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Prologue: He Waits

" Alder King! " Caroline was overlapped by the thundering rain. But she shouted and screamed, she screamed for the monster that harbored no face. " Give them back! " Without even an umbrella to shield her of the cold rain, she let it blind her vision and loose her sense of direction. Aimlessly calling for the Alder King who so selfishly took her sisters. " Give them back! Give them back! Alder King! I know you can hear me! I know you can! "

Desperately treading through the mud on the trails, in attempts to catch up with her sisters, her aching body of a coming cold made it almost impossible to do so.

In the saddest attempts to run, she slipped over her own feet and tumbled forward. When she managed to get herself up she cursed. She hissed and groaned, she screamed and cried. She cried out for her sisters and cried and cried.

But they couldn't hear her to the rain. They couldn't hear her probably because the Alder King was coaxing them with treasures untold if they just continued to follow him; until they were sure their was house was out-of-sight.

Caroline was pounding her fists into the ground and cried to the grey sky.

" Alder King, bring them back, " she whimpered so helplessly. She was defeated. All was over. He's taken everything. He's taken her cousin and stalked her endlessly to the brink of insanity; and now - now- he has taken her sisters Keira and Amy. " Bring them back... ! Bring them back, you monster! "

The tears. The fury, the boiling of her blood. She was so scared.

" Fucking monster, " she growled. " Motherfucking monster, I'll fucking destroy you! I'll make you regret everything! "

Caroline picked herself up and was once more making her way through the thickening mud. There was no time to cry and be as helpless as she was acting. Her sisters needed her.

What would she gain, being stranded?

Her sisters wouldn't come back if she remained put. She had to keep moving forward.

And as she did, Caroline could hear the delicate tendrils play the melody of a sweet child's lullaby.

It made her all the more the angry. It made her all the more determined to keep climbing. To keep reaching for her sisters and bring them back home, safe and sound.

' I'm coming for you. '

' I'm waiting. '

I hope this was a good enough prologue to keep you all interested and wanting more. Sorry that it was so short, I had to make it that way so it wouldn't spoil anything more then Slender being able to play the piano. XP [ It's pretty important, so keep that in mind. ]

Hope you guys enjoyed the prologue and stay tuned for chapter one coming soon! :D

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