We found you!

Chapter 21;


"HA! LOOK WHO'S TALKING!" She yelled back. Phil then came. His face wrote shock, confusion, and anger. He scrunched up his face together.

"Mika? What are you doing here? Aren't you in prison?" He says quite calmer than I thought it would be. Mika's jaw dropped. Grace and I look at each other and smirk.

"Uncle Phil!" Mika said shocked. Uncle Nate let go of her, as well as Nicky let go of me. Jerry just held Grace tight. "What are you doing here?!"

"The question is what are you doing here.." He says.

"I-I." She stuttered. Mika looked angry.

"Wait a minute, what happened anyway?" Kim asked. Julie, Kelsey, Grace, and I looked at each other smirked, then looked at our feet and told everyone the story.


Grace, Julie, Kelsey and I were finished shopping. We were shopping because Grace has been crying and depressed for weeks because Mika was Jerry's new girlfriend and Grace has loved him since forever. We came to a stop when we saw Mika in an alley by the Dojo.

"Are you doing your job?" A mystery man says.

"Duh, now give me the stuff." We all looked at each other. We saw the guy give her a sack. "Oh yeah did Max got caught? I mean you know how horrible he is doing hit and runs."

"Hell, almost got caught again. Lena got some good cash today though. I did a good girl today though." He winks as he and Mika light a smoke. She smirked and took out a bottle from the sack, alcohol. We all gasp and run. When we got to the Dojo, we had our hands on our knees and were breathing hard.

"Guys *gasp* do you know what this means?" Grace says.

"Yes and I recorded it too." Julie says. All our us decided to keep this to our selves till we got more evidence for the next few weeks. Sure enough, Mika was in a gang and was using Jerry to kill all of us. Julie got so many good pictures and videos of Mika and some of the gang members who came a few times. We learned that their names were, Lena, Max, Josh, Anthony, Sasha, Carman, Natty, and Bennie. Also that they were 16, the oldest was Josh who was 29. They were always talking about rape, hit and run, thief, murder and were always under-aged drinking and smoking. When we told my family, they freaked and quickly got them arrested. We never told the rest of the gang other than Rudy, Mrs. Anderson, Joan, and Bobby. Before they did though, we saw Mika kissing I believe Anthony, when Jerry walked in...

After he saw them, he broke up with her and was crushed. Grace then helped him and eventually they became more than best friends which lead to the present.. :D

~End of Flashback~

"How did you even escape, anyway?" Phil says.

"I'm on parole." She says while straightening her shirt. Everyone looked at her. Suddenly we hear sirens. Mika widen her eyes. "FUCK! WHO THE HELL CALLED THEM!?" My aunt then strutted down the steps, ending her call on her IPhone. Aunt Tess smiled smugly. She looked at her Gucci watch,

"Looks like you have 30 seconds to leave. 29.28.27. Tick tock. Run Mika run." She says mockingly. Mika didn't waste a second, she ran to the door- er- the archway? But a police officer was there already. Mika bumped into him.

"Well, well. Looks like we got a familiar one today." He says before putting her hands behind her back and dragged her into the car. When they left, Kelsey spoke up.

"So, who wants to pay for the door?" Everyone turned to me. I mocked hurt, by putting a hand to my chest.

"Ah, why moi?"

"Because." With that everyone went their separate ways. Although Grace stopped in front of me.

"Wait how did they all get past the gate?" I shrug.

One week later (Kim P.O.V.)

Well, that was crazy and random. Anyway I was still shocked. I thought that Mika was nice. Well, the girls dragged me to go dress shopping, even though I already knew what I was going to wear. At least Jack and I know who's going and who's Jack's best man. It was Jerry and Eddie was the head usher. My brides mates were Grace, Julie, Melody, Camryn, and Janie. We decided to have a big wedding, actually our friends did.. It is going to be a white wedding. We counted that 200 or so people were going. I just hope our family members who didn't meet the Connect 3 families did go crazy. I'm currently mad at Jack because he wouldn't tell me where we were going to have our honeymoon. Blah! So.. here goes nothing...

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