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Mako automatically fainted on the floor and Korra sat there frozen. Korra thought about the pregnant woman again. That one word she said was starting to make sense now. Korra started to think back when she was at the South Pole leaning from Katara how to heal. That's when she was leaning about pregnancy.

"When a woman is pregnant, she doesn't feel well the first few weeks. She starts feeling nauseous and very tired. Then the baby starts to grow in her. While the women is pregnant, she should try to avoid standing up to long. When it's the due date, the woman has her water broken. Then she goes through several hours of birth."

Korra was back to reality when Mako groaned. He got up and looked at Korra's face. Sighing, he said, "I'm guessing I was not dreaming."

Korra nodded her head in response. How can she be a mother? She was too young. And she had the duty of being the Avatar. Korra looked at Mako. "What do we do, Mako?"

"I dont' know. But I know that we will get through this. Together." Mako responded as he held her hand. "Well, how are we going to tell eveyone?"

Fuck Korra thought. She forgot about that. She would have to explain this to her parents and Tenzin. Tonraq and Tenzin. They were going to kill Mako. Oh how the baby will miss its father.

"Mako, I would like to tell Asami and Bolin first." Korra said with a smile. She got down from the hospital bed with a jump.

Mako widened his eyes. "Korra! You have to be careful. I want you to take things slowly." He said.

Korra rolled her eyes at him. "Mako, stop worrying. I won't do anything that will bring danger to me, you, or this baby." She said as she put a hand on her flat stomach.

Mako put his hand over hers. "I know you won't. Come on. Bolin told me yesterday that he would be at Asami's house today." He removed his hand off of Korra's and put his arm around her shoulders. Korra nodded and they walked out of the room. As they were walking out of the hospital, Korra turned and saw the pregnant woman from the waiting room. The woman looked at her and winked. Korra gave her a small smile and waved to her.

Mako watched Korra with a questioning look. "Who's that?"

Korra turned back around to Mako. "Oh, just a friend I know."

Mako nodded and they continued their journey to Asami's house.

They got to Asami's house and knocked on the door. Asami appeared.

"Hey, guys. What brings you here, today?" Asami asked as she invited her friends in her mansion.

Korra looked at Mako with the You-Tell-Her look. Mako sighed and turned to Asami. "We need to tell you and Bolin something."

Asami nodded. "Okay well we can talk at the pool since that is where Bolin is." She lead them to the inside pool where Bolin was currently jumping into. Bolin came up to breathe and saw his friends and his brother watching him. "Hey, Korra and Mako."

"Bo get out of the water. We need to tell you and Asami something." Mako said as he pointed to Korra and himself.

Asami sat down on one of the lounge chairs. Bolin got out of the water and grabbed a towel. He then sat next to Asami looking at Korra and Mako, waiting to hear what they wanted to say. Korra nervously sat on the chair in front of them as Mako remained standing. They both looked at each other not knowing what to say. Korra did her pout to try to convince Mako to do it. Mako couldn't fight it and sighed. He looked at his brother and best friend.

"Okay, where should I start? Umm well it all started this morning when Korra went to the bathroom to throw up. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she was not feeling well. I suggested that we should go to the doctor. When we got there, the doctor ran tests on her and he got the results and it turns out that...ummm...-" Mako was unsure how to say it when Korra interrupted him.

"I'm pregnant."

Asami and Bolin sat there with wide eyes. Bolin opened his mouth to say something but closed it back up. Asami did the same as him. Bolin finally found his words. "Wow. That is something for us to know. For how long are you?"

Korra said, "About 1 month."

Bolin smiled and started to jump up and down. "I'm going to be an Uncle! I'm so happy!" Mako rolled his eyes at his younger brothers childish actions. Korra giggled and watched him jump up and down.

Asami stated to smile. "I'm so happy for you." She got up and hugged Mako and Korra. Korra stood up. She then realized who she had to tell next. She completely froze. Bolin stopped jumping when he saw Korra still as a statue. He walked over to her and snapped his fingers in front of her. "Korra? Hellooo?"

Mako walked over and put a hand on her shoulder. "Korra, are you alright?"

Korra looked at Mako. "Mako. Do you know who we have to tell? We have to tell someone who's practically my dad. And then we have to tell my dad and my mom. Tenzin and my dad are going to kill you."

"Korra, everything will be alright. I think I'll be able to handle Tenzin but not your dad. But we'll be okay." Mako soothed her.

Asami and Bolin nodded in agreement. They all went to Korra and gave her a big hug. When they pulled away, Korra and Mako said their good-byes and left. They went to the docks to go to Air Temple Island. They held hands as the boat went to the Island.

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