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Chapter One: When She Walks Away Mad

When she walks away mad...

"You know I didn't mean it like that!" Eddie grabbed his bag off his chair, and pushed pass the crowd of other student's attempting to leave French class. "Patricia!" His head finally poked out of the door frame, and finally he was standing out in the hallway. Trying to ignore the bustling crowd of boarding students, Eddie searched for a bob of auburn hair, straightened, and brushing the back of Patricia's shoulders. After turning a few circles, and tuning out the questions being shot at him, Eddie noticed her hair, or what he hoped was her hair, disappear behind a corner. He immediately took off in that direction, trying to think up what to say.

"Uh you can't just walk away like that!" Eddie called across the lawn, which grabbed Patricia's attention. She continued to walk, but of course, it was backwards, as she turned to face him.

"Uh, I'm pretty positive I can do whatever I want to. Weasel."

"You know I didn't mean it to come out like that, and even if it did, you took it the wrong way! How can you even think that I like Nina… I mean like that?"

"I don't know Eddie, maybe by the way that you said, 'Dude Nina rocks, she's pretty epic and really nice and forgiving, and caring, ya know?'"

"Ha ha. Yacker. I was talking to Fabian, I wouldn't admit to liking Nina – if I even did like her – in front of her boyfriend. Duh! And, I was trying to cheer him up. He wasn't sure if she was mad at him so I was being supportive and encouraging!"

"Yeah well next time, just let him suffer in silence!" Eddie rolled his eyes at the strange looks being shot at him and Patricia, who continued to yell across each other. With a reluctant sigh, He jogged up to her, and slipped his hand in her's.

"I'm not forgiving you yet." Patricia muttered, as she pulled her hand away from his.

"Because I was being a friend to Fabian? I don't even get why you're jealous. Of Nina! I mean come on, she's like a little sister to me. Plus, I already have a pretty epic girlfriend. I have no need to replace her."

"Oh yeah? And does this girlfriend know about me?"

"I'd say the two of you are pretty close."

"Hmmm. Interesting. And what do you like so much about this girlfriend.. who's like me?"

"Well she's beautiful." Eddie elbowed Patricia lightly, forcing her into a small grin. "Some people find her snarkiness and sarcasm annoying, but I think it's hot. And funny." This time, when Eddie grabbed from Patricia's hand, she didn't refuse or pull away.

"Well, so far I like her, so keep talking."

"Well, this girl is totally special. She understands me. Ya know why?"


"Because we're a lot alike. For starters, we're both hot." Eddie ran his fingers through his hair, allowing a laugh to escape his mouth, which was followed by one from Patricia. "We both laugh stupidly, and at stupid times. We have the same clothing style. I mean I don't do skirts, but you get the point. We like the same clothing. And I'm not as sure about her, but of course, I'm completely head over heels for this girl." Eddie slipped his arms around Patricia's waist.

"Well, I guess it's safe to let you know that this girlfriend of yours is totally head over heels for you too."

"And how do you expect me to believe you?"

"Patricia's lips crashed down on Eddie's, and he tightened his hold around her waist. Her hand's ran loosely through his hair, as they continued to kiss in the middle of the lawn.

"Believe me now?" Patricia smirked once they pulled apart.

"I don't know I might-"

"Gosh you're such a flirt." Patricia rolled her eyes, as she slipped out of his hold, and grabbed for her bag that she had abandoned earlier on the ground near her feet. "I suppose I'm sorry." She added.

"For what?" Eddie shoved her shoulder lightly.

"For accusing you if having a crush on Nina. And for choosing to date such a flirt."

"Take the last part back."

"Or what?"

"I could…"

"Eddie keep your paws off my bag or I'll hit you with it!"

"Love you too Yacker."

…Follow her


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