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Chapter 1: Hell-o

The blaring of my alarm clock obnoxiously woke me up at 6 am. My head felt like somebody was pounding a hammer into it and my left eye was throbbing. I tried to sit up in bed but was met with resistance in my tense and sore muscles.

"Oh fuck" I mumbled. Just then everything that happened last night came crashing back into my head. I told my parents that I was gay last night. Let's just say they didn't take it that well. My dad kicked the living crap out of me while my mom just stood by and watched. I still remember seeing the hurt and guilt in her eyes while she stated down at my battered body. Almost as if she felt bad that my father was doing this to me. But it doesn't matter now. She said nothing to make him stop, so she might as well be dead to me too.

I tried to plan my escape out of bed. If I just gently rolled over onto my back it would be a better plan of attack to get out of bed without hurting my ribs. I slowly turned and gasped at the intense pain that flared through my entire rib cage. It was better not to prolong my agony, so with one quick movement I just hopped out of bed. My face wrenched in pain and I groaned in agony. I dragged myself to the bathroom and hesitantly looked into the mirror.

The person looking back at me, I did not recognize. There was a huge purple black eye, a nasty cut on my forehead, and cuts and bruises covering every single visual part of my body. Hesitantly I pulled up my tank top to expose my ribs. They looked terrible. The entire right side of my rib cage was bruised and some of the bones looked like they jutted out in awkward positions; but that could have just been my imagination.
I tried my best to take a shower and dry off any dried blood left on my body.

When I finally got dressed and made it downstairs, I found my family. They were eerily quiet. Just the clanking of forks and spoons against dishes could be heard echoing off the walls. I slowly took my seat and helped myself to some food. I felt my hands shaking and I couldn't lift my eyes up off the floor.

My father cleared his throat loudly.

"Santana" he said darkly. "Your mother and I talked and we decided to keep you in this house. If I kick you out that would hurt my reputation of being the best brain surgeon in Lima. So that being said, you will do whatever I ask of you. You will not bring the sin of loving another woman into my home and disrupt my family. Understand?"

Anger flared up inside me. I wanted to scream at him that it wasn't a sin and that I could do whatever I wanted. And that I didn't need him for anything. But the truth is, is that I do. Where else would a 17 year old girl live all by herself. There is no way in hell that I would start living on the streets.

So I just slowly shook my head yes. And continued eating my unappetizing breakfast. I wasn't even hungry anymore.

"Good. Now go to school. I'm tired of seeing you."

When he said that my eyes became glossy and misty. I can't believe that the same guy loved me just yesterday before I told my parents at dinner. What changed? Most certainly not me. I'm the same person I was last month, last week, last night.

With that I slowly got up and limped my way to my backpack and drove to school. I used to think of home as my only "safe place". You see the whole school knew, even before my parents knew that I was gay. Somebody saw me kissing some random girl at a party when I was drunk. They told the whole school the rumor and it spread like wildfire. When it finally came back around to me, I confirmed that it did happen and that I was gay. It was finally time for me to be honest with myself.

The only reason why it took so long for me to tell my parents is because of my dad. He's a devout Christian and to him image is everything. I guess I was right to be afraid to tell my parents after all.

I made my way into William McKinley High School with my head low and my eyes downcast. If I looked into a Cherrio's or jock's eyes I'm immediately dead. It's like getting an automatic slushy to the face next time you see them.

I walked down the halls until I made it to my locker. So far so good, nobody has paid me even any attention. Just as I'm about to close my locker I hear footsteps behind me.

"Hey Lezpez" Rick sneered.

"Why don't you just leave? Nobody wants you here" Azimio added.

"Yeah some of us girls are tired of getting perved on while in the locker room with you" said Quinn.

Suddenly a mixture of blue and red ice chips was dumped over my head and down my back. There was laughter echoing through the hallway. I had to get away. I ran to the nearest girls' bathroom and flew into a stall. I didn't even bother trying to clean myself off. I just took out the glistening metal blade.

I started cutting and harming myself about a month ago. The constant bullying at school and me fighting with myself about who I was finally drove me to a breaking point. I just had to do something to release my pain.

I quickly slashed my forearms a couple of times. And just like that I became numb. Cutting is my own form of getting high. It just makes me forget about all the pain and the harassment that I see each day. You think my parents would start to wonder why I only wear long sleeves now. But they don't. It just goes to show you how much they care about me and how much attention they pay me.

I finally clean myself off and leave the bathroom. Of course I walk into my class late and already hear whispers about me. I just ignore everybody staring at me and go take my seat. I'm actually pretty lucky that my first class of the day is Chemistry. It's my best class and I always receive high grades. Don't tell anybody this, but I'm totally a Chem nerd.

Next period is the worst. I have P.E. with almost half of the Cheerio squad. Which means disgusted looks and people walking away from my locker when they start to change. I don't get why people do that. I'm obviously not trying to sneak a peek or anything.

Just when I'm about to rip my shirt over my head, white searing pain rips through my right abdomen. I doped up on pain medication before school so it didn't bother me, but now the pain is back. I look around and see that no one is even remotely around me, so I just decide to get it over with and quickly change shirts without anyone noticing my ribs. I thought I pulled my idea off until I saw blue piercing eyes staring at me from across the room.

Her name is Brittany S. Pierce. She is the co-captain of the Cheerios and probably the most biggest bitch that you will ever meet. She has made my life hell. Constantly throwing insults and disgusted looks my way.

It was no big deal that she saw my body though. She'd probably be somewhat happy that someone is causing me physical pain.

I didn't have time to think anymore because the teacher said that it was time for class to begin.

It was finally time for me to go home. I wasn't really excited, but at least it was better than school. I could hide in my room if I wanted to. I was grabbing my books out of my locker when a body slid behind the open door. The door was blocking their face but I looked down and saw everlasting legs under a pleated Cheerio's skirt. I knew that a slushy was heading my way. I swiftly closed my locker door and clenched my eyes shut waiting for the stinging of the corn syrup in my eyes. But it never came. Instead I was met with a beautiful face. I never saw Brittany's face up close (unless she was yelling at me) and I noticed that she had the prettiest smile ever. Woah, wait! Smile? Why was Brittany smiling at me?

"Hey Lopez" She greeted coolly.

I swallowed thickly. "Umm.. Hi" I croaked out nervously. It was my first time talking to my biggest bully what do you expect?

"So I was wondering if you could tutor me in Chemistry. I'm falling really far behind and Coach Sylvester said that she would kick me off the squad if I had an F in any only my classes. "

I couldn't believe this she was asking me for help?

"W-why me?" I asked. God Santana pull it together! Stop stuttering!

"Well the usual tutor is already filled with appointments and Mr. Thompson recommended that I ask you for help. He says that your his top student. "

I guess it won't hurt anyone if I said yes.
"Umm...yeah sure I guess. Just tell me when and where and I'll be there. "

"Alright thanks Lopez! I'll see you later! She replied skipping down the hallway.

What the hell did I just get myself into?

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