A/N: So here's this new story. I really wanted to take a break from the other story I'm working on right now. This is a Paul/OC story. If you have been keeping up with my other story, then you are familiar with the main character: Ariya. She will be different, personality wise in this story. I liked to use parts of me in creating her character. In this story, I'll be using her as kind of an outlet for my pain. However, my story isn't as much as hers. Mine is different, yet similar; most of my pain came from my father and the physical aspect of it has stopped for a long time. The emotional, has not. I hope that she holds up to standards. I know that I used Sam as her brother in the last story, but I believe that he is a great person, and the best choice for the position. This chapter was named after the song Sooner Or Later by Mat Kearney.

"Sooner or later I swear
We'll make it there
Sooner than later"
~Sooner Or Later by Mat Kearney

' ' ~ Thoughts
" " ~ Spoken Words

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters that are in this story, except Ariya. She is my own little creation.

Normal POV

'Hurry! I have to hurry! They finally left me alone!' Ariya quickly packed her bags up. 'I hope he'll take me in. I can't stay here any longer.' She rushed around, frantically grabbing everything she owned, which wasn't much, went to leave. 'They'll be home soon. Hopefully, I'll be long gone by then. They won't dare look for me if I'm with Sam.' She ran out the door, grabbing some money for a bus, or cab, ride to LaPush, her only escape from this nightmare. She hailed a cab and quickly told him the address, and told him to step on it.

It was a quick half an hour drive, and Ariya spent the time thinking. She thought about all of the pain, all of the suffering she went through. 'Not anymore. I'm out of there for good. I turn 18 next month, and he wouldn't dare come for me.' She closed her eyes, tired and restless. 'Sam.'

When she arrived at the house, Ariya paid for the fee and ran to the house, knocking furiously. 'No one's home.' she thought after several minutes. 'I'll just wait here, Sam should be home soon.' So, Ariya sat down with her suitcase, and nervously waited, her heart pounding with fear, fear that Sam might send her back.

With the guys…

Sam was out in his patrols and it was time for them to change shifts. Quil and Leah were on watch now. He stopped at Emily's for a snack and to get the guys, who were going back to his house to play some games. They were all on their way back when they saw someone on Sam's porch. Sam was frozen to the spot. 'Ariya?' He yelled to the guys "You all need to go home. Change of plans."

The rest of the guys quickly looked at him with shock. Jared was the first to speak up. "Who is that Sam?"

"I said go home! That's an order!" Sam rushed over to his house, leaving the rest of the guys confused. They watched as he picked up a young girl in a hug and swung her around. Although they were infuriatingly curious, they followed orders and went to their homes.

With Sam and Ariya…

"Ariya!" Sam happily called to her and picked her up and twirled her around in a crushing hug. He missed his baby sister so much. After their mother died, she was sent to live with her father. They haven't seen each other since.

When he put her down to study her, he became increasingly worried. The last time he saw her, she was growing into her womanly curves nicely. She had radiant red brown hair and sparkling dark brown eyes that showed her every emotion. Her skin was a beautiful olive tan color, not as dark as him- she was only his half sister. Now, her skin was a pasty color, her once sparkling eyes were now dull with the skin sunken in with dark circles. She looked exhausted. Her once luminous hair lost its shine and glimmer. And those womanly curves that should be there now, were nowhere to be found. She was deathly skinny, like she barely ever ate. Her face wore a bunch of makeup and she wore baggy clothes, making her look even more tiny. This was not the girl he remembered. She was still beautiful, but her real beauty was hidden.

"Oh my god. Dear sister, what happened!" He became angry. He wanted an explanation for her appearance. "What's going on?"

Ariya looked scared for a minute, but quickly hid it. "I moved out. That wasn't my home. I didn't belong there, I wasn't happy there. I came back here because I needed my big brother. I need you, Sam." She begged with him. "Please let me stay, I'll do anything, just please." Her voice became a whisper.

Sam's eyes became sad with wonder. "What happened? Believe me, I never wanted you to leave, but I have to know. Something's not right here. Talk to me. You know you can." He pulled her in for a hug.

"I will talk to you, but not now. I'm really tired and I just want to sleep for a little." He agreed and grabbed her suitcase, pulling her inside.

"You can have your old bedroom. But before you go, I'm making you something to eat. You are way too skinny, my dear. I will make sure that you get back to that healthy weight you were at before."

She smiled. "Of course. I'd like nothing more, Sammy."

It has been a week since Ariya came back to LaPush and with each passing day, she successfully avoided Sam's questions. She never would talk about what was going on at her house and always made sure that she knew what was going on with Sam. He could tell what she was doing, but gave her the space she needed. He knew that she would tell him once she was ready.

Sam hasn't told Ariya about being a werewolf yet. He believes that she will learn about it once she was getting better, health wise. Every day, she would talk more, eat more, sleep more, and smile more. She was even laughing full heartedly, unlike those fake laughs that she gave when she first arrived.

When Sam was gone, she would cook and clean. She liked to blast her music while she did so and sing along. When Sam was coming home that day, the rest of the pack minus Leah and Paul, who were patrolling, went with him to stop by. Sam decided it was time for his little sister to know the big secret. However, it was time to for one wolf to switch patrols. Jared went to relieve Paul of his duties, who quickly went to meet up with the rest of the group.

Sam, on the way to the house, grew increasingly nervous. He was telling the pack about his sister and how he suspects something was wrong. He quick tells the guys to go to Emily's to get the food, while he went to his house to tell Ariya about the company.

On the way back to Sam's house, the boys were quite shocked to see Sam prancing around with this tiny girl perched up on his shoulders. She was laughing really hard, and he was chuckling, beaming on the inside at how happy his baby sister is. He looked up and waved the guys over to follow him inside.

Sam put Ariya down, who immediately put her head down, extremely shyly, and went to stand behind Sam. He just laughed and pulled her aside and was making introductions. She looked up and said hello to everyone she could. Embry, Quil, and Jacob all yelled when they saw her.

They all rushed to her, picking her up and squeezing her into three huge hugs. They were all laughing. Embry wrapped his arms around her. "Sweets! We missed you SOO much! I am so happy you're back! You have no idea how upset we were when they took you away from us. And Sam became such a hard ass when you left too. Maybe now he can be more nice to us. Man! You got so tiny! What in the world! We need to feed you. Trust me, we can have our marathon sleepovers again, just like the old days. It'll be so much fun!" Embry picked me up and spun me around.

Sam growled at him. "Um. Did you just say you were going to have a sleepover with my 17 year-old baby sister? Only if I'm there. I don't trust you three with her." Ariya laughed.

Jacob and Quil protested while Embry just put his arm around her. "Eh, don't worry about it Chief. She'd probably kick our asses if she feels at all that we're out of line." She nodded and Sam smiled.

"Haha. Fine. I trust her, not you guys though. Well, here are the rest of the guys. Collin, Brady, Seth, and Paul."

Ariya was quite nervous to meet these new guys. They were all huge compared to her, and they were all shirtless, showing off their big muscles. She said hi to Collin, Brady, and Seth, but then she got to Paul. Looking at him, she saw the most handsome rugged face. It had mean features that made him look more handsome and experienced. His hair was short like the rest of the guys and he was only in cutoff jean shorts. He had washboard abs and bulging arm muscles. His dark russet skin was very pleasing to the eye and seemed to accentuate everything about him. He looked enormous and frightening. When she looked into Paul's eyes, it was like she was in a daze. She was sucked into his brown eyes and felt completely safe. She couldn't look away; she didn't want to look away. Nothing else mattered except him. She felt a blush blaze her cheeks, but she didn't back down.

A fist look, Paul saw a tiny girl that looked like she wore her boyfriend's clothes. She was wearing makeup and he saw how tiny she was. 'She could blow away with the wind! What is it with girls these days, thinking being so freaking skinny is what guys want?' He didn't care to know her, personally; but only will because she was Sam's Ariya, his beloved baby sister. However, when Paul looked into her eyes, he was stuck. It was like she called to him. He noticed every feature about her, and it was like watching the sun rise for the first time, completely beautiful, and something you'll never forget. His mouth went slack as he surrendered himself to the rush of powerful feelings that he now had for her. Paul wanted nothing more than to protect her, to love her, to hold her, and to touch her. He wanted to take care of her and to rush away any pain that has been brought to her. 'Amazing.' Then he heard growling, which shook both him and Ariya out of their daze. 'Oh shit!'

He met the angry eyes of Sam, and immediately got scared. "Paul, outside. NOW!" Sam yelled to him. They went outside, the pack following closely behind. Ariya was still in shock at the feelings she had and those that she saw in Paul's eyes. They held such love, devotion, possession in such an intensity that she's never seen before. She heard yelling and ran outside.

"My BABY SISTER! Really Paul!? You had to imprint on my baby sister?!" Sam was shaking with anger.

"It's not like I can help it! You don't have to worry though. I'm not going to take it." Paul said with defeated eyes.

Sam was suddenly confused and even more angry. "What do you mean you aren't going to take it? So you're just going to fight the imprint!? Do you have any idea what that takes? It's never been done before! Oh, I get it. My little sister isn't good enough for you? She's much more complex than a little fuck here and there by some random slut! Well Paul, Ariya is much more than anything that you have ever experienced in your life. In that tiny little body holds more love and compassion for people than anyone else I've ever met! She's your imprint. She deserves your love."

Ariya wasn't following anything her brother was saying, but a deep twisting pain in her heart was telling her something else. 'He doesn't want me.' She gasped at the sudden shock to her chest, the pain was so intense. 'Why should he want me? I'm just broken. I don't deserve anyone. I don't deserve to be loved.' And with that thought and a quick look into Paul's gaze, she ran inside, determined not to cry until she was alone.

Paul watched her leave and felt like his heart was ripping into shreds. His wolf whined, wanting to follow her. His chest was in such pain that he collapsed, unable to have the strength to hold himself up. "She deserves someone that can love her and take care of her. I'm not that guy." He stood up, ignoring all of the signs and needs in his body to run to her, to comfort her. "I will not be that guy. I'm going to fight this, with everything I've got."

Sam was shocked. "You know what? Maybe you're right. Maybe my sister deserves a guy that would actually care more about her than himself. She's been through a lot and she just deserves to be loved. But you are her imprint, Paul. You cannot fight it. You two will be together sooner or later."

Paul walked off and whispered "We'll see. I can do this." The pain in his chest did not even fade, and every step he took increased all of the warnings in himself. Inside, he knew that he needed to make sure she was okay, to just hold her forever. But he continued to walk, determined to stay alone.

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