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Oh god those hands...

And, in a very teenage-like telltale fashion, my cheeks burn crimson. Shame, shame, sin, and more shame.

I sit towards the back of the auditorium. The auditorium that unnerves many UW students because of it's massive capacity, that delights and entices those music majors with incredible acoustics. I sit and watch as one of my great friends tries, and fails, to come up with some criticism for the copper headed boy who's downcast eyes almost met mine for a second.

"That was... Wel-" In my five years researching here at the University of Washington I had never seen my colleague, one well-known Eli Denali, speechless. Purely speechless, as he was now. The – he must be more than just a boy, that talent? - young man auditioning had me astonished as well.

"That was incredible. How old are you, Mr ...?"

"Oh, it's Masen. Edward Masen. I just turned twenty-two, sir." Fuck. Edward Masen's voice – that gruff, shouldn't be possible for a man his age, husky tone – drove my bottom lip between my teeth. Jesus Christ.

"Well, Mr. Masen, you've just assured yourself a spot in each and every class you decide to enrol yourself in. I sincerely hope you intend on majoring in piano, though I'm sure you've many surprises up your sleeve for all of us here at the University of Washington."

With that said, Mr. Masen in question stood and left the stage without another word. Eli looked back to where I was sitting and grinned. "What d'ya think, Car?" That old nickname never ceased to annoy the hell out of me, yet I simply shrugged and shook my head.

"That was fucking fantastic, you mean?!" Eli jumped from his seat and ran towards me. I stood and clapped him on the back. "Yeah, he was pretty damn good." "Pretty damn good? I've never seen someone under the age of fucking fifty with talent like that!" I had to agree. The man was talented beyond his years and, with a blush and a rush of long limbs, he doesn't even acknowledge one's praise. By god, he better get used to adoration around here.

I sat alone, drinking a double scotch. Esme had taken off to the second floor of the Jazz Kat not long after we arrived. I wasn't one for dancing, however. The brassy tunes, though, they got to me.

A duet appeared on the stage, one with a harmonica one with a silver saxophone, and they were introduced as 'The Deal'. It didn't escape me that the harmonica boy didn't have a collar to settle said instrument. Perhaps this was simply an instrumental act.

I quickly stood and ordered another scotch while the two were setting up on stage. The bartender kept looking at me from under her lashes, if only she knew, and I politely took the paper she handed me with her number scrawled on it. A drink coaster, I suppose.

Gladly, my seat hadn't been taken in the minute or two that I had vacated it. Tuning notes were being played in the front of the room and people were settling down around the bar. A hushed silence fell over the place as the harmonica piped up with the beginnings of a funk song. Feet began tapping, heads nodding. Some people starting swinging hips to the beat. My body was frozen, however, at the man that had, I don't know how else to put it, waltzed across the stage; microphone in hand.

That hair.

He looked much different in his skin tight pants, loose tunic. His hair more dishevelled and his face not quite as serious. His marvellously cut jaw was dotted with stubble. Carefree, as opposed to the uptight, suit wearing boy that had stunned me two days earlier.

He sang.

Fuck, did he ever sing.

I picked out the classic Janis Joplin words amongst the brassy saxophone notes and the chords of the harmonica. This man was absolutely different than this Edward Masen I'd seen play earlier this week. This was unhinged, completely free of any inhibitions.

I felt a growing sensation below my belt and had to stave off the way Edward's movements jerked such reactions from me. His hips gyrated slightly and he grinned down at the stage. Holy fuck. My scotch quickly made it's way down my oesophagus and into my waiting stomach. My eyes widened as Edward slid off the stage while the instrumental duet finished the song. Straight to the bar, two shots in hand, he downed one and loudly exclaimed "fuck it!" as he threw the other into his waiting mouth.

Jessica, as I'd learned my creepy bartender's name was, kept ogling him and refilling his cup as soon as he set it down. I brought my glass back to the bar and requested another. I fucking needed it.

"Call me Ed, darlin'." I heard Edward's velvet smooth voice tell a girl sitting to his right. Just two seats from me, close enough to reach out and touch his arm. There was a smile in his speech. Ed. She giggled and I saw, out the corner of my eye, that she ran her fingernail over his forearm. Bitch. To my amusement, though, Edward shook her off and turned more towards me.

Another shot was topped off in front of him and, while he had the glass to his lips, his eyes made contact with mine. Those piercing green orbs widened, closed and he winced. I hadn't even thought he'd seen me in the auditorium.

"Aren't you..." Edward licked his bottom lip. "You're Dr Cullen, right?" I cocked an eyebrow, surprised he – a delightful music major – recognized me as such. "I-I know that you've been doing some research at UW. I'm, ugh, I guess you know I'm planning on attending." He seemed more rigid now, more formal.

"You're audition was absolutely amazing." Edward flushed at my compliment. "You were great tonight, as well."

"Yeah, uh, I was kind of hoping... Well, I didn't really think any professors or anything would be here, but, I suppose I was-" Edward rushed through his explanation.

"I'm not a professor, Edward. Or shall I call you Ed?" I smirked at him and he leaned significantly closer. By this time I looked down and realized he'd moved over to the adjacent chair.

"Edward sounds good." His bottom lip found purchase between his teeth. And fuck me if I didn't want to do the same.

"You're most definitely smitten, Carlisle." Esme sat in her bra and panties, painting her toenails. A bottle of red wine sat between the two of us, most already making itself to our livers. I'd just told her of the man (not much more than boy) that had occupied my mind for a week. Edward Masen.

"Smitten? Aren't teenage girls smitten?" I laughed, although it somehow sickly explained how I felt, and gulped down the remnants of the wine.

"Go open another bottle. And yeah, smitten. You're hella fucking smitten, Carlisle Cullen, and you know it." Esme, my dear friend for ever since I can remember, was correct on some levels. I knew I hadn't felt this about someone so quickly, ever.

Another bottle popped open and glasses filled, I sat and continued to watch Esme's blood red nails dry. I chewed on the inside of my cheek and tapped out some rhythm on the rim of my wine glass.

"Spit it out." Esme checked her polish and, deeming it was dry enough, came over and sat next to me on our loveseat. "What's going on in that huge brain of yours?" I grinned down at her and curled an arm around her. God, if it hadn't been for the whole liking guys we'd make a good couple. Esme and I were closer than most and I loved her for it.

"I'm not sure, yet. I..." Esme's pointed chin was tucked into my shoulder. "How can I say that I feel something for him when I've seen him all of three times? Mostly by accident?" Esme rolled her eyes and stood.

"Have you never heard of love at first sight, jackass?" Esme's arms gestured widely and her eyes followed every one of my movements.

"Love at first sight is for hopeless romantics like you, crazy." That earned a slap to the back of my head.

"Just because I'm not down on love doesn't mean you gotta be down on me, babe." Esme pouted and she started to sway towards me. She was definitely crazy. At thirty two she was still single. She says she loves me too much to ever think of dating, she hopes I'll switch sides. I guess she knows that'll never really happen.

"Go to him, let him know. Hell, maybe he feels the same." She did give excellent advice.

"What talent, eh Car?" Eli was still telling the tale of his protege's audition. As if I minded obsessing over him...

"Great, just fantastic." I tried to sound enthusiastic will sipping at the coffee I nursed between folded hands.

"That he is. And he'll be my little project!" Eli exclaimed to some of his coworkers in the music department. They'd, mostly, all heard about Edward Masen. Musical genius. Heard his playing, even. He was propositioned into playing whenever there was a piano nearby.

I hadn't seen him since the day after our meeting at the Jazz. I'd run into him while making a hangover food run, ran into him and a girl. Some girl named Isabella. I grimaced now when I thought of how she was so very pretty and so very close to him as they walked out of the diner. Esme deemed her competition. Oh, what lovely competition.

Eli hushed, out of nowhere it seemed, and plucked a fork off the lounge room table. Speak of the devil, Edward walked along the glass wall of the room and stopped by the door frame. Since there were only four of us sitting around the table, Eli waved him in.

"Anything I can help you with, Edward? Finding everything alright here, so far?" I was surprised my friend didn't walk up and hug him.

"Uh, yeah. Everything is great here. I was, um, just wondering if I could have a word with Dr. Cullen. A-about my science courses." Edward glanced at me, down at the floor, and back at Eli. He looked surprised for a second, but, Eli simply nodded his head.

My coffee cooled immediately in my hand and I dropped it in the recycling bin on my way out the door. "Of course, Edward."

The two of us walked down the short hallway from the staff lounge to one of the many quiet rooms in the education building. One other person sat in front of a glowing computer monitor.

"Can we go somewhere... Alone?"

I turned on my heel, eyes glazed over at the thought of having Edward Masen in a room. Alone. No one to see or hear... Fuck.

He froze when he saw my face, breath caught in his throat. Edward soon thawed and followed my quick pace to my office. Two flights of stairs and another distance to the other side of the building. My key was in my hand twenty feet before I reached the door.

"You sure?" I glanced at Edward, face flushed from the running upstairs. He nodded his head, ducked his chin into his chest. After a few seconds, he noticed I hadn't moved, Edward's eyes looked up into my waiting ones. Another head nod, this time he didn't look away.

The oak door swung on it's hinges and we bolted into the tiny room. I shouldn't complain, at least I had an office. Usually researchers simply got a desk in a massive office space. Dr. Cullen has a good reputation, though.

Edward spun around to face me, panting and nervously glancing about the tiny room.

"Nice office." His smirk sort of undid me.

I cant seem to recall who started it, but, the next thing I realized was Edward pinned against my desk, hands and mouths roaming. The groans that came out of him reinforced my idea that maybe he was a lot more - experienced, say it – mature than I had thought.

I felt fingers grazing the hem of my pants, beginning to yank on my belt.

"Edw-ward" a tongue slipping around the shell of my ear. Edward brazenly nipped at my neck and I lost my train of thought. What the fuck – how the fuck – is this happening?

Edward pulled away when he noticed my hesitation and looked up at my through his thick eyelashes. Oh, for fuck's sake. Is there anything that wouldn't drive me wild in the matters of Edward Masen?

"Yes, Carlisle?" It was the first time he'd said my first name, and in such a horribly sultry voice, which drove another rush of blood to my groin. I stifled a groan and tried to remain in control, tried like hell not to rip his clothes off and take Edward where he fucking stood.

"Edward, I don't think this is right. I mean-" Edward's eyes widened and he extricated himself from my arms completely. His downcast eyes and hunched shoulders greeted me.

"I understand. I guess I just... It doesn't matter." He turned to leave. Jesus, did I ever have a horrible tendency to fuck things up.

I reached out and grabbed his wrist. "Edward, I didn't mean that. What I was trying to say was that we really shouldn't be doing this. Here, I mean." My eyebrows rose for emphasis. The small room wasn't big enough to fit my two filing cabinets that remained in my home office, let alone the activities I intended on partaking with my blushing Edward.

"Oh, ooh." Edward bit his lip.

The drive to my house wasn't as quick as it usually seemed. Every movement that either of us made was amplified in the awkward silence that had fallen over us as we left campus. Edward rubbed his thighs together slightly and I had to grip the steering wheel even tighter to keep from running my hand along his jaw, up his cheek.

"Wow." I left the car out front, deciding that I didn't want to waste any time parking it. Edward glanced up at the three story mansion that my best friend and I owned. Thankfully, said friend was spending the night at her new lover's place.

"You like?" I smiled at him, grabbing his hand in mine. We walked up the winding stone path to the veranda, swinging our arms happily. Somehow being home made things less rushed, more easy. Hopefully, anyways.

"This is your house? Well, I guess house doesn't really cover the entire property, house is probably referring to the god damn porch-". "Yes, this is my house." Edward's eyes roamed the front of the brick wall, over to the six-car garage, the pool house.

"Do you live here alone?" Edward gulped and I realized that he had no idea if I was married with kids or an extremely pathetic bachelor. Well, I guess he would've assumed I wasn't... Nevermind.

"No." Edward's hand tightened around mine before I finished. "My best friend lives with me. Don't worry, though, she's not home. Wont be all night." Maybe that was a little too suggestive. Then again, I did basically dry fuck him in room 4005 of the UW's education building.

My keys were difficult to find in my messenger bag, especially as I was trying to maintain contact with Edward the whole time. He kept running his hand through those red tresses of his, though, and I couldn't even had functioned with two hands.

Laughter rang from him as I finally, with a huff, opened the front door. "After you, Mr. Masen." I swept my arm to the side and followed after my boy.

His eyes swept from side to side, taking in the massive flat screen propped on a wall, kitchen appliances that I rarely made use of. Taking in this home that somehow seemed homelier now that he was here.

"Don't get caught up. Esme has too many things to try and show them all to you." Edward turned and bit his lip. "I do, however, have something that I think you might just love." I arched my eyebrow and gestured with my index finger for him to follow me.

The second floor of the building was all guest rooms, spare storage rooms. The third floor housed two suites, one slightly larger than the other. There was also a room, adjoined to my own, that I rarely stepped foot in. I remarked the six guest rooms that were never put to use and Edward's foot faltered slightly in its path to the next step.

My room, albeit far too large for my tastes, was decorated very modestly and I believe it most certainly shocked Edward. No TV, no large vanity, no canopy bed. Very simple. I grinned.

Edward slowly spun around my room and ghosted his eyes back to my bed each time he turned. "This isn't our first stop, beautiful." I grabbed Edward's hand and pulled him towards the partially hidden doorway that led to the – you can't say biggest waste of money, now - biggest purchase I'd ever made in my life.

And I wasn't sure that showing Edward my antique baby grand was a good idea or not.

"Any more requests, Dr. Cullen?" Edward slid his fingers along the ivory keys, smiling in delight as he delicately pressed the pedals with the toe of his shoe. We had spent the past hour sitting side by side on the piano bench, me watching him play any song I could think of.

"As much as I love to hear you play..." I grabbed the remote that had been tossed aside many nights ago. I knew what song would be playing, though. "I would absolutely love to see you dance." Edward turned to me and I noticed the pink staining his cheeks.

"D-dance?" He stuttered in his flustered state.

"Yes. You're so beautiful when you dance." I offered Edward another glass of wine, wine that Esme had deemed appropriate for this specific night. He drained the glass in seconds and slithered over my lap, onto the hardwood floor in front of us.

He bit his lip at the moment that I clicked 'play'. "Sway" began and Edward's hips did just that. His tight black pants didn't do justice to that perfect ass that he flaunted, spinning and dipping in the few feet near me. Halfway through the song and he was grinding his hips into my lap, gyrating down my legs.

Edward held his hand out to me and we waltzed around the room; our own sort of erotic half-waltz, half-dry hump. My pants barely contained my aching member and feeling Edward's cock against mine was driving me insane.

The song was ending and, unsure as to what was next on the play list, I quickly stopped the music mid-beat. Edward glanced up into my eyes and I tried to convey all the lust I was feeling just then. I closed my eyes, shocked when Edward's lips were on mine. We battled, tongue against tongue, against cheek. I was soon pressed against the piano with Edward running his hands along my sides.

"Car-c" Edward's breath hitched as I nipped behind his ear, running my tongue along his jaw, his ear. "Carlisle" he sighed and I couldn't help but look up into his dreamy face. "Please." And that was all it took.

I spun us around so Edward's hips were pressing into the keys, his knees just above the piano bench. I ground my erection into his ass, he groaned deeply. "Is this what you want?" My hips moved of their own accord, further into the crack of Edward's perfect behind. "Want it, right now?" Edward hummed and gasped.

"Yes, oh fuck. Carlisle please."

Edward reached behind him, reached down to the front of my pants. His grip was tight around my cock and I couldn't help the groan that escaped me.

"Edward, if you k-keep doing that, I wont be able to hold out much... Longer." Edward's face was bright with a sheen of sweat, his eyes concentrating on my every reaction.

"Well, maybe that's what I want." Edward's hand tightened and I almost exploded. Almost.

"Take off your shirt, pretty boy." My voice was low and rough, gravelly through my strain to not just rip his clothes off for him. Edward teasingly grabbed the hem of his white, pressed cotton shirt, yanked the tails out of his pants and began to slowly unbutton it.

"This wont work at all." I ripped the shirt down the middle, popping off all but one silver button. "I'll buy you a new one." His torso was now available for my eyes' own feasting. The first thing I was drawn to was the small spot of black ink above his hipbone. I'd have to ask about it later.

His pants had to be the next thing to go. "God fucking damn." I growled when I saw he wore no underwear and his pulsating cock bobbed up to meet me as I yanked his tailored dress pants down.

"You next, doctor." I allowed Edward to remove my clothing, revelling in the feeling of him caressing each – what he deemed – important piece of skin as he unclothed it. When I was finally naked and Edward had stood back up to his impressive height, he blushed. Dark crimson pooled under the skin of his cheeks and chest. In another circumstance I would've shaken my head, realized I shouldn't be staring, and find someone my own age. But, I'd be damned if I said that it didn't turn me on even more.

Edward realized that his reaction brought out an even rougher groan of arousal from me and he smiled at the floor. I tilted his chin up, licked one corner of his lip. Soon we were passionately sucking on lips and tongues. I couldn't stop it now. I knew I couldn't.

Edward had his legs spread and was palming his erection, pre-cum dripping from the swollen head. He was a sight to behold and I replicated his actions, staring at his face as he bit his lip. His unoccupied hand made it's way lower, down below his sac which was beginning to tighten. Edward's long fingers probed the tight ring of muscle beyond his cock.

"No way, Eddie." I knelt and took over, sweeping my fingers across our weeping members and using the deposited liquids as lube. One finger at a time, I watched Edward's eyes roll back into his head at each pass over his prostate. One very good advantage of being a doctor.

Soon, at three fingers, Edward pushed me away. "No more, I need you." He stood and bent one knee which he placed on the piano bench. Leaning against my – no his – sleek, black instrument, Edward arched his back and stuck his ass into the air.

"Please, baby." Edward looked over his shoulder at me, from under his lashes. My hands were soon spreading his cheeks and kissing down his spine.

"You sure you're ready?" I didn't want him to remember this as an experience of pain.

"Yes, Carlisle. I want you. I want you, now." Edward shook as I traced a finger down his back, down to his puckered hole. I lined my cock up and began a gentle thrusting motion. After a couple thrusts I would stop and caress Edward's bottom, the underside of his cock. Soon, I was completely seated inside Edward's ass and I stopped, sweat dripping down my forehead. My hips were pressed against his ass cheeks, my chest flush with his back.

Edward began shifting underneath me, gyrating his hips back onto my erection. "Good?" I hoped he was fine. He felt fine.

"More than good." Edward groaned and I took that as my cue to move.

Edward's channel was so fucking tight, his beautiful cock so hard. Each time I slammed my hips into his ass a sprinkling of notes sang around the room from his fists pounding down on the keys. It was a broken, but fantastic melody we created.

Skin slapping echoed around the giant sound room, I sped up my thrusts as I felt Edward start to tighten around my cock. He didn't last much longer, soon screaming my name as streams of cum splattered across his chest and my piano. That sight, and the rippling of muscle around my cock, sent me over the edge and I came shouting Edward's name. I collapsed against his back and we both held hands as our breathing began to return to normal.

I slipped out of Edward's body, an action he wasn't too pleased about, and pulled him up towards my bedroom. We crawled into bed, Edward finding a pillow on my chest, and were swept away to a deep sleep.

We had waken again in the night, Edward's light snoring stopped when he realized I was rubbing my erection that had magically sprung up overnight. This time we enjoyed each other much more quietly, with whispered words of endearment and slow, gentle thrusts on both parts.

Sleep came quickly, once again, and a smile graced my face for the first time in a while when I heard Edward sigh my name.

Morning came, although the bright sunlight shining through my picture window didn't wake me immediately as it usually did. It was nearing the afternoon by the time Edward had waken, surprising me as his mouth wrapped around my already hardened cock. I returned the favour and we both ran to the master bath for a much needed shower.

Edward wrapped his arms around me as we stood under the hot spray of water, humming into my neck. I gently washed him and took care of myself before I presented him with a fluffy white bath towel. I gave him free roam of my closet, his badly destroyed clothes being my fault.

I started breakfast downstairs, some simple homemade waffles, and laughed when Edward glided down the stairs in an old Cheap Trick t-shirt and some ripped Levi's. Clothes I didn't even know were still in my possession.

"Weren't you a punk as a kid" Edward remarked as he plucked at the worn cotton shirt and sat at the breakfast nook, claiming a cup of coffee.

I promised him a ride home, although I was regretting it, and I followed through. Not long after eating, Edward commented on midterms and I grabbed my car keys. He demanded he call a cab, I told him he would do no such thing.

The ride home was quiet, my hand clasped Edward's over the centre console. I noticed that Edward's apartment wasn't far from my house and that it would be fairly easy to see him all the time.

The BMW slowed to stop and Edward unbuckled his seatbelt, reaching into the back to grab his bag. I grabbed his chin before he could turn his head and placed a kiss on his nose, his chin. Edward smiled and kissed me back fervently.

"Okay, I really have to go." Edward laughed and I kissed him again.

"Edward, I-" love you. The words died on my tongue. Too forward.

"Yeah?" Edward turned hopeful eyes towards me. "Uh, nothing. Just, be careful. See you later." I let go of his face and allowed him to leave the car without jumping him.

Edward glanced over his shoulder and blew me a kiss. I watched as he shimmied his hips and exaggerated the bubble of his butt.

When would I get to see him again? Tonight?

"Hey, Car!" Eli pounced me as soon as I stepped foot in the bar. Knowing who would be the topic of our conversation, who was always a topic of our conversations, made me a bit jittery. Especially considering the fact that I woke up next to said topic just this morning.

"Eli, how are you? How's the weekend treating you?" Eli ordered two double scotch and grabbed some seats at the bar for us.

"Same as usual – looking for a girl, never finding one. How about you, my friend?" I tried to stop my mind from wandering to last night's activities, without success. How was my weekend? Mindblowing? Fucking fantastic?

"Eh, not bad. Tried hitting up the Jazz last night and had a drink." Eli nodded, taking a sip of his scotch.

The music here wasn't bad, I wouldn't be able to tell the name of this club, however. It was one of Eli's frequented spots.

"So, I guess you've heard the news by now." Eli casually tapped the countertop to his left for a refill. It was unlike him to drink this quickly. Upon looking Eli in the eye, now, I saw how nervous and panicked he seemed. What crawled up his ass?

"News? What news?" I placed my glass down, preparing for the worst. I probably should know that Eli was quite dramatic so this news was most likely mundane and university related.

"About my little protege. It, uh, happened earlier today. I just figured that you would've known about it since it occurred over there near your part of town." Eli raised an eyebrow and I began to worry. His little protege? Edward?

"W-what happened to him? Get signed to a record company?" I tried to make it lighthearted, disperse the wave of frantic anger, panic, and desperation that was consuming me.

"Well, I wish that had happened." Eli's foot tapped out a strange, quick paced rhythm and my heart stuttered. What if I never- don't. Don't think that.

"He got into an accident, Carlisle. He's in pretty bad shape. Critical condition." A cold, iron fist clamped down on my heart and I registered Eli calling my name before everything went black.

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