Daryl and Glenn's Grand Adventure

Summary: Daryl decides to leave the group and takes Glenn with him as a hostage. Their personalities clash at first, but eventually they must learn to put their differences aside when they meet a small group of survivors with sinister intentions.

(Takes place during season 1 - after Rick joins the group/after Merle gets left on the roof-top... Just like almost all of my Walking Dead stories... I guess you could assume they went back and looked for Merle, but that the walkers didn't attack the camp right after - because everyone except Merle is still at the camp at the start of this story.)


Sitting on a rock he had dragged away from the group's fire pit and up next the tent he and Merle used to share, Daryl glared over at Rick Grimes, the cop who had recently joined their group. Daryl couldn't help but to kind of hate the man. It wasn't until his arrival that Merle had been seen as a big enough threat to leave behind on a roof-top. Daryl's older brother had been getting into arguments and sometimes physical fights with some of the group's members ever since the two Dixon brothers had joined up with this group, but it had never cost him anything until Rick showed up.

But it wasn't all Rick's fault, of course. From what Daryl understood, it was the black guy who had been the real problem. He was the one put in charge of unlocking Merle when the time came, and he was the one who 'accidentally' dropped the key at the last minute so that it couldn't be reached, and so that Merle was trapped up there. Daryl wasn't stupid. He knew Merle didn't like that guy. And he knew his older brother wasn't afraid to say so. He and Merle had probably gotten into some sort of argument where Merle had called the black guy some racial slur. And then after that everyone else had probably ganged up on Merle and had left that black motherfucker in charge of him. T-Dog, as the idiot called himself, had left Merle up there on purpose. Daryl knew it.

As Daryl continued glaring around their campsite, from one person to the next, he picked at his fingernails with his knife, cleaning out some of the dirt that had accumulated under them over the past days and weeks. Ordinarily he'd have just left all the dirt and grime there. He didn't much mind it, and he knew more dirt would replace it pretty soon. But he wanted to have something to keep his hands occupied, to prevent himself from using them to strangle any of these bastards. He noticed having the knife on hand, readily visible to any and all observers also helped keep people from trying to talk to him. At first they had all been apologetic, and some of them had tried to smooth things over with him, but he wasn't having any of it. You don't just leave a guy's brother for dead and then expect a simple 'sorry' to make things all better.

No one dared make eye contact with him now. Sure, every once in a while someone glanced over briefly, but as soon as they saw Daryl looking back at them, they'd avert their stares and get themselves as far away from him as possible. And he didn't even feel guilty that they were all terrified of him. They had a damn good reason to be. Daryl was in a very bad mood. If he ended up killing someone before the end of the day, he might not even be surprised.

Every single one of them was worthless. There were a lot of people on that scouting trip. Glenn, T-Dog, Andrea, Jacqui... And not a one of them did a damn thing for Merle. Even if they didn't much care for the older Dixon, they could have at least refrained from leaving him behind... And it wasn't even like they just left him to make it back on his own... he was locked up. He didn't even stand a chance. Fending off zombies wasn't the easiest task in the world, and having your arm cuffed to a roof didn't make it any simpler.

Daryl was truly nearing a breaking point. He was beyond done with these people. When he and Merle had found them, the brothers were reluctant to join the mismatched group of failures, but thought 'what the hell?' Having a scouting boy who would bring back food for when hunting wasn't good and having a former cop with a gun, an old man who seemed to enjoy keeping watch... It didn't really seem like that bad of a deal. These people all seemed to want to help each other out. And at least there were some kids, fat people, and elderly who would be the first to die if things got bad... All those worthless people could slow down the zombies if they came, so the more fit people, like Daryl and Merle, could get out of there while the walking corpses were occupied eating the weaklings.

Having some sacrifices for when things got bad was a pretty good idea, Daryl thought. But he hadn't counted on them turning on him and his brother. Now that it had happened, he felt like such an idiot. There was a reason he never trusted people, and it was exactly this. Everywhere they went, people always ended up screwing him and Merle over. They should have seen that these people were no different.

Merle and Daryl should have never joined this group of misfits. They'd both known it wouldn't work out. They should have left together while they still had the chance. He couldn't leave with Merle now, but he could still leave by himself.

He glanced around the camp. He'd need to take some supplies with him. Daryl wondered if anyone would put up a fight if he decided to take some things and leave. Some of the stuff was rightfully his, or Merle's, so no one could complain if he took it. But some of it belonged to the group. He'd supplied these fuckers with fresh meat all this time. The least they could do was give up some jugs of water and a tent to him.

But somehow he doubted it would be that easy. These assholes all thought this was a group effort. If they were going to give stuff up to someone, it sure as hell wouldn't be to someone they were all against. They weren't going to let him take anything. And if he took stuff and snuck off, he was sure they'd probably all come after him. He wondered if they'd kill him to get their supplies back. He bet they would... They weren't all as kind and caring as they thought they were. They'd left Merle to be eaten alive, after all, and that was pretty fucking cold-hearted.

If he was going to pull this off, he'd need a hostage.

If Daryl had someone who he could threaten to kill, the others would give up any supplies he needed, and wouldn't come after him. Of course, he wouldn't be surprised if they ended up coming after him anyway, but if he threatened to kill his hostage in that event, they might at least stay back for a while. But he'd have to pick someone good. Someone who they all liked, but not someone who would be too strong and might end up escaping.

He didn't want to take any of the kids. That would just be annoying to him, and he didn't want to deal with any parents making rash choices in defense of their children. He also didn't want to take anyone with him who would end up being a liability. He wanted his hostage to be self-sufficient. And he wasn't sure if he'd want to take any of the women either... If he took Lori, Rick or Shane would probably shoot him in the head right there - no questions asked. She was also kind of a bitch and he didn't want to have to listen to her complain. Andrea might be too much to handle... And Carol just annoyed the hell out of him. He supposed could take Amy... People liked her, and she didn't seem too physically strong... He'd keep her name in his head as an option.

Dale probably wouldn't be too much to handle... But if he and his hostage had to end up running for their lives, Dale might not make it. Daryl didn't want to take anyone who might die on him... Glenn was fit enough to keep himself alive, but not nearly as physically built as Daryl. And people liked him. He'd probably make a good hostage. Daryl ran some more names through his head. Shane and Rick were out of the question. So was T-Dog. He could make no promises not to kill that man. He needed a hostage who he could be sure not to murder...

So he had to decide between Glenn and Amy... He figured they'd both be pretty easy to handle. Neither of them seemed like the type who would fight with him too much. People around camp liked them both, so they wouldn't want to risk Daryl killing one of them - that made for good hostages... If no one cares if your hostage lives or dies, you're not going to accomplish much.

But he couldn't take someone who anyone cared about too much... He didn't want anyone coming after him for revenge... If he took Amy, Andrea would never forget it. She'd probably come after him with a vengeance, and wouldn't hesitate to kill him to get her sister back. Of course, he wasn't afraid of a woman, but even a woman could be deadly with a gun in her hand and vengeance in her heart. And Daryl respected bonds between siblings. He didn't want to split up the two sisters... Even if Andrea had been there when Merle was left behind...

So it seemed Glenn was his best option. People cared about him enough to give in to Daryl's requests, but they wouldn't risk too much to come after him... He was no one's brother, husband, or son. No one person in particular would feel an overwhelming urge to get him back at absolutely any cost, so he shouldn't have to worry about anyone doing anything crazy. As long as Daryl ensured he'd keep the kid alive and well as long as no one followed him, they'd have no reason come after him.

And what luck... Glenn was walking toward Daryl right now... Not really right at him, but near enough... The poor boy didn't have any idea at all what a poor choice he'd made in walking near Daryl... All the others knew better than to come within fifteen feet of the man.

In one swift and graceful motion Daryl jumped up and grabbed the kid as quickly as he could, resulting in a startled gasp escaping from Glenn's mouth. For a moment, Glenn struggled to get away, but he must have seen Daryl's knife pretty quick, because it wasn't long at all before the boy forced himself to stand completely still.

"Shhh," Daryl hissed as he pulled the kid up against his chest so that Glenn was facing away from him. He crossed his left arm over the boy's body and grabbed onto Glenn's right arm with a steel grip. With his other hand, Daryl raised his knife up and pressed it lightly against Glenn's throat. He didn't want to actually cut into the boy's skin, but he wanted Glenn, and everyone else, to know Daryl was serious.

He had done all of this within the span of a few seconds, but everyone's attention was on them already.

"Daryl," he heard Glenn's small, pleading voice, "I'm sorry for what happened to Merle," he squeaked. Daryl could feel the boy's fingers grasping at his arm, trying to get a grip on his captor, for some reason or another. Maybe having something to hold on to made him feel more secure, "we all are... None of us meant for it to happen that way..." Glenn's voice was shaking. He was clearly terrified, "If I could go back and do it all over again-"

"Shut up," Daryl hissed as he shook the kid somewhat harshly. He wasn't in the mood to discuss this. He was getting out of here, whether these guys claimed they were sorry or not. What was done could not be undone. Words didn't matter much at this point.

He heard Glenn whimper in front of him, but Daryl did not relax his grip on the boy's arm or ease up with the knife. He wondered if the kid thought Daryl was going to kill him to avenge Merle. Little did Glenn know, if Daryl was going to kill anyone, it sure as hell wouldn't have been Glenn. The Asian boy wasn't at fault for Merle being left behind. Not really... But he was a much better candidate to be Daryl's hostage than T-Dog was. Daryl didn't actually want to kill anyone... He just wanted to get his point across so he could get the fuck away from these idiots once and for all.

Rick was already inching slowly toward them. The former cop's hands were raised defensively as though he was stepping into a cage with a wild animal, "whatever you're thinking of doing, Daryl, don't do it..." he said in what seemed like the calmest voice he could muster. The cop probably had similar conversations countless times in his career. But Daryl wasn't just some criminal who could be talked down by a sympathetic-sounding cop.

"You all are gonna listen to me now," Daryl glared at Rick, "I've had enough of you people. I'm gettin' outta here. I won't kill this kid, as long as you do what I say. Understand? I need everyone except Carol, Amy, and Lori to stand over by the RV, facing away from me, hands up on the RV where I can see them."

He watched and waited as everyone complied.

"Shane, Rick, Andrea... Any of you got guns, you can slowly take them out of their holsters and throw 'em aside right now," Daryl added, "an' remember, I'm watching each an' every one of you. Anyone tries anything, and poor Jackie Chan here's gettin' his throat cut," he pulled Glenn even closer for effect.

Daryl could feel Glenn's body shaking slightly and heard a small whimper from the kid as Daryl completed his latest threat. He could feel on his arm that was stretched across the boy's chest that Glenn's breathing had increased from a normal rate into a speed that would imply panic. He hoped the guy didn't piss himself...

"Girls," Daryl instructed, glancing over to Amy, Carol, and Lori, "Yer gonna load up my truck. I need my tent, two jugs of water, a gas can, Short Round's baseball bat-"

"Wait!" Rick called out, turning halfway around from his place on the RV, "you're not taking him with you!" Daryl wasn't sure if it was an order or a question.

"As long as no one comes after me, I'll keep him alive. When I'm confident no one's come after us, I'll set him up with a car er somethin' and send him back," Daryl informed Rick, "I really don't want to have to kill this guy... And I certainly don't want to have to travel with him forever. But if you all don't fuck off and leave me the hell alone, things are gonna get bloody. Everyone follows my orders, and yer little friend will be returned to you safe an' sound. Can we all agree?"

Rick shook his head slightly, "we won't come after you. I can give you my word. You don't have to take Glenn with you. You can take any supplies you want, and none of us will do a thing, right guys?" he looked around at the others.

"That's right," Andrea agreed as she nodded her head.

"We've got plenty of supplies," Dale added, "you can take whatever you need. There's no need to threaten anybody... And we won't follow you. Just let Glenn go, take whatever supplies, and we'll all forget we ever met..."

Daryl shook his head, "I'm not budging. I got a plan, and I just need to know if y'all can go along with it. Either Glenn and I go off on our own way, an' you don't follow and I send him back later, or we go off, you follow us, Glenn dies, I probably die, couple of you might die... Once we're out of here, it's gonna be up to you."

Rick sighed loudly, "if we promise not to follow you, you've got to promise us you won't hurt him... And that when you send him back, you'll make sure he's got a reliable car. If he gets killed, even after you let him go, his blood will be on your hands," Rick looked and sounded very serious, "Glenn never did anything to you... If you take him away from here, you have an obligation to make sure he stays safe. If you insist that you've gotta take him with you, we can't stop you. But I'm holding you completely responsible if anything happens to him. As long as he comes back safe, with no injuries, you and I will be fine... But if he gets hurt, or dies, we'll have no reason not to come after you."

Daryl just stared at the former cop for a moment. Rick certainly knew how to give a good speech. Too bad Daryl wasn't buying it. Glenn really hadn't ever done anything to Daryl. Nothing more than cause minor annoyances... But how the fuck would Rick claim to know that? He'd only just gotten here, "As long as I don't see any of you in my rear-view mirror, you won't have nothin' to worry about," Daryl assured him, "I just wanna fucking get the hell out of here, and I want assurance that no one's gonna fuck with me. Last time I gave you people even an ounce of my trust, you ended up leaving my brother locked on a roof-top in a zombie-infested city. So excuse me for bein' a little fuckin' paranoid."

"Anything else, Daryl?" Amy asked. He looked over at her. She looked pissed, and her voice didn't sound much more cheerful than her face looked. It was actually strange to see the girl so angry. Amy was normally carefree and happy, just like Glenn.

"Put a couple boxes of matches, a lighter, and some canned food in Glenn's backpack and throw that in the back too," Daryl instructed, "enough food for both of us to last four days, just in case. But I'll prolly send him back before then. An' don't be stingy... Remember your buddy's gonna be here with me."

He knew he could easily go hunting for food, but didn't know if he'd be able to leave Glenn behind anywhere while he did so. He also wasn't so sure about bringing the kid with him on a hunting trip.

The women did as Daryl asked. When they had packed up everything Daryl had ordered them to, the three of them stood near the truck. Lori and Amy glared at him with hatred in their eyes, while Carol just looked down at the ground as if making eye contact with Daryl was the most frightening experience she could imagine. What they didn't realize was that Daryl didn't give a shit how much they hated him. He wasn't here to make friends, and certainly not with them.

He tried to think of anything he had forgotten. He had his crossbow and arrows on his back... And that was really all he actually needed. Everything else was just a luxury, "alright. You three join the others against the RV," Daryl instructed.

As the three women made their way over to the RV, Daryl inched toward his truck. As he moved, he kept his grip on Glenn firm and kept his knife close to the boy's neck. He really had no desire to kill this kid. Sure, Glenn had been there when Merle was left on the roof, but Daryl doubted the Asian had balls enough to ever actually do anything so mean. He probably had no say in the matter whatsoever. He was too nice.

But Daryl had to keep everyone on their toes. They needed to think he would kill Glenn with no remorse if they didn't do what he said. It seemed to be working; no one dared make a move as Daryl dragged Glenn toward the truck.

"Open the door," he instructed as he pulled Glenn up against the passenger side of the truck, but before they got in, Daryl looked back toward the others, "remember," he started, "nobody better follow us... Got it?"

The group of people lined up against the RV glared at him. Some nodded. Others offered a simple 'yes,' or 'yeah.' Some didn't say or do anything, but he was confident that they were worried enough about what Daryl might do if they didn't listen to him. He was fairly certain none of them would come after them... And he supposed if they did, he'd just have to threaten Glenn again until they left...

"Get in," Daryl said to Glenn as he pushed him into the truck. He kept his knife in hand, seemingly ready to use it, "you're driving," he added, climbing into the truck after the boy.

"Okay..." Glenn breathed out with a shaking, gasp-like voice. He was clearly quite nervous. He reached toward the truck's ignition and turned the key with a trembling hand. The truck's engine started up, but before Glenn put the vehicle into drive, he glanced over at Daryl, "I'll make sure no one goes after you if you let me go," Glenn offered.

Daryl reached over and grabbed onto Glenn's arm, "No," he said simply, "and don't go tryin' anything. Once we're away from all these guys, far enough that you can't walk back, you'll be safer with me than on yer own. Escaping from me would be a death sentence. Drive."

Glenn sighed and closed his eyes, but after only a second opened them again and put the truck into gear. And just like that, the two of them were on their way to getting Daryl's life back on track. Maybe he wouldn't have Merle anymore, and maybe he'd have to babysit this Asian kid for a while, but at least when it was all said and done, he wouldn't ever have to see anyone in their group again. No more reminders that he wasn't as good as them. No more complaints about him refusing to socialize... He'd get back to his old way of life - staying the hell away from everybody else.


Author's Notes:

First off - thank you for clicking on my story and making it down here to the bottom of the first chapter. I hope you have enjoyed it, and hope you will desire to continue reading as I post the next chapters. I've spent probably about two weeks writing this thing in its entirety, and am actually pretty proud of it. There were times when I wasn't quite sure if it was going to turn out well, but I think it has ended up pretty great. I hope you'll like it as much as I do. There will be 12 chapters total. I've got them all written already. All I need to do is edit them and post them, so unless I die or my computer explodes, this story should not be left unfinished. (I've always got to acknowledge the fact that I could die at any time...) I'm not deathly ill or involved in anything too dangerous right now, so I shouldn't be dying... (you never know what could happen though...)

Secondly - you may probably notice my story's title doesn't necessarily fit the plot... Daryl and Glenn's adventure will indeed be grand - but normally I think of "grand" as being a more positive word. The boys' adventure isn't one that is 100% positive and fun. The title seems light-hearted, while some aspects of this story are pretty serious... When I write, even if I'm writing something dramatic, I always like to keep a bit of humour around. Humour is something I feel is very important in both real life and in fiction. Even in the darkest times, there must be humour to keep stress levels down. I feel like both Daryl and Glenn have the potential to be a little funny at times, so I tried to give them their moments to keep the story from being too stressful on both them, and my readers. So this story is a Dramatic, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Comedy... as strange as that may sound...

And Thirdly - slash isn't really my thing. I respect everyone's opinions, and understand the appeal of shipping characters, but I feel like sex is the worst thing that can happen to anyone... I'll still read slash stories (because that's what half the stories on this site are... If I boycotted them, there wouldn't be much left...) But I'm pretty sure the only way there's ever going to be sex in any of my stories is if someone gets molested... I know I'm messed up... I can't help it. To me, sex is something to be feared - not something to do to someone you love... So if you're hoping for Daryl and Glenn slash, you won't find it here. :( You can sort of read some of it as being a bit slashy though... I'm more into bromances and brotherly love, with no sex... If not for the actual sex, I'd ship Daryl and Glenn so hard... So there are parts in here where you might think "Holy shit! They might end up doing sex!" but I don't want to get your hopes up... They aren't going to do it...

Sorry for the rambling author's notes. I have a tendency to ramble... "WHAT!?" you say..."I can't believe it!" Yes... It's true... I ramble... In fact, I'm still doing it. Okay then. Carry on. Stay tuned for the next update, if you'd like. :) Thank you.