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She felt his eyes on her before she saw him. He was standing in the doorway of an apartment building across the street from the auto shop she worked in, and he was watching her.

Had been watching her all day.

Maka sighed, twirling her pen in one hand as she looked back at the computer, going back to work. She still had to take inventory before she headed home in two hours, and the system has been glitching recently. She had to call someone to fix that or do it herself, or she'd loose her job.

Her job at her Uncle JB's auto shop paid well, and all she really had to do was paper work. It was a fairly nice place to work when creepy men weren't staring at her through the window.

The bell above the front door rang noisily, jolting the blond out of her thoughts as Maka's coworker strolled in, sleeves rolled up as she dropped a bag of McDonalds on her desk. "I come bearing gifts," Liz said with a grin, leaning against the desk. Maka smiled back up at her, opening the bag and pulling out a burger happily.

"Thanks Liz, I owe you big time," Maka said with a smile, taking a large bite out of the burger. The mechanic grinned at her, taking a bite out of her own sandwich as well.

"I'm going to hold you to that," she teased, reaching over and tugging on one of the younger woman's pigtails. Maka stuck her tongue out, and the two chatted quietly as they ate. Maka's eyes kept flickering towards the mysterious man.

Earlier when he had been watching them, she had thought he had been watching Liz. With her silky blond hair, enviable body, and that whole "sexy mechanic" thing going for her, Liz often attracted the attention of their male customers. But when she had left to get lunch, and he kept watching, Maka knew he was watching her.

"Maka, you okay?"

The younger blond looked up at her friend, sighing quietly. "It's nothing really," she started. "It's just... well, someone's been watching me all day." Liz stared at her for a few seconds before scoffing, leaning forward and propping her chin up on her fist.

"Riiight," she said sarcastically. "Sweetie, I think JB's paranoia is rubbing off on you. Maybe you should head home early."

"I'm not paranoid!"Maka protested. "He's standing right across the stree- Don't look you idiot!"

Despite her hissed warning, Liz leaned over the desk, looking out the window at the trench coat wearing figure. She quirked an eyebrow, turning back to Maka. "How long has he been there?" she asked.

"All day," Maka said quietly, sneaking a glance as well. "At first I thought he was watching you, but then you left and he was still there."

"Gee, thanks for warning me."

"Please, you could break his arm with your leg."

Both girls looked out the window this time, and this time, the man across the street tipped his hat at them.

Maka squeaked, practically falling off of her stool. Actually, her stool did start to tip back, and she was falling backwards. She threw her hands back with a yelp, prepared to try and catch herself when a familiar burning started in her fingers.

Crap, not this again.

Maka barely saw green arcs of energy sparking from her fingers, and then she was floating an inch of the floor, the stool falling with a clatter. Maka clenched her hands into fists, and the sparks stopped just as Liz came tearing around the corner. Maka's butt hit the floor and Liz pulled her back up easily.

"Sheesh Maka, be careful," she chastised gently, scooping up the stool. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Maka said, shoving her hands in her back pockets. She felt the heat from them through the denim of her jeans, but didn't dare take them out on the off chance she was still sparking, as she liked to call it.

It was pure chance that she looked out the window as she sat back down, and she almost froze when she saw the man smile at her, nod again, and walk off.

She liked to think she was seeing things, but she could've sworn the man had had sharp teeth.

"I really need to get a car," Maka said to herself with a sigh, brushing her bangs away from her face. It was late, way too late for her tastes. Thanks to the system glitching out, the blond had had to stay an extra hour after her shift was over, trying to fix the damn program. The buses weren't running at this time, and Maka had to walk the five miles to her apartment.

In the dark.

Maka hated the dark.

Scowling to herself and berating herself for not taking up Liz's offer of a ride, Maka walked down the street with her hands jammed in her pockets. They were still sparking last time she had checked. She pulled her right hand out and held it out in front of her. What looked like green lightning was shooting out of her fingertips and arching between the pale digits, crackling quietly.

Sighing, Maka shoved her hand back in her pocket, her shoulders slumping. She was used to the electricity that shot from her fingertips. When she had first started doing it in the tenth grade, she had brushed it off as some weird kind of static electricity.

That was, until she had sent the school bully to the hospital with 2nd degree burns.

Her family had to move, she had to start at a new school, and her father had left. Maybe learning that his daughter was a freak had sent him running, maybe her mom was right and he was just a cheating bastard, or maybe she should just forget about it.

Maka was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice the group of men in front of her until she crashed into the biggest one, yelping in surprise as she fell back for the second time today.

"Watch it buddy!" she snapped, glaring at the bigger man. He seemed to ignore her, turning towards one of his companions.

"This is the girl?" he asked, his voice sending shivers down her back.

"She's the one Eater was watching, and you know how he is."

"Well damn, I was hoping she would be hotter. He normally has a better taste in women."

Maka bristled, her lip pulling back with a snarl. "I don't know what you guys are talking about," she snapped, jumping up to her feet and taking a few steps back.

"Look lady, we just need your boyfriend to do us a little favor, and since he's not cooperating with us-"

"I don't have a boyfrien-"

"Oi, there ye are!"

Maka spun around, and her eyes widened when the same man who had been watching her strolled up casually, throwing an arm around her shoulders and giving a light squeeze. He was younger than she would have thought, maybe late twenties, early thirties, with shockingly white hair pulled back into a short ponytail at the nape of his neck. His eyes were like fire, and she felt all of her resistance to his touch melt away when he looked down at her and smiled.

"I've been lookin' for ye everywhere lass!" he said, his Scottish accent thick. Every word made the haze in her brain thicken, and she smiled up at him.

"Eater, you lazy ass, we asked for that spell days ago," the bigger man growled, crossing his arms. Maka would have pondered at his words a bit more if her brain didn't feel like it was being smothered with a blanket, barely registering anything at all.

"Patience lads," the man known as Eater said with a charming grin. "A spell like the one ye ordered takes time. It'll be done within the week."

"We don't have time to wait another week."

"Well then, I suggest ye find somebody who's willin' to 'and over a shotty product," Eater replied calmly. Maka leaned further into his side, sighing softly as she lost herself in the blanket that covered her mind. It swirled around her brain like... like... like a cat, she thought lethargically. She could almost see it now, twisting and turning around her head.

"Look, either you give us the spell now, or your little girlfriend gets it!"

Suddenly, Maka was jerked forward by a large, beefy hand on her wrist. The "cat" that had been fogging up her thoughts disappeared into smoke and Maka gasped as the world came back into focus.

Of course, it wasn't until after the beefy thug had her in a choke hold that she realized what the hell was going on.

"H-hey!" Maka choked out, squirming in his grasp. Eater watched her with wide eyes, turning back to the thugs with a growl.

"Let her go," he growled, his red eyes catching the light in a way that made them look like they were glowing.

"Give us the damn spell we ordered and we will!" the thug grunted, readjusting his grip on the violently squirming Maka. She didn't have time to focus on his words, too busy trying to get away.

Maka stilled for a moment when she felt the all-too-familiar burning in her hands, before grinning widely. She fell lax in the thug's arms, and when he released her to get a better grip, Maka silently braced herself for what she had to do, reached down to grab whatever flesh she found first, and sent a shock through the man's body.

The thug shrieked in agony and jerked his arms away from Maka, what looked like green lighting arching around his body. Maka stumbled forward and right into the arms of the man they had called Eater. She got ready to struggle again but he simply spun her around and pulled her against him, her back flush with his chest. He grabbed her wrist and held the still sparking hand out towards the small group.

They all yelled and tried to run off, but before they could even take a step, Eater growled something in what sounded like Gaelic and Maka's whole world turned into flame.

It felt like her blood was on fire, rushing through her heart to the hand the strange man held out towards the thugs. Pure energy shot from her palm, catching them all in it's rush to escape into the world. Maka had never felt so powerful, so in charge.

So hot.

Everything was on fire.

Her body was burning!

"Maka, Maka lass," a low voice called to her, but she was still caught in the grip of the power her body was trying to equally resist and accept. She felt her body start to jerk and convulse in the stranger's arms, her head flopping back against his shoulder. He cursed loudly and spun her back around towards him.

His bright red eyes pierced through the flames to her, and Maka's eyes widened when she caught her own reflection in his gaze. Energy crackled around her like snakes, and her eyes had gone from a earthy olive green to a bright lime. She opened her mouth, whether to ask what was going on or to scream she didn't know, but was cut off by a pair of dry lips against her own soft ones.

Maka immediately tensed up, her body frozen stiff as Eater awkwardly kissed her. She opened her moth to try and bite his lip off or something, but when she could feel the heat disappearing, she stopped. The heat took a shortcut through her heart again, but this time it passed through her mouth into his. She exhaled shakily, and he drank it eagerly from her mouth, along with the lightning that was flowing through her veins.

Despite the flowing energy, it was a kind of a terrible kiss, looking back. So ridge and stiff and lacking any passion. Maka distractedly thought that if kissing strangers was always this awkward, then she was never going out with Liz ever again.

When he pulled away, the fire had cooled to embers, and Maka was shaking in rage. Eater pulled back, his eyes glowing a brighter red than before as he wiped his lips with the back of his sleeve. "Sheesh lass, yer a terrible kisser," he said bluntly, making a face.

After staring at him in silence for a few seconds, Maka came to the conclusion that this was a situation best handled in a mature, rational way.

So she pulled her fist back and let it fly, probably breaking his nose in the process.

'Too bad I'm not mature and rational,' she thought with a smirk as he fell back with a yell. She turned and ran away, not stopping until she was safely behind the locked door of her apartment.

She hadn't noticed that she had stopped sparking.

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