Lee: Reader
Lee's Brother: Male!Hungary
Clementine: Liechtenstein
Lilly: Belarus
Larry: Russia
Duck: Chibi!America
Kenny: England
Katjaa: Fem!France
Carley: Hungary
Ben: Canada
Doug: Estonia
Brenda: Belgium
Andy: South Italy
Danny: North Italy
Mark: Austria
Chuck: Sweden
Ben's Teacher: France
Travis (Ben's Friend): Spain
Glen: Japan
Hershel: China
Shawn: S. Korea
Chet/Andre: Hong Kong
Christa: Fem!Prussia
Omid: Germany
Jolene: Fem!Germany
Molly: Fem!Denmark
Vernon: Switzerland.
Brie: Vietnam

9/28: Changed Clementine's role to Liechtenstein. Spotted Germany having the roles for Larry AND Omid, so Russia has Larry's role.
10/10: Changed Chuck's role to Sweden. As much as I want to give him a better role, he seems to fit the hobo perfectly. Also with the release of Episode 4 comes a new character. Enter Molly, being played by Fem!Denmark. GO PARKOUR!
10/12: Vernon and Brie from Episode 4 casted. Congrats on Switzerland and Vietnam. I'm almost out of characters to cast now, I hope that guy on the walkie is the only 'new' character in episode 5.