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It was spring in the Johto region and the flowers were blooming the Bellosom were dancing, the Sunflora were sun bathing, and the other Pokemon were finally coming out from their winter shelter as winter had finally passed.

May's thoughts

Drew I wonder how you've been since we last saw each other. I wonder if you have new Pokemon, a new battle style or (she paused for a minute) a girlfriend. I remember all those times you would give me a rose so I would be quiet, or you would say the rose for Beautifly even though I knew it was for me.

Normal POV.

"Earth to May," said a voice while knocking on her head.

"Huh!?" May said.

"May were you thinking of that Drew guy we saw on TV again?" asked Delia, a 15 year old brunette with silver shining eyes.

"No I was just wandering when we're going to get to New Bark Town to meet the professor that Professor Birch wants us to visit," answered the sapphire eye colored brunette.

"I have to agree with you on that one, it feels like we've been walking forever and I'm getting very hungry that I swear I can even smell some chicken soup," Delia said whining as she fell on the floor on her knees.

"I can smell it too, maybe it isn't your imagination," said May, she was wearing a red tank top with a white poke ball on the left bottom corner, dark blue skinny jeans, and white gladiator sandals, her hair was a usual, only difference her bandana was white.

"You can?!" asked Delia excitedly, she was wearing a white shorts, light blue shoulder less loose top, brown knee high boots, and thigh high socks a bit lighter than her boots. Her hair was in a high fluffy ponytail.

"Yea come on let's go see if it's a restaurant," May said as she started running.

"W-wait for me May!" shouted Delia running behind her.

The two girls kept running until May spotted a restaurant, "Yay we're going to eat some food!" shouted May as her eyes began to glow of the excitement.

Suddenly Delia stopped, "May look, they even have a playground for Pokemon to play on," she said.

"Aww that's great while we make our order we can let our Pokemon play there," said May.

The two girls threw their poke balls to let their Pokemon out and play. May had her Skitty, Beautifly, Blaziken, Wartortle, Venusaur, and Glaceon. Delia had a shiny Cyndaquil, a Bulbasaur with a star on it's forehead, and Eevee, and Growlithe.

"Ok guys have fun playing around while we order some food," said May.

"And please behave yourself," Delia added.

The two girls started walking inside the restaurant as their Pokemon began to play with each other. When the girls walked inside May saw two familiar people holding hands and laughing.

"DAWN AND ASH?!" shouted May confusingly.

"Huh what's wrong May?" asked Delia.

Delia noticed towards where May was looking at and started scratching her head of confusion.

"May why are you shocked on seeing a couple?" asked Delia.

May finally snapped out of her shock and answered, "It's not that I'm shocked at seeing a couple I'm shocked, it's just that I'm shocked seeing those two as a couple."

"So you know them?" wandered Delia.

"Yea, the guys name is Ash, I traveled with him when I first got Blaziken as a Torchic in the Hoenn region," responded May, "and the girl was someone I met at the Wallace Cup in Sinnoh."

She then realized that her old friend were walking towards her and her new friend. Ash was wearing a black regular shirt, a red and dark blue jacket, black jeans, and white sneakers. Dawn was wearing a pink and yellow mid-thigh high ruffled dress with white flowers on it, a white unbuttoned jacket on top, white flats, and her regular hairstyle without her hat. Pikachu and Piplup were following behind them.

"Hey May how have you been lately?" asked Ash.

"I've been great," answered May.

Delia was just staring at May with a weird face. May realized this and said, "What are you looking at?"

"Haha why are you sweating?" asked Delia.

"I'M NOT SWEATING!" shouted May, she suddenly realized she hasn't introduced the silver eye colored girl to her old friends, "guys this my traveling companion and friend Delia, Delia these are old friends of mine their names are Ash and Dawn."

"Nice to meet you guys," said Delia with a smile.

"Right back at you," said Dawn also with a smile.

"So what are you guys doing here in Johto?" asked May.

"Ash is challenging the Johto Battle Frontier and I'm participating in Contests," answered Dawn.

"Really!? How many ribbons have you won?" asked Delia.

"Only one," said Dawn in a disappointed tone.

"Why only one?" asked May.

"There's this green haired guy, purple haired guy, and a pink haired girl winning so many contests," answered Dawn.

"Ash are those people the people I'm thinking of?" asked May.

"Well if your thinking of Drew, Harley, and Solidad than yes," answered Ash.

"Drew huh?" May said in a quiet voice blushing.

"Hey May are you going to be participating in Johto contests?" asked Dawn.

"Uhm I don't know, it's been awhile since I've been in one," responded May.

"Well we have to get going now see you May, see you Delia," said Dawn as she hugged the two girls.

"Well your friends are very nice," said Delia.

"Yea…" said May as she began thinking about what Dawn had asked her.

"May what's wrong?" asked Delia.

"Let's order some food, I'll explain as we're eating," answered May.

The two girls sat down and started looking at the menu, "Mmm I think I'm going to get the chicken soup with noodles," said Delia.

May giggled, "That's what I'm going to order too," she said.

Then came a waiter and asked if he could take their order. After the waiter took their order the girls went outside to give their Pokemon food as they were most likely hungry. When the girls went back inside they noticed that their food was on their table already so they sat down, began to eat and talk.

"So May what was the thing you were thinking of earlier?" asked Delia.

"Oh well I think I'm going to start to participate in contests again," answered May.

"Really well that's great May," said Delia.

"Well it's nice to see that little May is going to begin participating in contests again," said a voice from behind."

May turned around, "it can't be you?!" she shouted.

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