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Previously, on The Walking Dead:


"Oh fuck!"


"I'm going crazy, or the undead was trying to kill me."

"We'll be back right before your spring break."

"We love you, we love you, we love y-"


It was coming from one of the kitchen shelves. After slipping on the pool of blood and stealing a quick drink of tap, you started looting through them to find the source. The drawer by the refrigerator had a walkie talkie in it. 'Jackpot.'

"Hello?" You talked in it, limping to the sliding doors. "You need to be quiet." A girl's voice shushed. "Are you ok?" You continued to ask, walking around the room. "I'm ok. They tried to get me. But I'm hiding until my parents come on." What tried to get her? A neighbor? "What's your name?" "I'm Lilly. This is my house."The girl introduced herself. "Hey there, Lilly. I'm _." You replied.

"How old are you?" You questioned. Her voice was too high to be a tween, and a little low for a 1st grader. "Eight." "And you're all alone?""Ja. I don't know where anybody is. How old are you?""I'm 36."

Walking back to the kitchen area, you asked Lilly where he parents are. She said that they took a trip to Savannah, where the boats are, and left her with Sandra, the absent babysitter. "Where are you? Are you safe?" How long are you going to stop answering questions?

"I'm in the treehouse outside. Luckily, they can't get in." Smart girl. You looked through the kitchen window to see a head popping out of the door in the wooden box. "Can you see me? I can see through the window."What a cute little girl she is up close. She has that purple bow on her short blonde hair and those sparkling green eyes from a distance. Walkie talkie in her hand, she spots you and gave a wave. In response, you waved back.

You then hear her gasp and shriek, hiding into the tree house again. What happened? You turned around to see a body of rotting flesh plunging itself at you, just like the officer (but it's a girl this time). You somehow manage to get her away from you by pushing her off and made a brake for it.

Oh hey, that pool of blood from before wanted to talk to you! Why don't you slip off your feet and hit your head on the counter? Done? Is your eye sight messed up yet you can see the babysitter coming at you? Perfect!

Once it got closer, your foot made contact with its head. You quickly got up and got away just as she grabbed your ankle, making you fall again! You kicked her head again and backed up to the screen door. You felt the door sliding open and spotted the blonde hair girl from the tree house holding a hammer. "Here!" She offered you the weapon. Without any second, you grabbed the hammer and the babysitter climbed onto you. You smacked her in the head with the hammer and got on top of her, repeating the hammering her head procedure.

'It's dead for good.' You thought as a small flow river of blood left her head. 'Sad that she had to watch it.' You eyed the small girl. Getting up finally, you caught your breath to slow down what just happened. You killed another undead and your clothes are covered in blood! You looked like what the officer was telling you about, the guy who chopped up his wife.

"Hi there." You talked to Lilly, who was backing up from the streaming blood. "Did you kill it?" She said softly. "Yes.." "Good, I think she was a monster." "I think so too. Have you been all alone through this?" "Yeah. I want my parents to come home now." She sounds so scared and alone, it must be hard for a girl like her to be alone in this odd incident.

"I'll look after you until we find them." You scooted closer in your kneeling position. She nodded and paused for a moment. "What should we do now?"

A. Look for help, before it gets dark
B. Get out of here once the sun goes down


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