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A huge sigh came from the back of the room. Anyone who looked would have been surprised to see that it had come from Kuroba Kaito. The normally boisterous magician was just staring apathetically at the wall, his cheek propped on his right hand.

The day had started like normal. He'd gotten up, gone to school, and greeted Aoko with a flip of her skirt. From there, though, Lady Luck seemed to have taken a break from him.

When Aoko began her usual mop chase, he tripped on a book someone had left in the hallway. The mop collided with his head soon after. Then, in trying to catch up with her, Kaito slipped in a puddle that just happened to be in front of the stairs. To add insult to the injury, Aoko had insisted on carrying him to the clinic.

The school nurse hadn't let him leave until just a few minutes before math class started and he'd just barely made it in time. He thought his luck might have come back, when he saw that the teacher wasn't standing in front of the room. Then he remembered. They were scheduled to have a math test that day and he'd forgotten to study. He didn't even get the chance to go over his notes as the teacher walked in moments later with a stack of papers.

Now, Kaito seemed to be having a staring contest with the paper. Around the room, the sounds of pencils on paper were constantly heard. Kaito sighed again, though quietly this time.

Might as well get started…

He reluctantly took his pencil in hand and looked at the first problem.

Let's see…I have to find the sum of 2², 6², 4², 9², 11², 23², and 25². Just put it in the calculator and…

After he pressed 'Enter', Kaito did a double take when the answer popped up. He even went back and entered the numbers again to make absolutely sure that he'd gotten the correct answer. When it gave the exact same number, a huge grin spread across his face.

This might not be as bad as I thought it would, he thought as he confidently wrote '1412' in the blank.


Meanwhile, at Teitan Elementary…

Conan absently wrote down answers on his own math test, not even bothering to try and hide how easy and boring the test was for him. All too soon, all of the answers were filled in and the bonus was the only thing left.

'Who's name do you get when you multiply 9, 10, and 54.1?' So 9 times 541…

He quickly multiplied in his head and wrote the numerical answer without thinking. Then when he became aware of what he'd just written, a wry smile came to his lips.

I guess that there is no getting away from this number, is there? Wonder if Haibara noticed…

He wrote the real answer underneath the number and handed in the test.

When Kobayashi graded the papers, she wasn't surprised to find that only Edogawa-kun Haibara-chan and had gotten the answer correct. Maybe she shouldn't have assumed that kids can associate the numbers with the word Sherlock…


A/N This idea was spawned from my own Statistics test, which had the problem I gave Kaito. I wasn't having a bad day, but seeing that answer still make me smile. I didn't want Conan to be left out though, so I just came up with something quick. Reviews would be greatly appreciated.