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Chapter 15

Bugs' POV

Everyone who fought the robots came to the future. The robots were put away, the villains were sent to prison, and we were all going to say our goodbyes. Ace and I shook hands before he took my necklace off. After Duck took Daffy's necklace off Daffy went over to Tina.

"Happy anniversary," she said. Daffy simply nodded and smiled. "I settled on giving you money. What about you?"

Before he could answer Speedy ran on top of his head, "I hope you weren't expecting much because he got you a drill, screws, and paperclips." He zipped off of his head.

Duck started to panic a bit, but calmed down when Tina hugged Daffy, "Thanks."

About 10 meters away Tech and Wile E. were talking, "It was good to meet you Tech. In my time I'm not the best at building things."

"Because they always blow up!" shouted Road from far away.

"But I'm very glad you're brilliant at the task. I feel like you're avenging me."

"Thanks Wile E.," said Tech, "Will you stop chasing Road now?"

He looked over to the road runner, "No promises."

Slam headed over to Ace, "Food, food!"

Ace replied, "I guess we could go to a restaurant to celebrate."

"Just choose a simple place to eat," commented Duck, "You know how long it takes Ace to choose what he wants to eat. Ace looked a bit annoyed at this comment.

Lola went over to him, "It's okay, I have that problem too."

Lexi came over, "Will we ever see you guys again?"


"Maybe, maybe not," I answered.

Road sped next to me, "I really hope we do."

Zadavia's voice got everyone's attention, "Attention everyone! If you are from the 21st century please go stand to my left. It's time you all headed back." Everyone obeyed. We were waving our last goodbyes before we suddenly found ourselves back in the present.

Lola grabbed my shoulder, "Should we have told Lexi and Ace that we're dating?"

"No," I replied, "If we had told them they might have made things awkward for them. There might not be something between them either. Remember Lola, they look like us, but they're not us." We all began to walk home.

"Hey, you know what I should do?" said Daffy to everyone, "I should get a custom made gold coin with me on it!"

I said, "So since a coin is heads and tails your head is going to be on one side and your butt is going to be on the other?"

Daffy stopped walking for a moment, "You're right. Both sides will have my head on it! A face this gorgeous should be shown twice." Tina rolled her eyes.

Ace's POV

"We-got-mail!" shouted Rev.

"From who?" I asked. Instead of answering me Rev turned on our TV and inserted something. There was some static until an image of a couch in a living room came up. From the sides Daffy, Bugs, and Taz entered the room and sat on the couch.

"Hey," said Bugs, "Since we don't know if you'll see us again we decided to make some videos showing different times in our lives.

Daffy jumped out of the couch and ran up to the camera, "It was my idea!" Behind him Bugs shook his head, no.

After Daffy sat back down he continued, "Anyway we hope you enjoy these clips." There was more static until a scene popped up showing Bugs and Daffy trying to get Elmer Fudd to shoot the other. Every time Daffy would be the one to get shot and Elmer didn't touch a hair on Bugs.

Twenty minutes later after watching some clips we saw a video taking place at a desert. Wile E. Coyote had apparently put a hidden camera somewhere on a ledge and as far as we could see there was nothing but desert. When we heard a "Meep, meep" the coyote jumped from behind a rock and got hit by a car. After a few seconds of lying down on the road he got up only to be hit by the road runner.

Unlike the car, the bird had managed to hit him so that he'd be thrown off a cliff. We heard a high-pitched sound and then a loud crash from the bottom.

Even later we began to watch another more romantic clip.

"Do you, Tina Russo, take Daffy Duck to be your lawfully wedded husband?" Before Tina could answer Daffy fainted and Bugs and Porky had to wake him up.

Still later we see Road and a purple road runner who was sitting on what looked like a nest.

"This is my wife Matilda," he introduced, "You may have seen the clip of us getting married earlier. Now we actually managed to make some eggs." Matilda stood out of the nest to show three little eggs.

"It should only be a few more weeks until they hatch," she said.

"We're not the only ones getting ready to be parents. I haven't heard about the ones living in the city, but Wile E. had married and they are now expecting pups."

It was getting very late, but none of us could take our eyes away from the screen. Now it was showing Taz and four little Tasmanian devils playing in their backyard. Soon a female devil who we learned is his wife She-Devil came in and started playing. They looked genuinely happy.

Next came a clip of Lola reading a book in a child's bed to two little bunnies. One was a boy who was grey, but had her eyes and the other was a girl, a yellow toddler who had a pacifier. It was a very calm and cute scene and very heart-warming. We later thought the older children with Bugs were the same ones for a moment.

After showing a clip of Wile E.'s children learning to hunt some sort of credits came on. They gave the death date of Bugs, Lola, Taz, Wile E., Daffy, and Road and a summary on their life. When it ended no one said a word, but there were a few sniffles here and there. My mind started to play the whole thing again. It had everything from weddings to being with their children. There was still one question in my mind, though.

Why did they never show Lola's husband or Bugs' wife? Were they...

"That was beautiful," Lexi said interrupting my thoughts. Everyone agreed before we all silently went to bed. I really want to see them again, but it's like Bugs said... maybe we will maybe we won't.

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