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"Ugh! Seriously? No one at all has seen Patricia? No one?" Eddie received head shakes, and many odd looks from his housemate as he stumbled into the dining room – looking frazzled and annoyed. "Amber?" Eddie turned his attention away from the lunch table, to the blonde, who was quietly humming under her breath.

"Hhmm?" Amber looked up pleasantly at Eddie, as she dropped her fork down next to her plate.

"You're hiding something from me."

"What? No I am not!" Amber squealed, dropping her gaze downwards.

"You're humming, and ignoring me Amber." Eddie drawled in an obvious tone.

"If you must know, Sweetie Junior," Amber huffed. "I'm happy."

"Oh yeah?" Eddie grinned. "And would you just happen to be happy about whatever you're not telling me?"

"No." Amber exchanged a long glare with Alfie. "If you must butt into my personal life, I am entirely pleased about the lunch date Alfie and I had today. I'm not willing to share any more information." Amber grinned proudly, before glaring, once more at Alfie.

"Whatever." Eddie sighed, grabbing for an apple, and walking out of the dining room, and out the front door.

The sky was bright blue, with only a few spots of white clouds here and there. Spring was nearly half-way done, and Eddie spent many days pondering on how the year had simply slipped out of his fingertips. He pulled out his phone, and sent Patricia yet another quick text, before continuing his tired, lonely trek down the un-evenly paved sidewalk.

After a few minutes in, Eddie was surprised when he heard laughing. More specifically, a girl's laughter. Inching further into the woods, Eddie kept himself hidden behind trees, as he leaned forward and attempted to make sense of the scene in front of him. That was Patricia. Sitting on an old log – laughing. The worst part, she was laughing with another guy. In fact, he was simply a nerdy guy. For a while Eddie had despised Robbie. His glasses were too large for his face, and his voice was too deep for his small, gibberish body. And now, well now he was simply stealing his girlfriend from him.

"Dude. What the hell?" Eddie wrapped a protective arm around Patricia's waist in the minute that it took her and Robbie to calm down from the initial shock.

"Eddie!" Patricia scolded, shoving his arm lightly. "I'll catch you later Rob." Patricia sighed. Robbie nodded lightly before scampering away timidly. "How could you do that?" She shot venomously at Eddie, pulling herself out of his hold. "You scared him away!"

"At least he got away." Eddie spat back. "I don't know how you could do that to me!"

"What?" Patricia backed up, and grabbed her bag from her feet, careful to keep Eddie's eyes from seeing its contents.

"You! Him! Sneaking out! Amber was even happy about this! How could you betray me?" Eddie was too raged to notice the look of pure surprise coloring Patricia's face. "I thought you liked me." Eddie turned away, and stormed away.

Patricia swallowed the lump of disappointment in her throat as she watched him disappear, and whispered, "I do."


"You cheated on him?!" Joy burst through Patricia's door, looks of shock on their faces. "He's Eddie Sweet. For God's sake Patricia! What idiot would cheat on that hot American boy for… Robbie?"

"I didn't cheat on him!" Patricia justified, as she stood up to meet their eye level. "Can I show you something?" The brunette nodded, and allowed Patricia to walk over to her bed. She reached under it, and after fishing around for a while, pulled out a box. "I got him this." Patricia opened the cardboard box, revealing a wrapped up gift.

"And that is?"

"Tons of stuff he wants! Sick Puppies albums, new t-shirts, some crappy football gear. For his birthday!"

"What does that have to do with Bobbie?" Joy sneered, still seemingly unconvinced by Patricia's plead of innocence.

"Robbie, was merely helping me. I get that I'm Eddie's girlfriend and all-"


"Joy shut it." Patricia sneered. "And I get that I should know all this stuff about him, but Eddie doesn't just come out and talk about what he wants. Robbie's in Eddie's French class, and Eddie's willing to talk 'boy' with him. I just figured Robbie could help me. Clarify that what I bought Eddie would be cool with him." Patricia heart sunk at the thought hit her; she may not be able to give him that stuff after all.

"Oh Trixie." Joy sat down on Patricia's bed and ran a hand supportively down her friend's back. "It'll be okay."

"Yeah whatever." Patricia groaned casting the present side. "I don't even care. He can make whatever stupid decisions he wants. I couldn't care less."

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow then?" She stood up. "At his party?"



"The party's over." Eddie growled from his bed.

"I know." Patricia sighed disdainfully. It had been pretty selfish of her to not come. "I didn't think you'd want to see me."

"Well the fact that you couldn't come and apologize earlier doesn't really make me want to see you right now." He sneered back.

"I - I'm sorry." Patricia placed the box containing his gifts down, and sat on the edge of his bed. Unlike all the other times though, he didn't wrap his arms around her, and hold her tight, and allow her to talk. He simply listened. "I can explain."

Eddie flopped onto his stomach, burying his face in his pillow, and even though Patricia wasn't positive that he was listening, she still talked. She told him everything, starting with the threat she made if Robbie didn't help her.

"So, here's your stuff." Patricia placed the box on top of Eddie's back, stood up, and walked towards the door. "And by the way." She added. "I don't like you." She smiled in pleasure at how that made him wince. "I love you."


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