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Chapter 23

I followed Clary into the courtroom and felt as if ice water was being poured down my back the moment I saw Sebastian's face. He looked like a man who'd just gotten away with murder, and according to me, his crimes weren't far off. I wanted to pull Clary to me to shield her from even his gaze falling on her, but now wasn't exactly the best time. I surveyed the room and noticed only one difference from the last time we were in here.

In two rows from behind where Clary would sit, a woman with long blond hair sat with her back to me. I knew who she was without having to see her face; my mom. What was she doing here? She had no place in this. I took the same seat I had the last time we were here, right behind Clary, and when she was settled, I spun to face my mother and questioned her immediately. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to support you, baby," She looked appalled that I wouldn't understand her reason for showing up.

"This isn't about me, mother," I snapped.

"Jace, even if I had no other reason, this is a public proceeding. I can be here whether you like it or not." My mother and I hadn't parted on the best of terms the last time we spoke. I had to damn near choke my father's whereabouts out of her and all she kept saying was how bad for me Clary was. Clearly my mother had never heard of reverse psychology.

"All rise," the bailiff called, and we all stood. "The honorable Judge Starkweather presiding."

"Please be seated," Starkweather dismissed. Everyone sat and it took all I had not to turn back on my mother to hound her some more. "Mr. Verlac," to this Sebastian and Pangborn stood, each folding their hands in front of them. "You're being charged with attempted murder and assault; you entered a plea of not guilty. Do you stand by your statement?" Sebastian nodded.

"Yes, Your Honor."

"Alright, I have heard both of your cases and reviewed the file." My palms began to sweat and I watched Clary rustle in her seat. If ever there was a time to grab her and run, this was it. "Sebastian Verlac, in the matter concerning attempted murder, I find you not guilty." My blood ran cold and drained from my face. Clary's head fell and she buried her face in her hands. This couldn't be happening. It had to be a mistake, a bad dream! "In the matter of assault, I find you guilty on all accounts." Clary's head came up and her hands fell. There was still hope. He was still going to pay for what he'd done to her. Sebastian's head turned to the judge, awestruck and incredulous. "There will be a sentencing hearing at a later date and you will be held without bail until that time." Starkweather slammed his gavel and said, "Court is adjourned."

Clary turned in her seat, eyes rimmed red, and sniffled. She was about to speak when Sebastian roared, "You said you were going to make this go away. You said you were going to get me out of this!" Both Clary and I looked up and found him pointing just behind me…at my mother. The look on her face was stoic. I was sure my look mirrored that of Clary's; shock and disbelief.

"I've no idea what you're talking about," My mother shrugged and stood, wrapping the strap of her purse on her shoulder she turned and headed for the door. What happened next was a blur. The bailiffs put Sebastian in hold, but he managed to break free, pull one of their guns from the holster and aim it at my mother. Clary and I ducked our heads and I covered hers with my arms. Three shots rang out first and then two more. My heart pounded in my ears and I felt Clary shutter. When I looked up the only people standing were the bailiffs.

"Call an ambulance," one yelled, and the other hustled to the phone.

"I need an ambulance immediately. A woman has been shot three times and a man twice. Both are considered critical condition." My legs were moving before my mind registered any thoughts. I moved to the aisle, looked down at the floor, and there my mother lay, sprawled out and bleeding. I was vaguely aware of my own voice calling out for her as I fell to my knees beside her. She was already gone. A bullet had lodged in the back of her skull, severing her spinal cord. I felt Clary's hand on my shoulder as I held my mother close and rocked her.



I was nervous. My hands shook as I tried to pin back my curls. Jace and I had been planning this day for a year now and it was finally here. "Urgh, stop that. Let me do it," Izzy chimed irritably. I laughed and blew out a long breath. "You're making a big deal out of nothing. Jace isn't going to care what you look like. He's gonna peel that dress off the first chance he gets anyway."

"Well I do remember you being the exact same way. In fact, I think you were worse," my eyebrow rose to challenge her and she rolled her eyes. "Isabelle Lewis, don't you dare try and tell me otherwise. I had a front row seat to your theatrics." Simon and Izzy had taken the plunge six months ago and they were happy. Jace and I deserved to be happy after all we'd been through, but we had to work through our demons first. I won't say it was an easy road, but we've made it to the home stretch.

After Celine died, Jace fell off the map for a while. He and I had counseling separate from one another, and together. Knowing that Sebastian would never see the light of day again is what pushed me through my days. He was found guilty of Celine's murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. But, we had to work through more after the mystery of the feud between our parents unraveled. Stephen wasn't a model citizen and he had done those things to my mother, but he wasn't the one to blame for Valentine ending up in prison. Valentine worked for Celine, not Stephen, and all that he had done in the name of the Herondale Company, was for her.

With Celine gone, Herondale Enterprises moved its headquarters to New York, where Jace decided he would work with his father, and they've built it up into a better company than it's ever been. I still paint, and have made it my goal to visit Venice at least once a year. Jace said he'd work on making Herondale Enterprises an international company so it can have multiple locations and we can move there to run the European side of things.

"Earth to Clary, let's go. You've had the last two years to daydream about this now let's make it happen." I smiled and stood from the chair in front of the vanity. My dress was a silk, backless halter that hugged my body. My hair fell in ringlets around my face and was pulled back and interwoven with small white flowers for a crown. "Do you have everything? Something old?"

"My mom's necklace," I pointed to the silver chain around my neck.

"Something new?"

"Earrings," I smiled.


"Your lip gloss."

"I don't know if that counts," Izzy scowled. "Oh here, wear my bracelet." I laughed. She'd done the same thing the day she married Simon. "Ok last, something blue." I hiked my dress up my thigh and smiled when my blue garter came into view. "Are you ready?" I puffed out my chest and closed my eyes. I'd always thought squealing like a school girl at a sleep over during a pillow fight was beneath me, but I did it, and Izzy squealed with me. We bounced up and down and then she pulled me into a hug. "I'm happy for you," she whispered. "You deserve this; now let's go make you a Herondale!"

Jace actually chose where we were tying the knot. It's a secluded beach in Hawaii. His reason for this was…He didn't want to wear a tie or uncomfortable shoes. I didn't care either way. We only invited close friends and family; my dad, Jace's dad, Jon, Simon, Izzy, Alec, Magnus, and Valentine. He may no longer be my dad, and was upset after finding out the truth, but he is Jon's and therefore, still part of the family. He loved me as if I was his daughter for most of his life, so I didn't feel right excluding him.

I stepped outside of the hotel and a warm breeze swept my hair from my shoulder. I met my dad just before we hit the sand. He wore a pair of tailored khaki pants and a white button up shirt. He wrapped his arms around me and murmured, "I love you, Clare-bear." I could hear the sadness in his voice, but I knew he was happy for me.

"I love you too, dad." He took my cheeks between his palms and kissed my forehead before holding out his arm for me to take it.

"You look beautiful," he leaned over to whisper.

"Thank you," I mimicked his actions and smiled. Jace stood just far enough from the water that it couldn't reach him wearing a loose pair of khaki pants and an off-white shirt. He had his hands in his pockets and was talking to a man in a long white robe when he came into view. Izzy and Alec where ahead of me and I watched him lock eyes with Alec and smirk. They shook hands and did the boy hug, slapped one another on the back and released awkwardly, then he hugged Izzy. When he looked up, our eyes locked and a smile broke over his gorgeous face. His eyes traveled down my frame and I knew he was already figuring out the best way to get the dress off.

I blushed and bit my lip. Looking up at my dad I smiled and he nodded to ask if I was ready and I nodded back. I'd never been more ready for anything in my life. Jace and I stared at each other the entire time it took me to get to him, and it seemed like it took a lifetime. My dad kissed my cheek, shook Jace's hand, and then handed me over. It was a short ceremony. We had 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8a read and then read off our own vows. It was the most perfect fifteen minutes of my life and then our lips met. He was mine and I was his, and that's all that mattered.

At the end of the night, after we'd celebrated with our friends and family, Jace whisked me away. He took me back out to the beach, and on the very spot we tied ourselves to one another legally, we made love under the stars. "Are you sure you wanna spend the rest of your life with me?" He asked; skin gleaming in the moonlight as he pushed my hair from my face. I cocked my head and smiled. "Because that means, you have to put up with my stubbornness and have my babies."

"Babies?" one of my eyebrows drew up and my lips curled to one side.

"Mmhmm," Jace hummed and ran his lips along my jaw. "A couple of 'em."

"That just may be a deal breaker. We must go to the courthouse at once and have this sham of a marriage annulled because you failed to explain the terms of the contract," I giggled.

"I could persuade you otherwise," he whispered against my skin causing goose bumps to erupt across my whole body.

"No persuasion needed. I'll have as many babies as you want." Jace smiled and pushed up on his elbow.

"Then we'll practice until I'm completely satisfied with the results," he grinned and claimed my lips. Ten months later I gave birth to our daughter, Jocline, named after our mothers', and our son, William, after his grandfather who started Herondale Enterprises. Our life isn't always perfect, but we're happy.

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