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Chapter 5: Brokeness

Another celebration of the Day of Asteri passed once again…

The prince of Heaven sighed softly as he stared out into the horizon. He had his arm propped up against the balcony railing with his hand forming a platform to rest his head. Only yesterday… only yesterday did he see HIM again…

Ritsu shut his eyes tightly at the thought of the prince of HELL. He constantly reminded himself the difference between the two of them. He was an angel, while Masamune was a devil. Its… Its just never suppose to be…

A shiver of pleasure racked his body as he thought of his soul mate. Ritsu wrapped his arms tightly around his body in hopes of washing away these illicit feelings. He couldn't forget though… He could still feel the lingering touches from the ravenette's fingers. The kisses and love bites that the devil lavished his body with burned with desire. The honey orbs that stared at him with passion, longing, and sadly… love filled his memory. Even the slight aching in his hips reminded brunette of their forbidden night together.

Year after year, Ritsu's love for Masamune could never vanish. He wanted to forget, but a love for a soul mate does not disappear, especially because it links those two people together from their distant past. The prince of Heaven wishes he could find the power in himself to stop throes of passion occurring between him and the prince of Hell during the Day of Asteri, but once they are together, his mind throws away all logic and allows his heart to take over.

The brunette sighed once more and watched the color change in the sky. The bright blue sky turned into an array of warm gentle reds, oranges, and yellows. The bright sun became a mesmerizing orange and disappeared slowly from his sight. All Ritsu can do is watch the days come and go. Even though his family and his friends promise him he will find his soul mate one day, he can't tell them that he has and who it is. He raises his arm and runs his hand through his silky hair.

"What does it even mean to find your soul mate…?"

"It means to find the one you have always loved since the time you lived as a human."

The sudden voice frightened Ritsu and caused him to jump in shock. He turned around only to see Kisa leaning against the door frame smiling at him.

Kisa asked, "Are you worried about finding your soul mate?"

Ritsu turned around because he did not want his friend to see his saddened expression. "Not really…" "Not when I already know who he is…"

The ravenette's normal smiling face morphed into a serious one. His eyebrows scrunched together and his lips flipped into a frown. He stared intensely at the prince in front of him. "You know… I have noticed this a few years ago… and so have the others…, but why do you always become quiet and reserved after returning from the celebration? Did something happen there?" Worry was evident in Kisa's voice. Everyone was concerned for the brunette, but whenever someone asked him if something bothered him, they would receive a vague answer. No one could understand his behavior. Despite it only lasting for a few weeks, it troubled those around him because it was a recurring cycle every year.

Ritsu shook his head. "Nothing happened…" The brunette turned around to face the other with a heartbroken appearance. That only made it more obvious that something had happened there. Kisa knew he would not receive answer from the other, so he decided to let it go for now.

The older angel sighed. "We will always be here for you…"

A soft smile decorated the prince's lips. "I know…"

Kisa returned the smile with one of his own and said, "If there is anything you wanna know, just ask me."

Ritsu used his arms to raise himself up to sit on the balcony railing and allowed his pure white wings to appear and spread out. A soothing breeze blew towards him causing the feathers on his wing to flutter. "What does it feel like to have a soul mate?" The brunette faced downwards, so Kisa could not see what the other was feeling at the moment.

The ravenette remained quiet for a few moments in order to contemplate the question. "I guess… it feel likes eternal happiness." A loving expression glowed on his face at the thought of his soul mate. "To know you have found your other half… It's indescribable… You feel all these mixtures of these emotions that not even yourself can comprehend. However, you know that your soul mate holds the exact same feelings too. There nothing is better than having the one you are fated to be with you forever."

Hearing those words and knowing that those feelings are not meant for him, Ritsu unconsciously circled his wings around himself as a form of protection. He wanted to shield himself from the sadness and anger that began to build in him. He wanted to release the tears that he could never let down before. He wanted to just let everything go… He felt as if he was falling…

Kisa dashed forward in panic as watched Ritsu fall off the balcony. He jumped off the balcony and made his white wings appear and used them to gain speed and catch the falling angel. Fear took over his body. He didn't know if he could catch the brunette. He raced down the air with only the thought to save his beloved friend.

"Faster! Faster! Please let me make it!"

Before Ritsu could hit the ground, Kisa was able to reach him and catch him in his arms. The ravenette looked down with relief. The brunette's eyes were closed and tears streaked his face. The older angel became filled with worry. He did not understand what had just happened. What is Ritsu hiding to cause himself to be in this state…? The ravenette shook his head and told himself this shall be discussed later. Right now, he needed to bring the prince of Heaven into the castle and put him into bed. He also must notify everyone about the recent happenings.

Just what is happening…?

The prince of Hell lied on a red velvet couch in an ornate room filled with different types of priceless items. He stared up at the ceiling contemplating the latest celebration and his feelings towards the angel. Every time he thought of the prince, his heart filled with pain. He couldn't forget his soul mate… He never can… The beautiful emerald orbs always mesmerized him. The slender body molded with his perfectly as they secretly made love on the Day of Asteri. The scratch marks on his back from their passionate moment together blazed pleasantly. He could not stop the love he had for the other. Masamune wanted Ritsu so much…

The ravenette sighed. Every pair of soul mates has a past with each other.


During their human life, did they commit a crime?

" Masamune!"

What is the reason for their cruel fate? Just why…?


The prince of Hell shot up with widened eyes due to the sudden calling of his name, which cut his train of thought off.


He looked towards the side to only see the pissed face of his best friend, Yokozawa. Being bothered during the time he wanted to be alone, his face became sour. He asked in a clipped tone, "What?"

Yokozawa rolled his eyes at his friend and said, "Your father and mother have returned from an urgent meeting with the rulers of Heaven. They would like to discuss it with you in an hour."

"Got it."

Yokozawa just shook his head and turned to leave, but Masamune stopped him with a question. "Is it true that your memories return to you after you meet your soul mate?"

Hearing this question, one of his eyebrows arched. "I never thought you would care about finding your soul mate."

The prince of hell rolled his eyes and said, "I'm just curious. You found your soul mate after all."

"Uh-huh…" The devil could tell his friend had a deeper reason for asking this question, but decided not to pry because it would only ignite the other's temper. "It's true that your memories with your soul mate return to you, but as you know, you must undergo a ceremony that unites the pair for eternity first. Only then your memories will return; however, only memories of you and your soul mate will return. You will not remember other trivial things or other people from your past life. Even when one of the two dies, the other will not mate anyone else because that person is their other half."

"I see…"

"You wanna find your soul mate soon?"

"…" Masamune remained silent. He wished he never found his soul mate because then he would not have to endure this painful throbbing in his heart at the thought of Ritsu. He would still have the mindset of not worrying about finding his soul mate and be nonchalant about it. However, that is no longer the case because he has found his other half. The one he is destined to be with since their human past.

"Still don't care I guess." Yokozawa folded his arms against his chest. "You know I have been wondering, but where are you during the celebration? You always just disappear, but always come back right before it's over. What are you doing?"

Masamune flinched and the other caught it. Something was going on and the prince of Hell will not reveal it. The prince said indifferently, "I'm around. Just wandering around trying to relieve my boredom."

"Sure you are… Having a rendezvous with a random devil I see." The devil did not believe a single word his best friend was saying.


"Ok then…" Yokozawa turned around and waved. "Remember to meet you parents later."

"Whatever…" Masamune sighed sadly at the thought of his other half. No matter what, the two of them cannot be together. Even if his parents want him to try to search for his soul mate, all he can do is say one day he'll find his soul mate and be together with that devil; however, he knows that will never happen.

The prince of Heaven and the prince of Hell are not destined to have their happy ending, like all the other soul mates around them…

The prince of Hell ran a hand through his ebony hair as he sat up. He wanted to rid his mind of these solemn thoughts, so he decided to get up and meet up with his parents now. Knowing his father and mother were probably in their bedroom, he headed towards there.

When he arrived at their door, he knocked to signal his arrival.

He heard his mother's voice ask, "Who is it?"

"Mother, it's me. You and father called me here to discuss something?"

"Oh! Come in Masamune."

The prince of Hell opened the door and entered his parents' chamber. The rulers of Hell were seated on their sofa sipping tea. He moved forward and sat on the chair that faced his parents with only a table separating them. "What did you need to discuss?"

Hikaru, his father said, "The sages of Heaven and Hell have called a meeting between the rulers of Heaven and Hell."

Masamune asked curiously, "The sages? Have they discovered something of importance?"

Mizuki, his mother nodded her head. "On earth, a strange force resonates from there."

"A strange force?"

Hikaru answered, "Yes. They believe it could be an angel or devil, or perhaps a half-breed. Right now, they are still trying to pinpoint the area it comes from and other reasons for this strangeness. We must figure out the reason and capture the force. We do not want any harm to come to the humans. Heaven and Hell have been appointed to watch over the universe, therefore we cannot forsake them."

Mizuki continued, "We want you to go to Earth to find that source and Prince Ritsu will also join you."

Masamune's eyes widened considerably. "P-prince Ritsu?!"

The rulers of Hell looked towards each other curiously. They could not understand the weird reaction they received from their son. Why did he stutter when he said the prince's name? Mizuki asked cautiously, "Is there something wrong with that?"

The ravenette shook his head and put on a fake smile. He couldn't let his parents know something was wrong. "Nothing. Nothing. I'm just surprised."

His parents arched an eyebrow in disbelief; however they decided to let it go the moment.

Hikaru said, "You will go soon. We must wait a little longer for the sages to confirm the location and other possible reasons for it. And also we heard some news that may delay it for some time longer."

Masamune furrowed his eyebrows. "Did something happen?"

Mizuki nodded her head and answered, "We are not sure what actually happened, but apparently Prince Ritsu has suffered an accident and need some time to recover."

"IS HE OKAY?!" Masamune shot from chair and slammed his hands onto the table. Worry and fear filled his expression knowing something has happened to his soul mate.

"Umm… we do not know yet…" answered the king of Hell. His father's face became stern. "Why do you care so much?"

"I don't!" replied Masamune defensively. He knows he cannot show his worry for the prince of Heaven because it would shame their family if one of the royal members fell in love with the opposite race.

"Good," his father said firmly. "Remember, we are still devils and they are still angels. We must not form relations of friendships. We only associate with one another on the Day of Asteri or if something important has occurred that forces us to speak to one another in order to settle it."

Masamune's face became emotionless. "I know Father."

Hikaru said, "You may leave now. We shall give your more details when things are confirmed."

The ravenette nodded and exited the room. After he closed his parent's door, he leaned against it and sighed. He could hear his mother and father discussing about his odd behavior. He knew it was odd, especially since he was a devil and appeared to care for an angel. But how could he not? Ritsu is his soul mate.

Masamune let out a bitter, humorless laugh. "This is our destiny… To be separated for eternity and never to find happiness…"

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