Last chapter May and the other noticed that Drew was missing, once Growlithe was able to identify Drew's scent he started guiding everyone. They arrived at an old beaten up building, they split into two groups, one of the groups was going to go inside and look for Drew. In this group was May, Delia, and John, the other group that stayed outside was made by Ash and Dawn alone. When May and her group reached inside they were stopped by four Mightyena, and none other than Brendan. John decided to distract Brendan so May and Delia could go ahead to look for Drew, which they who they did find, but wasn't in a good conditions.

"M-May, g-get out of h-here," Drew said with struggle.

"Drew we can't just leave you here," responded May.

"May, your Venusaur or Blaziken can help us carry him out," said Delia.

"Thing is what makes you girls think you're going to get out of here so easily," said a voice.

"Who's there? Show your face coward,!" shouted May.

A body started to walk into the light, and it was none other than Hailey, "May I wouldn't be insulting me if I were you," she added.

"Why do you say?" asked May.

Hailey snapped her fingers and a Dusknoir showed itself behind Drew, "May you do know the legends of this pokemon right?" she added.

"May, the legends say that Dusknoir have the ability to send people to the Ghost World, which there is no coming back from there," said Delia.

"What th-that can't be!" shouted May.

"Oh but it is May, I witnessed Dusknoir sending someone to the Ghost World myself," responded Hailey.

"Let Drew go! Can't you see he's in bad shape and need medical attention!" shouted Delia.

"You stay quiet because your little boyfriend isn't safe from harm either," responded Hailey.

"W-what are you t-talking about?!" shouted Delia.

Hailey once again snapped her fingers and Brendan appeared, with a Swampert and John on Swampert's back.

"JOHN!" shouted Delia, "Let him go please!" she added.

"Gladly," said Brendan, "Swampert now," he added.

Swampert threw John's body down, when he landed on the floor Delia ran up to him. She saw that there was blood coming out of his mouth and nose, she landed on her knees and put him in her arms.

"Hailey, Brendan what are you two doing hurting other who had nothing to do with what's happening in your lives?!" shouted May looking at her friends, and then at Drew.

"May nothing was suppose to happen to them but they got involved so we had no option," responded Hailey.

"Brendan, I know this isn't you. What do you think your father would say about this?" asked May.

Brendan just looked at the floor, began to cry, "May, m-my father d-died during h-his research on Rayquaza," he added.

May was shocked at what she had just heard, she was speechless, she couldn't believe that her father's old friend had died, but she remembered that Professor Birch had told her and Delia to come visit Professor Elm not to long ago.

"But Brendan your dad advised me and Delia to come and visit a Professor here in New Bark Town a few weeks ago," May said.

"He died five days ago May," said Brendan.

"I-it can't be, it's wasn't even two months ago I saw him," responded May.

"Well it's true, and now I have no reason to be happy, I-I lost my only f-family," said Brendan.

"Brendan don't you want to make your father proud, and by doing this you must be disappointing him!" shouted May.

"I'm doing this to be reunited with him, Hailey promised me she would bring him back to life if I helped her destroy Drew and you," responded Brendan.

"Hailey's just using you Brendan, you can't believe what she's promising you. I bet if she accomplishes what she wants she's going to betray you," said May.

"Like you did to me, May," said Brendan.

May couldn't respond anymore because she knew he was talking about breaking up with him the exact same day they started dating, and also for kissing Drew right in front of him. Delia had her Xtransceiver on this whole time so Ash and Dawn heard everything as well, "Brendan, I did have feelings for you, but my feelings for Drew are much more greater than my feeling for you," she finally said, "I didn't mean to hurt you the way I did Brendan, please forgive me for what I did and I promise once all this is over I'd really like it if we gave each other another chance," she added.

Brendan was shocked of what May had just said and smiled, he then looked at Drew, "As much as this pains me I don't think that would be a good idea May, you and Drew belong together your guys' love is greater than any other love I've ever seen," he added.

"I'm getting tired of this!" shouted Hailey, she took a gun out and pointed it to May.

"Hailey what are you doing put that gun away!" shouted Brendan.

"No Brendan remember the plan is to kill her and Drew, just what Maximus Hayden ordered me and I explained to you we were going to do," responded Hailey.

Drew finally had woken up and heard what Hailey had said and was crushed that his own father wanted him killed. He then heard Brendan and Hailey fighting over the gun and shouted "MAY UNTIE ME!" May heard him and ran to untie him but suddenly police sirens were able to be heard and a gunshot fired. She looked to see what had just happened, she saw both Hailey and Brendan paused, but Brendan had blood appearing on his clothes, "BRENDAN!" she shouted.

Hailey was shaking about what had just happened, and couldn't move. May ran up to Brendan who barely was still alive. Then Officer Jenny and other police men started coming in they saw that Hailey was holding a gun, and warned her to drop the gun or they would shoot. Hailey dropped the gun and fell on her knees crying. Dawn and Ash walked into the room where everybody was at after the police, "May, Drew, John, Delia are you guys ok!?" yelled Dawn.

May was crying with Brendan in her arms, "May d-don't c-cry, I'm g-going to be w-with my dad s-soon, that's all I w-wanted," said Brendan struggling, "But I do w-want to a-ask y-you one l-last t-thing," he added reaching wipe May's tears off.

"W-what is it?" asked May, as she felt someone come next to her.

"B-be h-happy w-with D-Drew you g-guys d-deserve it," those were Brendan's last word, May began to cry as hard as she could, then someone came and took Brendan's body away from May's arms. She began to cry even harder and hug Drew who was the person who was next to her.

"May, I'm always going to remember Brendan, I'm grateful that he sacrificed himself to save all us," said Drew.

May couldn't say a word, she would cry, and cry because a childhood friend had just died in her arms and she couldn't do anything to bring him back, but she then remembered that Jirachi had given her, her wish back she stopped crying and said, "Drew, I know how we can bring Brendan back."

Both May and Drew got up from where they were at, and started walking to their friends. All of them had relieved faces, but at the same time upset faces that Brendan had passed away. "May we're so sorry about what happened to Brendan," said Dawn.

"You guys Brendan isn't completely gone, there is one way we can bring him back, come with us and you'll see," said May.

Everybody looked at each other with confused faces and decided to follow May and Drew wherever they were going. Outside the building May saw they were taking Brendan's body in an ambulance, so she went up to them asked if they could bring him to the park. The ambulance people if they could take his body to the park because she wanted to do something. The guys looked confused but agreed to what the sapphire eye colored girl had asked them.

When they got to the park they were all standing in front of the Jirachi fountain wondering why May was going to do, she asked the ambulance to put Brendan's body in the fountain and so they did.

May then remembered that Brendan said he was going to be with his dad, so she decided to word her wish carefully so she wouldn't split son and father apart.

"Jirachi remember me, May. I came to ask you for the wish you gave me back," said May.

A breeze started and everybody was getting scared about what was happening, then a pokemon everybody recognized appeared, "What is your wish May?" asked the pokemon.

"I wish that Brendan and Professor Birch were here with us again," answered May.

"May, your wish is noble. Therefore I will grant it for you," responded Jirachi.

A bright light then started to appear inside the fountain, everybody admired the beautiful light, then they two people coming out of the fountain, "Brendan, Professor Birch!" shouted May as she ran up to them.

Both Brendan and the Professor hugged May tightly and thanked her for what she had done for them.

Drew then came up to them and extended his hand out to Brendan, "Truths," he added.

Brendan gladly accepted Drew's handshake, May smiled about what had just happened. A rose appeared out of nowhere in front of her, May blushed as she knew who it was and accepted the rose.

It's been days since the whole incident with Hailey had happened, the New Bark Town Contest had been canceled, so everybody was just relaxing in town for a few more day until they all went separate ways. Dawn and Ash were sitting next to each other. Delia and John were getting ready to evolve Vulpix and Growlithe. May was sitting by herself but she felt somebody put a necklace on her, she turned around and saw the emerald eyes she loved to look at, she smiled and said, "I love you.. Drew," and Drew said, "I love you too May," finally he leaned towards May and kissed her.

But what they didn't know was that someone very close to one of the guys of the group was watching them, "Enjoy this moment while you can, because soon this will all be over," said a voice.

Ok so this was the last chapter of Obstacles to Overcome, but I will make a sequel to this story, just with a new enemy. Well review please