Chapter 1 bad begening

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You could hear the big loud noise in a 3rdgrade class "fight fight,fight ,fight " There stood a lavender haired boy who was getting ready to fight ."And on the other side of the corner we have chuck smith" Jake said, who was usually the one who organize the fights at school. Just as Trunks was about to give his first punch when Ms. Bowers came, who look as old as tree said "Hold it right there"! Trunks what are you doing? Ask Ms. Bowers with concern in her face then trunks turn trying to come up with an excuse but the only thing that came out was "HE DID IT" Huhu well see what the principle has to say about this Ms. Bowers said with an angry face. Then trunks pleaded please miss don't send me there, the truth was that he couldn't fight any more because he promised his mom that he wouldn't do it only if he got the new game that was coming out and if he did not only would he have to be punish by his father but he would never get the game! He pleaded one more time but it was of no use, as he was walking over to the office he started thinking that maybe just maybe he could convince his mother to let this one go. Then he sat there in the waiting room so he could be called by the principle then they would ask him why he did that, then they would call he mom to come and get him and he would be suspended for a week, it was the usual. he didn't get why he had to go through all that but he didn't argue because he new that would only make things worse He got out of trans when he was interrupted by the principle trunk can you please come in as trunks was walking to the door he thought how he would get out of this. After an hour in the principle's office he finally came out and gave a irritated face as the principle said he would call his parents.

At the Briefs house,RING RING RING RING RING RIIIIIIIINNNNNGGG could be hear vegeta was geting irritated wwwwooommmaaannn ANSWER then fuckin PHONE ! but there was no Answer RING RING RING RING! vegeta answer the phone as how he seen Bulma answer the phone in the past WHAT! he shouted leaving the person on the other side death "May I speak to Mrs. Bulma briefs " She not hear and vegeta simply hung up the phone not waiting for the persons response. Vegeta was getting back to watching his TV show when he heard the phone ring again he wasn't going to answer the phone at first but he couldn't handle that blasted thing so he answered and said and what the fuck do you want ! "Uuuuummm well" was all that was heard "well are you going to stand there like a dumb ass or are you going to tell me what the hell you want" came vegeta's respond Well can I speak with Mr, briefs " yeah I'm here what the hell do you want? Vegeta ask wodreing why were they were asking for him "well your son trunks briefs got into a problem and the principle would like to speak with you." What did that brat do now!? Ummm excuse me Sr. is it possible for you to come? Yes tell that bloody principle of yours I'll be there and with that he hung up the phone

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