"Wow, coming here to the park after everything that has happened is great way to get relaxed, don't you think so John?" asked Delia.

"Yea I guess, but I do have to admit that the sky is much more beautiful at night," answered John.

"Hey guys look here comes Drew!," shouted Dawn.

"Delia did you know Drew was going to come?' whispered May.

Delia just smiled, and stuck her tongue out.

"Hey Drew, you aren't tired either huh," said Ash.

"Nah so many things have happened this week, that how could one sleep," responded Drew leaning back on a tree.

"Agreed," said John.

"Hey Dawn, May, Drew why don't you guys give us a taste of what you guys came up with for the contest?" asked Delia.

"No, no I still have to do a lot of work on mine," answered May.

"You have to wait until the contest to see mine," said Drew.

"I have to agree with Drew what's the excitement of a contest when you already saw the appeal," responded Dawn.

"I guess you're right Dawn," said Delia.

Delia's Cyndaquil, and Growlithe let themselves out their pokeballs and started to tease Pikachu, Piplup and Eevee to chase them.

"Hey guys why don't we let all our pokemon out so they can enjoy this beautiful night too," suggested Dawn.

"Yea let's do that," agreed May.

Everybody let their pokemon out so they could play, and everyone noticed an unfamiliar Vulpix in the group of pokemon.

"Who's pokemon is that?" asked May.

"It's mine," answered John.

"You have a Vulpix?!" shouted May.

"Yea why so shocked?" asked John.

"Well look at your other pokemon they all look tough and the fact that you have a little cutie like Vulpix is confusing" answered May as she pointed at all of John's pokemon.

His pokemon were a Feraligator, Rhyperior, Umbreon, Salamence, and Vulpix.

John sweat dropped, "I see your point," he added, but out of nowhere he pulled out two firestones, "Delia I wanted to ask you if you want to trade your Growlithe for my Vulpix?" he asked.

"Uhm why do you think we should trade?" asked Delia.

"Well if we evolve them with these firestones then a Ninetales and Arcanine would appear, and a Ninetales is a good pokemon for a breeder or stylist," answered John.

"You do have a point there, but it's not up to me, it's up to both Growlithe and Vulpix," responded Delia looking at the two pokemon running towards them.

Growlithe jumped into Delia's arms and Vulpix into John's arms.

"Growlithe how would you feel about becoming John's pokemon?" asked Delia, "and how would you feel becoming Delia's pokemon Vulpix?" asked John.

Both of the pokemon looked at the other pokemon's trainer, then at each other, and nodded, so both jumped into the different trainer's arms.

"I guess this is a yes," said John.

"Looks like it, and John Growlithe is a pokemon you can count on for anything," said Delia.

"And Vulpix will always be there for someone even of it doesn't have to," added John, as they switched pokeballs.

"Aww I think it's so cute how you guys have the parallel pokemon," said May at the sight.

Drew looked at May, but heard a noise in the bushes so he went to go look and see what it was, out of nowhere someone put a piece of cloth on Drew's face so he wouldn't yell and he passed out. Nobody Drew was missing until they heard a car drive off.

"Guys did you see where Drew went?" asked May.

"No I didn't see him leave," answered Ash.

Growlithe then went to the place where Drew was sitting at, and once he got a hold of Drew's scent he started running with everybody following behind. Growlithe kept running until they got to a huge building, "Some of us should stay outside, just in case we need help," said John.

"No matter what I'm going in," said May.

"I'll go with you guys," said Delia.

"Fine, Ash Dawn you guys stay out here, make sure your Xransceiver is on all the time," said John.

May and the other two started walking inside the building with Growlithe leading the way, Everything inside there was old and dusty.

"John I'm scared," said Delia.

"Don't worry Delia I'm here right next to you," responded John.

They heard some growling not far from them, everybody started to worry, and Growlithe was getting ready to fight with whatever appeared. Suddenly and evil laugh started as well and made everybody panic, "Well, well look at who we have here?" said the voice.

Four Mightyena appeared from out of nowhere, surrounding the group to make sure they didn't try to escape, "Who's there show your face coward!" shouted John. The two girl were hugging each other because of fear.

"May this is what happens when you play around with someone's feelings," said the voice. May realized what the voice was talking about and knew who it was.

"Brendan why don't you stop being coward and show your face already!?" shouted May.

"I'm impressed May I thought it would take you a bit longer to know who it was," responded Brendan as he finally showed his face, and told the Mightyena to retreat.

"May, you and Delia go on ahead I'll challenge him to a battle so he can be distracted," whispered John.

"John I want to stay with you," responded Delia.

"Delia you need to go with May just in case there is another surprise waiting ahead," John said.

"B-but John," Delia couldn't say a word.

"Delia I know you're a strong trainer and if you need to use this," John said as he handed her a firestone, and then kissed her, "Now just wait until I get him distracted," he added

"Brendan I challenge you to a battle and if I win we can go forward!" shouted John.

"Fine I accept your challenge. Alright Mighteyna you're up!" shouted Brendan.

"Come on Delia this is our chance let's get going," May said quietly.

The two girls were able to escape and move on. As they advanced the things got scary and creepier to look at, "DREW!" shouted May. She shouted for quite some time but when she least expected it she heard Drew's voice shout "MAY!"

"May did you hear that, it sounded like Drew's voice," said Delia.

"You're right," responded Delia.

The two girls ran towards where they heard the shouting from, but when they got to a door that was locked, May got her Venusaur and Blaziken to tackle it down. Dawn and Ash how were outside could hear all the noise form the battle that Brendan and John were having, and they also heard when Venusaur and Blaziken tackled the door down. Dawn got worried so she called Delia on her Xtranceiver.

"Hello Dawn what's happened outside?" asked Delia.

"Nothing has happened here, but what's going on in there?" answered Dawn.

"Well you see John is distracting this guy with a battle, and there was a locked door in May and my way so she used her Venusaur and Blaziken to tackle it down." responded Delia.

"Alright so you guys don't need our help yet?" asked Dawn.

"No we don't, so just relax and keep look out," answered Delia as she ended the call.

May and Delia took a few steps forward. Soon they saw Drew, he didn't look well and May began to worry.

"DREW! ARE YOU OK?" she shouted, but he didn't answer. May started to think the worst. Delia ran up to where Drew was tied up, she kneeled down in her knees, put Drew's head up and saw he was awake just passed out, "May he's still alive, but in a bad shape," she shouted. May ran to where Drew and Delia were at.

"M-May, g-get out of h-here," Drew said with struggle.

"Drew we can't just leave you here," responded May.

"May, your Venusaur or Blaziken can help us carry him out," said Delia.

"Thing is what makes you girls think you're going to get out of here so easily," said a voice.

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