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Chapter 8: Welcome to Sakuragi

A classroom of high school students giggled and chattered with one another while waiting for homeroom to start for the day. Another day at Sakuragi Private High School was about to start. Each and every student was required to wear uniforms. Female students wore white button-up shirts, a black and blue plaid skirt and a matching tie, and had a choice of a black blazer, sweater, or sweater vest. Male students wore a white button-up shirt, black trousers, a black and blue plaid tie, and had similar outerwear choices as girls.

Girls grouped together and gossiped with one another, while boys chattered and laughed loudly with one another about nonsensical matters. They were simply waiting for the school day to start. The loud sliding of the door signaled to each and every student to return to their seats and wait for their homeroom teacher to begin the day. However, something was different today. Girls giggled and blushed at the sight of the handsome new teacher entering the room. The male teacher set his supplies down on the desk in front of the students. He took out a piece of chalk and wrote his name on the board.

He turned around to face the students. "Hello, my name is Takano Masamune. I will be your new homeroom and literature teacher. I am pleased to meet you all. I'm sorry for such an abrupt change, but I hope we can all get along together." The ravenette changed his last name in order to avoid detection in case the Halfing knew of their history. For some reason this surname stuck out to him. He looked around at each and every student to get a glimpse of each of them. "Are there any questions?"

Immediately, many hands shot up (mostly girls).

Masamune pointed at the boy in the back. The boy asked, "What happened to Sayo-sensei?"

"From what I heard, she had a family emergency and must return home for a while. It may be for a couple months due to the seriousness of it." The boy nodded his head in understanding.

The ravenette picked the next student. It was a girl. "How old are you?"

He could see all the girls dying to find out. Casually, he answered, "28." He chose an age that would match his appearance.

The one was another girl. She seemed rather eager to ask her question. "Sensei! Do you have a girlfriend?"

The devil could see that majority of the female students were excited to hear his answer. In his mind he rolled his eyes. Same old thing. Humans and the devils at home were no different in vying for his affection. He decided to play it up a bit. A smirk replaced his serious attitude. "Not at the moment. I wouldn't mind finding a pretty lady to be mine." He added wink.

All the female students squealed and began to whisper to one another. Masamune knew how to handle these types of situation. Back in Hell, everyone would try to attract his attention, so in return, he would offer a rather flirty answer with no real meaning behind it. As if he wanted any of these human girls. He scoffed in his mind at the silliness they portrayed.

Afterwards, the ravenette continued to answer some more questions and then took attendance. He allowed the day to be an introductory class in order for it to be an easier transition the next day.

After the first period of the day was over, the students walked out chattering loudly about the new teacher and spreading it to other students. All the female students wanted a chance to meet the new handsome literature. Even male students wanted to see him since he was the topic of all the girls.

Masamune entered the staff room and simply sighed. Why did he have to be so handsome? Students and even female teachers are flirting with him. He doesn't need all of this when he didn't even want this. He poured a cup of coffee for himself and wondered how Ritsu was faring at the moment. The ravenette wanted to go visit him, but he didn't have the time. His next class would begin soon.

Ritsu stared out the window from the nurse's office. He didn't have much to do at the moment. He already settled into the office and familiarized himself with it. He looked over files of students he would be counseling in replace of his the previous one. When he and Masamune found this school during that one night when they came across the Halfing's presence, they both needed to find a way to infiltrate the school. It required some manipulation powers on the ravenette's part in order for them to attain these jobs. Leaving the details behind, in the end, they were able to receive jobs that suit their interest to some degree. Masamune was fascinated with literature, so chose that subject to teach, while Ritsu thought nursing and counseling would be good for him considering his strong points are his holy and healing powers.

He watched as the students ran around during P.E, but his mind was far away. He was thinking about the Halfing and wondered what this child knew about him or herself. If this child knew whether he or she came from, things would only become complicated.

The brunette's mind also wandered to Masamune. He wondered how the ravenette was doing at the moment. He knew he shouldn't be thinking about him, but he couldn't help himself. The devil was always on his mind no matter what. Being here with him, will they be okay? Right now, they would be busy and preoccupying themselves, but everything seemed even drearier due to that. They were so close to one another, yet so far….

Being here alone gave him time to think, which he preferred not to. Only a few students came due to injuries from sports, but other than that, nothing much occurred.

Ritsu sighed. This was gonna be a long day…

Lunch time rolled around and Masamune was exhausted. He didn't think that teaching students could be this tiring. Since it was first day, a lot of chattered and questioning ensued. Girls would constantly try find out more information about him and at this point, he found it rather annoying and wished it could stop, but he put on his princely aura, like he always maintained back home and answered in a calm manner. He never had a chance to take a break and see the brunette. He wanted to see how the other was doing and he finally could. Hopefully, the other was alright, that there were no troubling matters that occurred.

When he arrived at the door of the nurses offices, he saw a large crowd of girls and boys blocking of the entrance. The devil clicked his tongue in annoyance. He wanted some peace and quiet with the angel, but that appears like it won't happen. Even before he could attempt to enter the office, all the girls noticed him and began circle around, squealing in annoyingly high voices. As for the boys in front of the office, they quickly took the chance to get closer to the new sensei.

Ritsu couldn't understand why he suddenly became so popular. Only a few students have come to him during the morning hours; however, when lunch came around, students flocked to the office and wanted his attention, especially the male population. Back in heaven, he was fairly popular with both genders, but more so with the males, due to his more feminine frame. Many often said he released some sort of pheromone that highly attracted men to him. Perhaps, even on Earth those "pheromones" were rather strong and could even attract humans.

Honestly, he didn't want this attention at the moment. Several faked injuries or sickness to receive his immediate attention, which only tested his patience further with these students. He wished Masamune was here to fend off these bastards and leave him alone. But he could also imagine the difficultly the other was facing with the female population. While the brunette attracted both, mostly men, the ravenette mainly attracted women, meaning both would be hounded by the students and staff everyday of life here at this school. Thinking of the horror that could come upon them made him feel rather faint.

Ritsu put on his best smile and said in a calm, gentle voice that would make the boys swoon, "I'm sorry, but I'm feeling rather tired at the moment, do you mind if I step out of my office and head to the staff room for a bit?"

All the boys immediately blushed and nodded their head and expressed their concern and offered any help to their handsome nurse if he needed any. Ritsu quickly maneuvered his way out of his office, but once he stepped out, he noticed Masamune surrounded by a group of girls. He could see that the ravenette's charming face covered the annoyance that hid underneath that mask. Seeing the group of girl attach themselves to his soul mate only caused Ritsu's mood to become worse. His heart gripped with pain, an uncomfortable feeling to have. He was about to turn away and enter his office again, but Masamune noticed his appearance and called out to him.


The angel turned towards the devil and noticed the other making his way over to him.


Concern spread across the ravenette's face. "Are you alright?"

Dazedly, the brunette nodded his head. The literature teacher furrowed his eyebrows. "Are you sure…? You don't seem fine."

"I'm okay…" The nurse murmured softly.

"Hmmmm… Let's go into your office." But when Masamune turned to look inside, he could see a large amount of male students lingering inside. "Ahhh… Students, do you mind leaving for a while? I have some matters to talk about with Onodera-sensei?" Despite the calm and nice manner it was said in, the boys could see a deathly aura surrounding the man, basically telling to scram before they suffer a tragic death.

The male students quickly ran out of the room out of fear, but noted in their mind they had competition with Takano-sensei and had to step up their game in order to have a chance with their cute nurse.

Masamune and Ritsu entered the nurse's office. Immediately, the devil locked the door, pulled down the blinds, and slammed the angel against the cabinet door, causing the other to grunt in shock. He leaned down and pressed their lips harshly together. The brunette was surprised by the sudden turn of events, but quickly melted into the fierce kiss. He could never resist the other and would fall into the passion enveloping them.

The ravenette slipped his tongue in the other's mouth and dominated the kiss. Seeing all those males attempting to vie for his angel's attention made his mind swirl with jealousy. He held the other close to him and continued to deepen the kiss. He wished he could ravish the other's body and mark each part of him and never let anyone touch his beloved.

"I really want to take you here…"

Ritsu shivered pleasantly at the lustful voice. He couldn't deny the fact that he wanted the devil to push him down and make him his, but they were at a school, this wasn't an appropriate place for this, though that fact hardly registered in the brunette's mind. The lips sucking on his neck only served to haze his consciousness.

"Ahhhh… Masamune-san… We can't…."

"Hmmm… Why not? You seem to want this as much as I do." The ravenette's gently caressed the brunette's body and massaged each erogenous point he knew causing the other to wobble with sheer pleasure.

"Please… Ahhh…" The angel simply couldn't think any longer. He didn't know what he wanted anymore.

The devil whispered seductively into the other's ear, "Please what? What do you want?" He nibbled on the earlobe, knowing how it made the other weak.

Ritsu didn't know how to answer. The logical side of his mind constantly repeated for them to stop, but the pleasure that washed over his mind wanted for this to continue. "I…I… Ahhh… more…"

Masamune could no longer control himself either. He planned to stop before taking it too far, thinking the brunette would stop him, but with those words, he continued on with his ministrations, leading to more heat and passion between them. He brought the other back into a fiery kiss. His hands dipped lower below the waist and-

*knock knock* "Sensei! Are you in there?"

The two froze in their actions.


The female voice broke Ritsu out of his reverie. "I'm here! Please wait one second." The brunette's flushed cheeks would not disappear, but stayed rather prominent. He tried to move to unlock the door, but Masamune stopped his hand. The angel looked at the devil, only to be met with honey eyes staring intensely at him.


"Ritsu-san…" The ravenette pressed a soft kiss onto the other's lips. After a few moments, he let the brunette's hand go and unlocked the door. He moved away from the angel, who was left in a dazed from the short, gentle kiss.

"There's a student at the door."

"Ah!" Ritsu quickly slid the door to the side and allowed the female student to step in. "What's wrong?"

"I think I sprained my wrist during PE. Could you look at it for me?"

The angel led the female student to sit down on the chair. He was about to say something to Masamune, but the ravenette spoke first. "Onodera-sensei, I shall step out now. I'll see you later…" He quickly walked out of the door and slid the door closed.

Ritsu stared towards the way the devil left. He didn't know how to feel or to think around the other. He simply didn't understand how to control his emotions. How was he supposed to resist? It seemed impossible to. Their bond as soul mates tended to swing their emotions unintentionally.

The brunette sighed and turned around to tend towards the student's wrist. He inspected it and could see it beginning to swell. When he touched it slightly, the student squirmed with pain. It definitely was a severe sprain. He stood up and reached towards his cabinets to retrieve some supplies.

"It's a rather severe sprain. I suggest you go to the hospital to have it checked out. I'll give you some pain killers to numb the pain."

He wrapped the girl's wrist, but as he did so, he felt as if there was something weird in the atmosphere. He couldn't exactly pinpoint what it was, but the presence surrounding this young student felt rather familiar. He could tell by the girl's aura that she was indeed human, but there was unnatural air around her.

The brunette concentrated on atmosphere around him as he went to get the pills and a cup of water for the student. Ahh… He could understand why now. The aura of the Halfing they've been searching for surrounded this young lady. He gave the pills and the cup of water to the student, who gulped it down quickly.

"May I ask for your name? I would like to know my students." He offered a smile.

The girl blushed and said, "It's Aoyami Miya."

"Aoyami-san, nice to meet you." The kind smile continued to lace his lips. "I hope we continue to get along."

"Hai! Thank you sensei!" Aoyami bowed and exited the nurse's office.

Ritsu collapsed onto his chair. "Looks like we're closer to finding the Halfling…"

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