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"It's a date~"

"It's not a date."

"It's totally a date!"

"Liz!" Maka snapped, glaring at her coworker. "It's not a date! He's just taking me to a party with him."

"Maka, I don't know what rock you've been living under, but that's called a date where I'm from," Liz said with a laugh, shaking her head. "So tell me, what are you going to wear?" Maka rolled her eyes, grabbing a stack of papers and heading towards the file room, Liz trailing behind her.

"Ugh, I dunno, some jeans and a nice shirt?" she said, separating the papers and starting to file them away. Liz gasped, sounding as if Maka had just lit a 300 dollar cashmere sweater on fire and danced on the ashes.

"Ah no, that's not gonna fly," Liz said, shaking her head. "You need something that'll make his brain malfunction."

"But I don't want to make his brain malfunction," the young woman said with a frown, "I just want to have a nice time."

"And you will! And afterwards, you'll have a wonderful time," Liz said with a sly grin, making Maka feel very uncomfortable. "So it's decided. After work, we're going shopping!"

"What? Liz, no-"

"Don't fight me on this, or so help me I will get Patti involved."

Maka gulped, the threat of having to face the wrath of the youngest Thompson sister sufficient enough to stop her protests. "Okay fine, but nothing crazy," she said, frowning as Liz cheered and started to help her with the filing. "I don't know if I'm gonna have enough for anything nice," she said with a thoughtful hum, frowning.

"Something nice for what?"

Both of the blond women looked up as their boss walked in. Joe Buttataki was tall and buff, which was impressive considering he spent most of his time behind a desk. He had a Bluetooth practically glued to his ear at all times, and a mug of coffee in his hand just as often. It was one of Maka's favorite jobs to make his coffee in the morning, at least when she got it right the first time. She had to make him a new cup seven times in a row one time because it "didn't taste right".

"Maka's got a date~" Liz sang, nudging her younger friend. Maka blushed, rolling her eyes before looking up at her mother's brother.

"It's not a date, a friend of mine just invited me to a party," she explained. Joe hummed thoughtfully, taking a sip of his coffee.

"This wouldn't happen to be the same friend your mother was so excited about?" he asked, watching as Maka's face turned an even brighter shade of red.

"You talked to your mom about him, but wouldn't tell me?" Liz said, pouting angrily.

"I heard he was Scottish," Joe whispered conspiratorially.

"Scottish!? Oh hell, we definitely need to get you something nice now!"

"I don't have any money for anything nice Liz!" Maka snapped, glaring at her. "Just stop worrying about it-"

Two crisp hundred dollar bills in front of her face stopped her dead, her eyes wide as she looked up at her uncle. "Your mother can be very persuasive," was Joe's only explanation, a small smile on his face as he watched his niece's eyes lit up.

"Nice raise," Liz said with a grin.

"It's more of an early birthday present," he said, handing the money to Maka. "You just be sure my niece looks beautiful for her date."

"It's not a date!"

"Liar liar, pants on fire~"

"Real mature Uncle Joe, real mature."

Soul sighed as he knocked on Maka's door, adjusting his jacket as he shifted from foot to foot."Come on in!" he heard Maka yell, and he pushed the door open, looking around for the blond Cadhnra.

"Maka? Where are ye?" he called, peeking around the corner into the hallway where he knew Maka's bedroom and bathroom were located.

"I'm just finishing getting ready," she called back, and Soul rolled his eyes. Why did women always have to take so long to get ready?

"Well hurry up, if we're not there at eight exactly Kidd is going to... have... an aneurysm..."

Soul trailed off as Maka emerged from her room, a little shaky on the stiletto heels strapped onto her delicate feet. He felt his jaw unhinge and quickly snapped it up before she glanced up at him. Several thoughts flitted through his head, the safest one being "Hot damn I would like to eat those legs up for dinner".

The black and red silky dress she wore clung to her body, stopping at mid-thigh. It hung off her shoulders and the sleeves hung loose to her elbows, cut diagonally so that the back half hung down to her wrists. The sleeves were black as were the sides, with a wide red strip going down the front and back.

His eyes couldn't find one place to rest, darting from her delectable collarbone to the soft curve of her breasts and her itty bitty waist. He eventually settled for staring at her wire-rimmed glasses.

"Nice glasses," he said weakly, trying to focus on the dorky glasses instead of the soft blond curls cascading over one shoulder.

"Oh shush, I still have to put in my contacts," she said as she headed towards her bathroom, completely ignorant to his eyes following the sway of her ass.

Hot. Fucking. Damn.

This was going to be a long night.

"That dress looks new," he said, leaning against the doorframe as he watched her put in her contacts.

"Yeah well, my friend found out I was going to a party and decided that if I didn't have a new outfit for the occasion, she would have to kill me," Maka explained, brushing on some mascara before straightening out her dress. "Trust me, if I had my way I'd be in jeans and a nice shirt."

"Remind me to thank yer friend."


"Ye ready to go?" Soul said quickly, ignoring her inquisitive look. She nodded, grabbing her clutch off the counter and following after the tall warlock. "'Ey, with those heels on, yer almost up to eye level," he teased, pressing the elevator button as she huffed at him, smacking his shoulder with her clutch. He laughed at her angry expression, dodging another attack.

"Ugh, curse you for being tall," Maka grumbled as she strutted into the elevator. Once she had gotten used to the heels, they really were rather easy to walk in, and added an extra swing to her hips for Soul to drool over. They reached the bottom floor and Soul directed her towards the front, where his car sat waiting.

"Maka-chan~! Hi!"

Maka's small smile froze on her face as Blair leaned out of the car, flashing her ample cleavage at the two of them as she waved excitedly. She was gorgeous, her short purple hair dancing around her shoulders, and Maka felt whatever self-esteem she had float away on the late night breeze. She had been so happy with her reflection earlier, the stilettos that made her legs look miles long, the sexy dress that emphasised what little curves she did have.

The blond Cadhnra had felt sexy for the first time in a long while, but staring at Blair as the happy Familiar practically bounced up and down in the passenger's seat, she knew she was deluding herself.

Oh well, it had been nice while it lasted.

"Oi Blair, sit down!" Soul snapped, his tone harsh but his smile soft as the excitable cat woman plopped back into her seat, looking Maka up and down with a sultry smirk.

"Maka-chan!" she purred. "You look so sexy tonight!" Maka's head jerked up, watching the woman with a small shy smile.

"Nah, I'm nothing compared to you," she said, the joking tone of her words taking away the seriousness of her statement. "You look gorgeous!" Soul watched her with a concerned expression as she hopped into the backseat of the black convertible, her smile fake and plastic. He hummed thoughtfully as he walked to get behind the wheel.

The two women chatted as Soul drove, leaving him to his thoughts as he drove. After sharing Magik with Maka for nearly a month and a half, he wasn't fluent in Maka speak, but he knew the lingo. And she seemed to be screaming "Uncomfortable". He could see her fake smile in the rearview mirror, and the way she seemed to sink in on herself where earlier she had been walking with her head held high, looking every part the powerful mistress of Magik that she was. It couldn't be Blair, seeing as the two got along fabulously - Blair constantly sang the Cadhnra's praises at home - and it wasn't him because she was smiling at him when they had reached his car.

As he pulled up to Kidd's manor on the edge of Death City, he pushed those thoughts away and parked in the large four car garage. "Well, 'ere we are lassies," he said as he turned off the car, Blair squealing in excitement as she practically leaped out of the car. Maka felt her shoulders slump a little more when she finally got to see Blair's dress in it's entirety. It was a dark purple hue to match her hair, with a long skirt and daring slits up both sides. Her back was bare, the front of her dress being held up by what Maka could only assume to be dress tape and Magik.

As Blair ran for the door, already yelling for a shot of Patron, Maka sighed, standing so she could crawl back over the side of the corvette. A large hand on her elbow stopped her, and she looked up to see Soul rolling his eyes with a small grin on his face. "Yer takin' too long," he said, wrapping his hands around her waist and lifting her up. Her arms immediately went around his neck as she swung her legs over the edge, smiling softly as Soul set her down gently.

"Thanks Soul," she said, fixing her dress so it didn't bunch up so high on her legs. When she looked back up, Soul was still standing there, one arm held out towards her.

"Will ye do me the honor of bein' on my arm this evenin'?" he asked, smirking as her cheeks flushed a soft red.

"I dunno, did you wash it?" she asked, making him laugh.

"O'course Maka," he said. Maka sighed dramatically as she looped her arm through his.

"Well I guess I can suffer for just this one night," she said with a small, sultry smile. That smile was not PG in any sense, and Soul would be lying if he said it didn't do funny things to his dick. He had to remind himself that he was a full grown man, and full grown men do not pop boners because of one woman's smile, no matter how sexy it was.

He led Maka inside, watching as her sultry grin dropped off her face and was replaced by awe as she looked around. "Oh my god," she breathed, looking around the room.

There was Magik literally everywhere.

Small sprites and pixies flitted overhead, looking like little more than small pinpricks of light. As her head spun around, Maka could spot several creatures that she had only ever read about -holy crap was that a centaur!? That was a centaur! She was half aware that Soul was watching her with an amused expression, but she didn't care.

"What even- how- How is this even real?" Maka asked, her eyes wide as she tried to take everything in at once.

"Kidd's parties are famous amongst all Magikal creatures, so they're always full up," Soul said, maneuvering past two tall Nymphs that smiled seductively at the Warlock. "That and we can' really go to any other parties without exposin' ourselves. Certain creatures can, but most can'."

Maka nodded, looking around with wide eyes. A few of the creatures that were at the party smiled and waved at her, a small group of men with pointed ears and fluorescent purple eyes cat-called and winked at her. She blushed and waved at them, squeaking when Soul pulled her forward almost roughly. "What was that for!?" she snapped, glaring up at him. He frowned back down at her.

"Those were Tapaires, basically the Magikal version of incubi," he explained. "It would be best if ye stayed away from them. They like to prey on pretty women like yerself." Maka's blush got darker, and she heard a few of the Tapaires whistle and croon at her.

"You really think I look pretty tonight?" she asked softly, and Soul's grip on her arm tightened a little bit. He looked down at her and was amazed to see the headstrong, fire cracker of a woman he had come to know staring sadly down at her feet, biting her lip nervously. He heard a loud, familiar laugh and watched as Maka tensed as Blair passed them by in a flurry of purple silk and curves. Soul practically heard the gears in his head click into alignment as he finally figured out what was bothering Maka.

She was self conscious, with a dash of low self esteem thrown in for good measure. He could see the truth of his theory in her eyes as she watched the women around her, even if he didn't understand it. He remembered thinking her plain several weeks ago, but she was more like beauty in its simplest form, not polluted by any unnecessary features nor lines. And to watch someone that looked as good as Maka looked that night - eyes sad as she watched scantily clad witches and sprites and nymphs skipping around - feel so down about herself... Soul wouldn't stand for it.

He had been raised in the lap of luxury, and his father had gifted him with an eye for beauty, both in art, Magik, and women. And despite the fact they were just barely friends and that this might easily be taken the wrong way, Soul felt it was his duty to protect the Cadhnra from the lies in her head.

He leaned down so he was close to her ear, letting go of her arm so he could wrap his arm firmly around her tiny waist. "Ye look beautiful tonight," he breathed in her ear, watching as she shivered slightly. She looked up at him, and for the first time since they had met, he didn't focus on the Magik hiding in her olive eyes, but instead focused on the actual iris. Her eyes really were quite beautiful, their bright green color reminding him so much of the field surrounding his home in Scotland that it almost physically hurt.

"You really think so?" she asked softly, her eyes never leaving his. Soul smiled and nodded, their faces so close that his bangs brushed hers.

"Positive lass," he said, looking around suspiciously - Maka giggled at the theatrical show - and pulled her closer still. "In fact, I think you're the most beautiful woman in the room," he whispered, and as he watched a wide smile break across her face, he realized he wasn't lying. They were surrounded by impossibly beautiful and exotic creatures of Magik, and he wouldn't trade any of them for the woman smiling up at him. "Don't tell the Tapaires I said that, might encourage them to try somethin'."

"We wouldn't want that, would we?" Maka teased, looking up at him through her ridiculously long eyelashes and how had he never noticed that? There was so much he had missed during the month.

"Never," he said, grinning down at her before he straightened out and led her deeper into the crowd. If she had noticed that he didn't remove his arm from her waist, she didn't say anything.

They were almost to the bar, where Kidd had told him to meet up with him, when Soul saw a blur of blue and tan push through the crowd towards them. Soul groaned, tightening his hold on Maka before letting go. "Oh great," he groaned, "I so don' wanna deal with him right now."

"Deal with who- OH MY GOD." Maka scrambled away as she watched what looked like a car crash involving two tan muscular men.

It would've been kinda hot if the man that wasn't Soul wasn't screaming in a high pitched voice and had blue hair. Blue. Hair.

"SOUL!" the blue haired torpedo screamed, grinning from ear to pointy ear. "HOW YA' BEEN MAN!?"

"Good until ye made my ears bleed ye little prick," Soul growled, his eyes sparking with Magik as he shoved the other man off him. "How many times to I have to tell ye to stop doin' that, BlackStar!?"

"You can't control a king!" BlackStar with a laugh, his arm draped around Soul's wide shoulders - an impressive feat seeing as he was the same height as Maka while she had those insane heels on. "So where's the chick that Kidd wants to meet? He's throwing a fit that you weren't here exactly at eight. I swear, he has a bigger pole up his ass then you do!" Soul rolled his eyes and shoved BlackStar off him, going to stand by Maka's side again.

"BlackStar, Maka. Maka, BlackStar," Soul said shortly. BlackStar didn't usually annoy him this much this quickly, but he was currently irritated beyond belief. Possibly because BlackStar made him remove his arm from Maka's waist. Maka smiled at BlackStar a little hesitatingly, reaching out to shake his hand when suddenly she was in the air, BlackStar having hoisted her up in a tight bear hug, laughing loudly in her ear.

"THAT'S KING BLACKSTAR TO YOU!" he yelled, and Soul had to laugh as he watched the Cadhnra try to squirm away from him.

"You aren't yet a king BlackStar," a quiet but firm voice said. BlackStar put down Maka with a pout, and she turned around to see a tall, lanky man with distinctive golden eyes and black hair approaching them, his gait measured but his strides long as he carried himself with the air of someone important. "You are still just a prince."

"Yeah, but who cares about that?" BlackStar huffed, his cocky grin coming back as he stared down the other man. Neither man noticed Maka taking slow, backwards steps towards Soul. "I like to look to the future, and in the future I see, I'm the greatest king to walk the planet!"

"Don't you mean 'flit around the planet'?"

"I told you, it's notflitting-"

"Oi," Soul snapped, zapping them both with Maka's Magik. "Would ye shut up for five seconds, the both of ye?" Both men seemed to pout at him, but the tall man straightened up and smiled once he caught sight of Maka.

"You must be Ms. Albarn," he said, approaching her and taking both her hands in his. Maka smiled shyly and nodded at him. "The woman of the hour," he continued, bringing her hands up so he could kiss the knuckles of both. "It is a pleasure to meet the Cadhnra that has my good friend under her thumb."

"I'm not under 'er thumb! And I'd be careful with those 'ands, Kidd," Soul said with a small smile. "They can easily knock yer teeth out." Maka glared at him and turned back to Kidd with a smile.

"I would never punch such a gracious host," Maka said with a soft smile that had Soul melting on the sidelines. "You must be Soul's friend Death the Kidd."

"That I am," Kidd said with a small bow. "So Ms. Albarn-"

"Please, call me Maka."

"So, Maka, how are you enjoying the party so far?" Maka looked around, her eyes sparkling.

"It's unlike anything I've ever seen before," she said. "Thank you so much for letting me come and experience all this." Kidd smiled at her.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. I've been wanting to meet you ever since Soul told me about you." Maka smiled coyly in Soul's direction.

" 'I don't talk to you around my friends' my ass," Maka said smugly, though her smugness turned into confusion when Soul blushed under his tan. Soul never blushed, even when he would pop in on her while she was getting changed. She quirked her head to the side, trying to figure out what about her innocent comment had the normally unfazable Soul Evans turning a soft red.

"Well, he said many good things about you Maka," Kidd said, snapping Maka back into reality. "Especially your control of your own Magik. Control like that is unheard of in people like yourself. Perhaps we should all go to the bar and have a few drinks together and discus-"

There was a loud crash, and the four adults' heads snapped towards the source of the sound. The centaur from earlier was backpedaling away from what looked like the remains of a vase, having hit the stand with her hip as she passed. "Sorry everyone!" she called, looking sheepish as she avoided hitting the vase's twin. "Gosh I hope that wasn't expensive."

Maka turned back to see Kidd's reaction, but instead was sent stumbling back into Soul's arms by a sudden rush of Magik. The calm, prim and proper gentleman from before was gone, replaced by a very angry, very powerful being. "How dare you ruin the symmetry of my home!" Kidd bellowed, his voice suddenly deep and twisted, like there were a thousand people talking at once. "You will pay a steep price for destroying the balance of those vase-"

Suddenly Kidd collapsed, a bored BlackStar grabbing onto his collar before he hit the floor. "Don't worry," he called out to the visibly frightened centaur, "the vase was crap anyways."

"I'll fix it," Soul said, bored, as he let go of Maka and went over to the shattered remains, fixing it with a few muttered words and a wave of his hand.

"What the hell just happened?" Maka asked BlackStar, following him as he dragged Kidd to the bar. He propped the unconscious man up on a barstool.

"Oh, Kidd has a bit of a balance issue," he started, ordering himself a beer.

"OCD," Soul clarified as he came up behind Maka, a warm, broad hand resting on her shoulder.

"Yeah, that," BlackStar said. "He gets real pissy whenever someone breaks anything and goes all Super Saiyan on us. It's normally best just to knock him out."

" 'E'll come to in a few 'ours," Soul reassured her. Maka nodded slowly.

"You're an odd bunch, aren't you?" she said, mostly to Soul even if BlackStar did start laughing.

"Oh you 'ave no idea lass," Soul said with a laugh, squeezing her shoulder before nudging her towards one of the open bar stools.

The three sat and drank for a while, chatting and laughing. When he wasn't yelling, Maka found that she enjoyed BlackStar's company, his sense of humor a breath of fresh air compared to Soul's sarcasm. Watching the two interact was amusing as well, the two teasing each other and pushing each other around. Kidd came to about an hour after the vase mishap, and after checking and seeing his vase back in place, he relaxed once more. He struck up a conversation with Maka about several topics, ranging from Magik to their favorite books.

"Oh yes, I must show you my library," Kidd said, and Maka perked up at the thought. "It's horribly asymmetrical due only having one copy of each book, but no one seems to care."

"One copy is all I need," Maka said with a laugh, about to take another sip of her champagne when suddenly there were two thin arms draped over her shoulders and two large breasts pressed against her back.

"Maka-chan~" Blair sang, grabbing her hands and tugging. "You have to dance with me!" Maka's cheeks pinked a bit, and she shook her head.

"No, I shouldn't," she said quickly. "I haven't danced in years." Which was a lie, seeing as it was just yesterday she had danced around her home while cleaning, but she hadn't been in a dance class since she graduated from high school.

"So? Here," Blair tugged Maka out of her chair and shoved her at Soul. "Soul-kun needs to dance too, and he hasn't danced in a while either." Soul steadied Maka by grabbing her waist, making sure she didn't twist an ankle in those death traps she called shoes.

"Blair, neither of us want to dance," he said, frowning at his Familiar. "Can' we just sit 'ere and enjoy ourselves?"

"Nope!" Blair said happily, darting behind Soul and pushing him off his chair as well. "You two have to dance!"

Before either Cadhnra or Sainn could protest again, both Kidd and BlackStar were cheering them on, raising their glasses and taunting the two. Maka sighed and looked up at Soul, and he looked down at her as well.

"Should we?" he asked, motioning to the other three with a jerk of his head. Maka pursed her lips, and after a moment bent down and undid the clasps on her strappy heels, unaware of Soul's eyes on the curve of her spine. Neither Blair nor Kidd missed it, and they shared a knowing smile before looking back towards the two. Maka popped back up after a moment, handing her heels to Blair and smiling up at Soul.

"Okay, now we can dance," she said, looping her arm through Soul's as the two made their way onto the dance floor.

"I'll try to keep it simple for you," Soul said a little cockily, and Maka quirked an eyebrow at him as they moved into their spots across from each other.

"Oh, I actually think it'll be you that'll have trouble keeping up," Maka said as a new song started, the beat slow and sensuous.

"We'll see about that," Soul said, stepping closer.

"We will," Maka said, and as the singer began to spin a tale of lust and pleasure, they were off. Soul was surprised at how easily she moved, and it was evident that she had been well trained. But he kept up easily, the two moving around each other surely and smoothly. Maka spun gracefully, her arms above her head, and when the turn was done, she stood face to face with Soul. His eyes had darkened and Maka subconsciously licked her lips. His hands met hers over her head and slowly moved down, tracing her the curves of her body until he reached her hips, when he tugged her closer so that their hips were barely an inch apart.

Their hips moved in time as they stared into each other's eyes, Maka's hands pressed against his chest. They were so absorbed in each other that they didn't notice the sparks of Magik curling around their ankles. They didn't notice how the crowd had cleared a wide space for them.

They only noticed each other, and the music that surrounded them.

"Not bad," Soul said softly, his accented voice deep and rich. "Let's see what else ye can do." With that he spun her away from him, Magik trailing from her fingers as she turned. She jerked to a stop and used him as a counterbalance as she leaned back, her eyes never leaving his. She spun back towards him, and when she spun into his chest, her leg curled around his thigh and she kept turning, until her other leg was far behind her and Soul's arm was behind her waist, keeping her up along with her arm around his neck.

"Yes, let's," she said with a coy smile, pulling herself up so that the leg not twirled around his thigh was hooked over his hip, their chests pressed together. Soul's answering smirk was cocky and seductive as his hand curled around her thigh, keeping her up as her leg untangled from his.

As they continued to dance, the Magik sparking between them increased until it was another dance partner, trailing from Maka's fingertips as her arms went above her head, following Soul's feet as he stepped around her, partnering her with a grace unlike anything anyone had ever seen. Their dance was sexy and seductive and powerful, and at the end - Soul dipping Maka as her leg curled over his waist- the applause was thunderous.

The Cadhnra and Sainn were panting for breath, Soul pulling her back up and holding her close as they panted in each other's ear. The feeling of her breath on his neck, her breasts pressed firmly against his chest, her Magik swirling around them lazily in the aftermath, all of it played on Soul's senses like a finely-tuned piano. He took his sweet time in setting her back on the ground, and even so kept their cheeks firmly pressed against the other's. Eventually he found it in him to move so that their foreheads were pressed together, and looking into Maka's deep green eyes, Soul felt something stir inside his chest.

If you had asked anyone at the party what happened after the dance, they would have told you that a very embarrassed Maka had rushed back to her seat at the bar and sat firmly there for the rest of the night, ignoring Blair's compliments and teasing as Soul sat silently next to her, watching her from the corner of his eye as his thoughts focused on Maka Albarn and only Maka Albarn.

But only three friends at the bar had been watching closely enough to see a small strand of red Magik travel between their chests as Soul and Maka stared deep into each other's eyes. A single, weak strand of Magik that curled protectively around Maka's soul, a barrier against harm, made from Magik, familiarity, and the hint of new love.

A single, weak, strand of Soul Eater Evans' Magik.

A single, weak, precious strand that was all his mangled soul could produce.

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