Summary: A hundred fifty years have passed since that sacred day. You are the Prince of Heaven. I am the Prince of Hell. I love you and you love me, but now everything has changed. Even so, will you still love me? I will always love you, no matter who we are now.

My attempt to find my muse for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. For awhile now, my muse for SH had left me and I had a hard time to continue writing my other story, "Worlds Apart." Only recently did it start coming back to me and that was all thanks to BrokenChinaDoll1, my wonderful seme. Her stories inspired me once again and now this story idea I had in mind for many months have come into play to help me fully regain my muse. I hope you will all enjoy this story!

Authors Note: Edited

He saw the deathly sword about to kill his beloved. He ran forward and allowed the sharp blade to pierce his heart instead. As the weapon was removed from his chest roughly, his vision blurred as he slumped to the ground in pain. All that matters was that he was able to protect his beloved, even if he had to sacrifice his life. He could hear his love call out his name, but it turned into a wretched scream of pain. He could hear the disgusting removal of the sword from his love's body. He wanted to help his beloved, but he couldn't. His remaining strength was starting to leave his body. He tilted his head to the side and could vaguely see the man he loved with all his heart lying on the ground in a pool of blood near him, also slowly being drawn into darkness. Shakily and weakly, he moved his hand to wrap around his love's smaller one. With his last strength, he murmured, "I love you forever." As his eyes closed into darkness, he could hear the words of love returned. A smile appeared upon his lips at his last moment. His love was returned. A flame of love that will last through eternity.

Soaring across the refreshing air always brought peace upon his mind. The way the wind blew his brown tresses felt comforting to him. He closed his emerald eyes and embraced the breeze around him. Today is going to be first year he is allowed to join the celebration and he was nervous. He flapped his pure white wings a few times to gain speed. At the celebration, he couldn't embarrass himself, especially with his status. He was the youngest in his family and of his friends. They all said there was nothing to be anxious about, but he couldn't help it. He is finally one hundred years old, which meant he was allowed to participate for the first time.

He opened his emerald eyes and gazed down at the beautiful white castle beneath him. The exterior of the castle was beyond beautiful as it is. The crystals and diamonds embedded on the castle walls and on the roofs glittered lovely from the air. The structure was large and extravagant. A beautiful place and his home.

Slowly, the brunette flew lower and lower until he was standing in front of the white castle. He raised a hand and ran it through his hair as sign of frustration and nervousness. The ordeal of the celebration would not leave his mind as the time neared closer. Shaking his head to clear his mind, he entered the castle and towards his bedchambers to take a bath.

"Ritsu!" The brunette turned towards the sound of the voice and noticed it was his older brother, Keisuke. His older brother had lavender colored eyes and messy, raven black hair. Keisuke had a muscular body, but not the point it is revolting. If anyone tried to compare Keisuke and Ritsu, it was difficult to tell they were siblings. Ritsu had brown hair, emerald eyes, and lean body with some muscles.

"Kei-nii, is there something you need?" Ritsu inquired tiredly.

Keisuke sighed and responded, "Ritsu, there is nothing to worry about. You will be just fine." He moved a hand to ruffle his younger brother's hair and gave a reassuring smile.

The brunette returned the smile and said, "Thank you, but it's my first time. It's hard not to be anxious."

The ravenette chuckled. "You will be fine. It may be intimidating at first, but after a while, you will relax and have fun."

Ritsu rolled his eyes at his brother's causality towards the celebration. "I know. I'm going to take a shower to cool off. See you later." After saying those words, he headed towards his quarters and basked in the warmth of the bath.

Once again, his mind wandered off to the celebration. Today was the Day of Asteri. On this day, exactly two thousands years, the angels and devils declared a truce amongst their people. For centuries, angels and devils were enemies and constantly at war with each other. After centuries of wars, both sides were tired of it and decided upon a truce. Angels and devils are no longer enemies, but that doesn't mean they are friends. Both sides do not associate with each other, except on the Day of Asteri. On this day, in the realm of Adioria, the land in between heaven and hell, angels and devils come together to celebrate this day. The one day, where both sides set aside their differences and enjoy each other's company.

Ritsu sighed at the predicament. He just couldn't help but think he would embarrass himself. In order to attend the celebration of the Day of Asteri, one must be a hundred years. For angels and devils, age is but a number because they are immortal, meaning they live for eternity unless they are killed. That is the limit to their immortality. Angels and devils can sustain injuries and diseases, but diseases are rare to be infected with. Deadly injuries don't occur unless a war is going on and there hasn't been one for two thousand years, so that was not likely.

Angels lived in Heaven above the realm of Adioria and Devils lived below in Hell. Heaven was ruled by the Mizasuki family and Hell was ruled by the Arakaki family. Ritsu was part of the Mizasuki family, meaning he was of royal status. That was the reason the celebration was constantly on his mind. The brunette is respected amongst his people, but to meet new people who angels do not associate with can be nerve-racking.

Ritsu ran a hand through his tangled, wet, brown hair. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the edge of the bathtub and forced his mind to relax.

A flame of love that will last through eternity. Today is the day those sacred words are to be fulfill.

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