We found you!

Chapter 11:

It was the famous Connect 3, Mitchie Torres or Grey now, famous music producer, Caitlyn Bing, and their kids. Rudy somewhat smiled as if he was expecting this.

"Rudy!" Mitchie yelled and ran up to him and hugged him.

"Mitchie! I can't believe you made it!" Rudy let go of her and went to high five Shane. I looked at my friends they had a shock and weird face. I mean seriously how many times would famous people walk into a rutty old dojo? Yeah it only happened twice... Mitchie walked up to the girl who had a pink sweatshirt. "Rudy, this is Melody Jade." Then she pointed to the boy next to her."This is Christopher or Chris."

"Uncle Rudy!" Melody and Chris yelled, then hugged him.

"And this is Michael or Mikey-J."She pointed to the blonde haired boy. "Camryn or Cami."The loud one. " Nicky." The curly haired boy. "And Janie" The girl next to Nicky. They all had huge smiles and gave him a big hug.

"Oh my God! You guys are so big now!" I look at my friends who were confused.

"Yeah, I'm 15 now, so is Mikey. Mel is 16. Janie and Nicky are 17. Chris is 18." Camryn said.

"Uh? Rudy?" Milton asked. He turned around.

" Oh! I totally forgot about you guys. " We were hurt. "Anyway, in high school, Mitchie and I were classmates and friends."

"Rudy, how come you never told us you were friends with the Mitchie Grey and Connect 3?" I ask.

"Wellllll, long story. Anyway," He turned to the kids."Have you guys been practicing?" I raise an eyebrow. I think Melody saw me so she said.

"When we were 5 until 12 we used to come here to learn karate. We stopped we people noticed us too much. We're back now because mom and dad need a babysitter for us." She put air quotes on baby sitter.

"Hey, only for a few months." Mitchie yelled from the front door. Melody rolled her eyes and took off her sweatshirt . She had a shirt that said; "Flirt" there was a 7 in the middle. It look like a basketball shirt. The other 5 follow her and sat on the bench. I look at Kim she was biting her lip. Melody then did one handstand, a back flip, and an Ariel. My friends and I were shocked. Melody then pulled her shirt down and said,

"Ok, I can't do this. Music please." She snapped her fingers and then Nicky put on "Start the Party" She then kicked and punched the dummy till the head came off. We were impressed. I heard Mitchie say to Rudy,

"Why don't we talk to you in the office." Rudy nodded and all the adults went to the office. It looked like Camryn was next. She went on the beam and did a hand stand, then jumped and did a split in the air, curled into a ball then landed perfectly on the feet on the mat. Next was Nicky. He did picked up the bow staff and twirled it perfectly and kicked the dummy. Then Janie and Mikey went and sparred, Mikey winning. Chris and Melody sparred, Melody winning. Then they did and sequenced karate move perfectly.

"Wow you guys are amazing."

"Yeah" Melody and Chris took it too seriously and brushed their shoulders.

"Melody!' The boys said at the same time the girls said.

"Chris." After that day we bonded and we are now best friends. Melody mostly. Years after about when we were 20, Melody was 22 and Nicky was 23 we watched them get married. The following year from Mikey and Camryn and lastly Chris and Janie. That family helped us a lot we have a lot of memories together. We even do to meet One Direction when they recording in the Greys' studio.

End of Flashback.

I answered.


"Hi Jack. I just wanted to say I'm really really sorry this happened. Oh and Kelsey called me."

"Thanks Mel."

"We're going there in a two days for the wake and funeral though."

"That's great but isn't that going to affect your career?"

"It's fine we're taking about three days off. Besides if our manger doesn't like it then we'll put on a show. It's all good. Plus you're our friends, you guys been there for us now we're going to be there for you." She said it like it was the easiest thing in the world.

"But-" She cut me off.

"No buts we're coming. Plus I heard from Grace that Kim is in need of better clothes. So I'm shipping two wardrobes. One is clothes for the pregnancy. The other is for like after." My eyes were wide.


"What?" She said inoccently.

"You don't have to do that."

"I know pretend it's an early Christmas slash wedding gift." She said I could feel her shrugging like it's no big deal. I groan.

"Goodbye Grey."

"Bye Anderson." With that we hung up. Kim looked at me.

"What was that all about?"

"Well Mel is coming." Kim gave me a thumbs up. "Oh and by the way you have two new wardrobes."

"Huh?" She scrunched up her eyebrows together.

"Well, you have a pregnancy wardrobe and a regular wardrobe which I'll bet are all designer."

"Ok, I don't know whether I should be excited or angry at Melody." I shrug my shoulders.

"Well, at least you have one suitcase of clothes and borrow a black dress from either Grace, Kelsey, or Julie."

"How did you know I was going to do that." I put my arm around her shoulders.

"Because my dear Kim, I-" I put my forehead on hers."Am just awesome like that." She rolls her eyes and walked outside to the elevator. When we got down, we saw Joan, Rudy, and Bobby wearing somewhat regular clothes. Joan was wearing a shirt that says, "Pudding Police." with white shorts. Rudy had a pink shirt that said, "Girls are better than boys." Bobby had a shirt that said, "Dance like you mean it." and it had a picture of both Camryn and Aunt Caitlyn.

"Uhhh." Kim said waving her finger back and forth between all three of them.

"I know. It was the only size we could find for us." Kim nodded.

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