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"Ginny, I'm sorry. You know I love you but it's just too dangerous." She heard him as though from far away. All she could think was, 'NO! Don't leave me! I just got you!' Tears were streaming down her cheeks and she had to take a deep breath before she could even speak.

"But Harry that doesn't matter to me," she cried, trying to make him understand that this was hurting much more than anything the Death Eaters could do.

"You know I love you, Gin and that's why I have to leave. I really am sorry but we can't be together anymore." He whispered it and she could hear the pain in his voice but she didn't care. 'YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO!' She was screaming inside her head but she was crying too hard to say it.

"I'll wait for you; even if you never come back, I'll wait for you." She vowed, promising herself that if he died, she would follow behind him shortly.

"Ginny, don't-" She cut him off before he could even finish speaking.

"No, Harry. It's too late." She forced herself to walk away before she did something unforgiveable. Like tell him that she never wanted to see him again. Once she got far enough away that she was sure he couldn't hear her, she began to scream her anguish at the sky. Please, please, please, let him come back… please. I love him…