryo growled at himself for giving himself away and Skyler chuckled mischeviously and chased Ryo around the training hall, leaving the others watching the fun and Max asked, "Should we stop them?"

"And miss this? What's the fun not seeing my brother get his butt kicked by a girl?" asked Zack.

"I gotta see how it turns out." Chronos said, running behind Zack.

"Hey, wait for me!" Max exclaimed.

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