The Other Boleyn Boy

Written By KingdomHeartsNerd

Chapter I: Prologue


My name is Henry Boleyn. I am the second son of Thomas Boleyn and Elizabeth Howard and am their fourth of six surviving children. I am eleven. And this is my story. The story of The Other Boleyn Boy.

The year is fifteen twenty four. King Henry, a tudor born and bred, is on the throne with his wife - the Spanish Katherine of Aragon - by his side. Katherine of Aragon has given him only one child - a girl, Mary, named after the King's sister, The Dowager Queen of France and Duchess of Suffolk. Everyone knows - including me, since Papa has often spoken of it - that the King cannot be succeeded by a girl. It is the same with all noble families - George will inherit everything, except for the money left aside for mama, myself and my siblings, after Papa's death.

I have three sisters - Mary, the eldest at twenty five, Anne, the next at twenty three, and Eleanor, aged just nine - and two brothers - George, exactly twenty, and tiny little Thomas, aged just three. According to Mama, Thomas was unexpected.

Mary, blonde haired and blue eyed, is married, to a man named William Carey, and is currently very fat; Mama tells me it's because a baby is growing in her stomach. Anne, recently returned from France, and of middling stature, with a swarthy olive, complexion, long neck, wide mouth, beautiful black eyes and dark black hair, is not yet married, nor even betrothed; Papa is hoping to find a very good match for her. George, at twenty, is due to be married very soon, to Jane Parker, a distant relative of King Henry. At eleven, nine and three respectively, I, Eleanor and Thomas are much to young to be married, though Papa will begin searching for me in three years time.

Mama is a nice lady; descended from the noble Howards, royal blood runs through her veins. She loves all of her children, though Anne is her favourite. Papa, on the other hand, is not an affectionate man; he, merely a knight, does not see any of us as children, or even humans, and uses Mary as a political tool; rumours say that they baby in her stomach is not William Carey's, but the King's.

William Carey - originally supposed to be Anne's husband - is tall, dark haired and very muscular, if a little stupid. That is how we will know if the child is his; if it has dark hair like him, or blonde hair like Mary, then the child is William's, but if the hair is red, then the child is the King's.

The whole family, excluding Mary and William, live at Hever Castle, in Wiltshire. It is a huge castle, though not as big as the castles in London, and Papa has decorated it with lots of things to show off his rising status.

I always thought that things would stay the same - that we would all marry and live happily ever after. Then, Anne got involved and seduced the King, throwing England into termoil, splitting families and bringing ruin to the Boleyns.

This... is the story of the seven year Boleyn invasion. This is the story of the rise and fall of the Boleyns, the story of how some of them lost their heads and how some resorted to drastic measures to escape. This is the story of Anne, Queen Consort of England, Ireland and France, and Henry, King of England, Ireland and France. This... is the story of how the Boleyns rose and fell through the actions of one single woman.