Authors note`s : I have somewhat bad grammar so please forgive me in this story Hiyoko is actually going through a drug trail and so is Nanaki but Hiyoko`s drugs are more strong and give her the perception that everyone is birds her family is dead and she still lives in her cave and Ryouta tries daily to ask her to move in with her but she thinks he lives in a bird house(also this takes place after an apocalypse like in the game) and Oka-san is Hiyoko`s families bird and Nageki is a ghost in this

Through Hiyoko`s Eyes chapter:1

Today was a normal day as ever for Hiyoko Tousaka. Nanaki-sensi had fallen asleep standing up…again WITH his eyes open AGAIN. Oka-san was softly snoring in the back, Ryouta having a worried look stuck on his face, and Shirogane looking awfully mad, probably thinking about how everyone's a useless mongrel she thought bitterly. She huffed looking at the clock and noticing only seconds away from it ringing and she could finally leave. "Ah" Hiyoko said a loud making Shirogane twitch. She had completely forgotten she had to go to the infirmary and clean up. Hiyoko let out another sigh. She looked around. THIS WAS POINTLESS she thought angrily. Why would I wait only five more minutes for a stupid bell when all were doing here is twiddling our thumbs? She picked her stuff up of the floor and dashed out the door before Shirogane or Ryouta could say anything.

Normal Perception

Iwamine sat by his desk flipping through some files of the boy Ryouta Kawata." His lost over 5 pounds in the matter of a week and has a bp of 140/90." Iwamine mumbled to himself scratching his head. "What?" said Yuuya while sweeping the floor and moving in closer. Through there wasn't really a point to sweep the only people who come in here are Hiyoko, Iwamine, and himself…"Nothing needing your concern" Iwamine said slightly shaking his hand trying to shoe him away. Then the loud screech of the door. They both turned their heads to see who it was.

Author note: CLIFF HANGER… not very intense through