To all who Dislike Fan-Clans;

If you just decided to click on this to see if this is just another bad FanClan fic, then let me just say something.

I don't like FanClans either.

You see, I just don't like messing with the canon either when making an entirely new story. So I thought that the perfect way to do that was to use FanClans my friends and I roleplayed with WAY back in fourth garde.

Those were good times.

So, yes, this will be filled to the brim with OCs and FanClan lore, but let me just say this-

Who says there are only five clans?

StarClan seems to be everywhere Sliverpelt touches, so really, each FanClan (in its own way) might be canon.

Now, be warned. We have one "out there" clan that some people might be turned away by. But we REALLY wanted to keep our nine-year-old logic intact as possible.

But without further ado, here's my co-author Drizzle117 and I's fanfiction...

Do you feel a sense of…loneliness?
Do you know where you are?
Do you know where your family is?
Are you…

Lost in the Wind?

(Written by Adlet and Drizzle117)



Foxstar- Bright ginger tom with a ragged pelt

Snowfeather- Pure white she-cat with a feathery tail

Medicine Cat:
Shellclaw- Silver tabby tom with amber eyes
Apprentice: Rainpaw

Pinecloud- Grey tom with dark green eyes
Shrewnose- Small dusty brown she-cat with a black nose
Emberheart- Large grey she-cat
Cloverstep-White she-cat with grey streaks
Voleclaw- Dark brown tom
Pebblefall- Dark grey tom with white flecks
Ripplebrook- Gorgeous bluish-grey she-cat
Mousethroat- Brown tom with cream chest fur

Rainpaw- Almost white grey she-cat with blue eyes

Mosspool- Brown tabby she-cat with broad shoulders. Mother of Foxstar's kit, Waterkit (White she cat with several ginger patches)

Meadowsong- Dusty brown she-cat with white stripes
Nightsky- Jet black she-cat with yellow eyes


Darkstar- Jet black tom with unusual pale grey eyes

Berryfrost- Grey she-cat with cream patches and kind green eyes
Apprentice: Flowerpaw

Medicine Cat:
Shadowwhisker- Black she-cat with a splash of white chest fur.

Whitescar- Pure white tom
Apprentice: Foxpaw
Ebonyflight- Raven black she-cat with lively amber eyes
Oakscar- Dusty brown tom with blue eyes
Apprentice: Eaglepaw
Maplestep- Ginger and white she-cat with light green eyes
Wolfheart- Scruffy brown tom

Flowerpaw- Ginger and white she-cat with blue eyes
Duskpaw- Grey tom with brown eyes
Eaglepaw- Brown and white tom
Foxpaw- Fox-colored she-cat with amber eyes

Gingermoon- Silvery she-cat with ginger streaks. Mother of Drizzlekit (black and white she-kit with green eyes), and Squirrelkit (dusty brown tom with unusual lavender eyes)

Fangscar- White tom with amber eyes, the oldest in the Clan


Hollystar- Tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes
Apprentice: Stonepaw

Mudtail- Dark brown tabby tom

Medicine Cat:
Branchstripe- Dark grey tom with black stripes

Featherspirit- White she-cat with grey patches
Leafclaw- Dark brown tabby she-cat
Apprentice: Fernpaw
Webpelt- White tom
Grassfur- Grey tabby tom with long fur
Sloenose- Black she-cat with grey paws
Apprentice: Streampaw

Stonepaw- Light grey tom
Fernpaw- Silvery she-cat
Streampaw- Blue-grey she-cat

Vixentail- Russet she-cat with a white tipped tail. Mother of Smoketail's kit, Cloudkit (fluffy white tom)
Greybird- Dark grey she-cat with white "stockings". Mother of Webpelt's kit, Wolfkit (very light brown she-kit)

Smoketail- Light grey tom with green eyes, formerly deputy. Retired early due to crippling fight.


Boulderstar- Light brown tom

Lionfur- Large golden tom
Apprentice: Rabbitpaw

Medicine Cat:
Brownfur- Dark brown tom with one white ear
Apprentice: Lichenpaw

Falconpelt- Slim grey and black she-cat
Redflight- Dark ginger tom
Seedfur- White she-cat with grey speckles
Blacklight- Black tom with a white spot over one eye
Flamestorm- Ginger she-cat with white tabby markings
Rivershine- Silver she-cat
Apprentice: Birdpaw
Marshfur- Brown tom with scattered lighter patches
Flintfur- Black tom with ginger marks down his sides
Windfeather- White tom with green eyes

Rabbitpaw- Large brown she-cat with huge yellow eyes
Lichenpaw- White tom with brown and black spots
Birdpaw- Small black she-cat with white paws

Appleheart-russet she-cat, expecting Blacklight's kits

Cats Outside the Clans

Frostbreeze- Silvery she-cat with green eyes, formerly of MoonClan
Blossomkit- Silver she-cat with one odd black paw and green eyes
Shadowkit- Golden tabby tom with ice blue eyes and one odd black paw
Shadowbird- Jet-black tom with shockingly amber eyes, formerly of FlameClan
Angel- Brown and white tabby kittypet who lives just beyond EarthClan's territory
Soot- Grey speckled tom with pale blue eyes

They Were Born

The time was calm. The cats of StarClan began to twinkle in the deep rose sky of sunset. The late sky loomed coldly in the distance as the air slowly began to turn from warm to cold, and its hue fire to charcoal.

But the atmosphere below, by a rushing, roaring river, was much different from the air of peace in the stars. A silver she-cat gazed hopelessly at an ebony tom. The dark-furred feline glared at the trembling female. Anger burned in the eyes of amber.

"Where are you going, Shadowbird?" croaked the heavy silver she-cat as she tried to haul herself to her paws. When she did, the long legs of the elegant she cat held her up like twigs.

"Away," the black tom replied, his jet-black fur bristling. Grey legs buckled, sending the swollen-bellied she-cat to the soft packed earth of the river bank.

"What? But—but why?" she panted, raising her narrow muzzle his way, "You can't leave me here—I'm about to have your kits!"

"We never should have done this, Frostbreeze," hissed the tom. Light fear laced his growl.

Frostbreeze's green eyes stretched wide and she stopped talking. She angled her nose at her stomach and then back at him.

"Goodbye," the tom spat sharply, making Frostbreeze physically cringe. "I should never have broken the code, and if I did return to FlameClan after this..." the male swallowed and turned heel.

"Sh-shadowbird..." Frostbreeze whimpered, "Shadowbird... H-help me... Please?" the tom began to pad away from the churning rapids of the river.

"Save your breath, it would be better for them if they were never born at all!" hissed Shadowbird, turning his once-loving eyes back onto Frostbreeze.

The sky's flame burned out, leaving only the coal behind.

"Just think about it!" he spat shakily, "Who in their right mind would ever want to be a half-breed?"

"Shady..." Frostbreeze tumbled over her own words, "Shady, they won't be 'half-breeds', no one is..."

"Frostbreeze, it just can't go on like this." Shadowbird mewed in monotone.

"It's too late to say that and you know it!"

Shadowbird took one long look at the kit-heavy she-cat with an ever so slight glint of longing in his eye.

The only noise the two could hear was the sound of the leaves rustled from the chilling leaf-fall winds.

"We can't go back, you know."

Frostbreeze glared at her mate, this time her grass colored eyes made Shadowbird flinch.

"My Clanmates will help me-"

"Not if they look like me then they won't." Shadowbird cut over, "Not if they're 'Adder-Faces' or 'Fire-Tails' or 'Grease-Pelts'... Like their dear old father."

Frostbreeze said nothing.

"Oh sure! They'd be just fine if you went off with a Dirt-Eater, but you know. Just because I'm different, your clan hates the likes of me."

The silvery queen opened her mouth to counter, but nothing came out. She instead steered the topic back towards the point.

"Shade, you can't just leave me here like this!" the spooked silver she-cat squeaked. Her nose twitched.

"Oh yeah?" Shadowbird's voice cracked remorsefully, "Just watch me."

"Shady..." the black tom began to walk away once more.

"Shadowbird! Wait..."

The male slowed his pace only slightly.

"Shellclaw said that they're due today," her voice was hollow, "Please... I beg of you... Just be there for me... Be there for them..."

The cat stopped in his tracks.

"We need you more than ever, you know." Frostbreeze optimistic voice rang with sincerity.

Silence fell once again. The light grey she-cat held her breath.

"No you don't."

And with that, the night-colored cat was off, never to be seen again by the Queen.

Her long fur shone in the moonlight like stars.

After a long while, the she cat licked her belly with worry. She chuckled with faux laughter.

"And so, the Fire-Pelt is only but a coward."

The strength in her "joking" manner allowed her to summon her legs to hold her up.

Even walk awhile.

Her denial covered meows continued throughout the hours of darkness, mumbling to herself and kits. Phrases like;

"Oh, I can't wait until you meet your father!"

"Daddy's being silly. He's just hiding, don't be scared!"

"He'll be home by Sunhigh tomorrow, you see."

By the time she had found an abandoned badger-set, she lowered herself into the dark hole and prepared herself for her kits to arrive.

Her belly began to pulse with pain.

Before she began to cry out in the sheer agony that Frostbreeze knew awaited her, she yowled one last comprehendible thing.

"If Shady doesn't come back, then I'll just have to find him myself." she sang.

"After all, it's just a little game of hide-and-seek, right?"

And so the extremely painful process of kitting began. And as time went by, the pulsing pain in her belly became worse and worse.

What would Skyheart think? Frostbreeze wondered, thinking about her own mother.

Thoughts suddenly racing through her head like a snowstorm

And what about Foxstar? Shellclaw? Frostbreeze began to focus on her thoughts when the most excruciating piece of the process happened.

Kit number one was on its way.

I bet that I'd just be thrown out of MoonClan if I explained myself, she thought sadly.

Gasping in pain, a sleek silver bundle fell into the dirt that lined the badger set.

With a lightning-fast reaction, she broke the kitting sack and licked at the kit's fur.

I could let them just die... she told herself darkly in between licks. Maybe that would bring Shadowbird back...

A shrill mew cut at the air. The warrior shook her head violently in an attempt to get rid of all of the bad thoughts in her mind. This one was alive and breathing- she should be thankful for that.

"At least this one's healthy…" Frostbreeze muttered from exhaustion, trying to be happy about the situation.

A second spasm of pain erupted within her- giving her no time to think about what had just happened- and a second kit was born.

The golden kit's veil was split open with less hurry than the last. It also took the kit longer to respond to Frostbreeze's rough, pink tongue.

When the two kits were settled, scrambling through the soft earth of their new home towards their mother, the queen's heart melted.

"Should I even name you?" Frostbreeze wondered out loud, taking a paw and coaxing her children in the direction of her stomach.

The grey kit mewed and nuzzled her mother's belly.

Frostbreeze blinked with an underwhelming surprise when she realized that both kits had one black paw each, both the same color of Shadowbird's fur.

Turning the kits over she found what gender they each were. The two cried out in protest when she did, but she needed to know what she should name them.

The moon grey kit turned out to be a female, and the sun yellow one a male.

Frostbreeze sighed with both regret and wonder. How could these kits be both painful and beautiful?

Like a rose, these kits had their thorns...

But in the end, taking the flower had been worth it.

It was decided, she had to name them.

"Fine. You are Blossomkit," she told the grey newborn, touching the she-kit's forehead with her own nose.

"And you are Shadowkit," she said to the tom, repeating the same process she did with his sister.

She had always loved those names.

Then she sighed to herself, "I'm sorry, Shadowbird, but they were born."

She looked down at the two longingly.

"But I promise to love them for the both of us."

Three moons had passed since Shadowkit and Blossomkit were born, and they were thriving, even without a Clan's help.

Still in the same old badger-set and the same old clearing, a mother cat blinked open her eyes when sunlight filtered in. Snow now blanketed the landscape, the purity of it all was there for all to see.

Leafbare was always both cruel and beauteous to Frostbreeze, much like she thought of her own kits, but the usual light in her green eyes were gone today.

Perhaps it was that she was still awaking, or maybe it was just the type of day.

Young Blossomkit and Shadowkit were used to these days.

Thankfully, they weren't awake just yet. It killed them to see their mother with such sorrow.

"Wake up, young ones," cooed Frostbreeze after staring outside of the den for awhile, thinking of Shadowbird like she usually did. Being unusually depressed, she made a plan of the outing they'd go out to today.

"Today I'm taking you to see the river."

"The river?" squeaked Blossomkit with a start, her eyes matching her mother's flew open, "As in the river?"

"What other rivers do we know of, mousebrain?" mumbled Shadowkit sleepily. His physical appearance matched Shadowbird's (when excluding his golden fur and light blue eyes), which was very unlike his sister, his personality also had early signs of being similar as well.

"Now, now, Shadowkit, don't call your sister names," Frostbreeze mewed to the two kits.

"Sorry," Shadowkit muttered. The weaker kit stretched his jaws into a yawn and rose himself to his paws.

"That's okay!" Blossomkit forgave immediately, her eyes bright. "We get to see the river!"

"Yes, so come along," said Frostbreeze pleasantly yet hastily as they set off on what the kits called a 'journey.'

It took them about five minutes to get to the river. It was huge, crashing its powerful waves on the grass. The kits couldn't get enough of it.

"Wow," whispered Shadowkit.

"It's HUGE!" cried Blossomkit, trembling with excitement.

Frostbreeze, watching her kits, took a deep breath. Her kits, as she knew, had no idea why they had been so suddenly allowed to go to such a place. All their lives they had been forbidden from the water's edge.

But she had to do it. Send them on their way, while she joined her long lost mate.

"Shadowkit, Blossomkit, listen carefully," the silver she-cat called. The two kits sprang up to their mother and cocked their heads to one side. The way the two had mimicked each other so perfectly that it made her laugh.

The first real laugh she had had in moons.

Returning to her seriousness, she looked at both kits directly in the eye.

Doing this would remove all proof possible that they were Half-Clan.

Their lives would be happier if she left them doing this. They would forget in time.

But she would always remember.

"You won't be seeing me for a long time." she mewed as sweetly as she could while keeping her tone best she could. "It is time I joined StarClan."

"What's StarClan?" whispered Blossomkit to her brother who shrugged. Though the way their mother was speaking was beginning to frighten them.

"Blossomkit, head that way," she said, flicking her tail toward what she knew to be the FlameClan border, home of her father. "And do not fear the fire, it shall not harm you."

"But why, mother?" whispered Blossomkit.

"Just go, please. It'll be another adventure," mewed Frostbreeze with a fake grin.

"But I don't wanna..." the Frostbreeze look-alike pouted, "I'm too tired!"

"Just do it!" hissed Frostbreeze fiercely. Blossomkit jumped and dashed in the direction, struggling in the snow.

"And Shadowkit, go over the river on that log. You will be safe there."

"But I can't balance," he whined, but when Frostbreeze bared her teeth at him and hissed, he leapt on the log and started inching his way across, his fluffy golden fur spiked up in fear.

When both of her kits were out of sight, Frostbreeze gazed at the river, her reflection in the river was distorted by the rippling took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry so, Shadowbird," she whispered after a long time of staring.

"They were born. But they are safe now."

Something in the back of her mind begged her not to- saying that her beloved Shadowbird was alive elsewhere.

She licked her shoulder to distract herself.

No, Frostbreeze. This is final. Shadowbird must be dead... Shadowbird couldn't possibly live without his clan helping him along the way...

Taking one last look at the world around her. The snow was surprising thick for early leafbare. The clouds dotting the sky were dark and dreary, much resembling the thoughts that raced through her mind.

After this, she'd never see Shellclaw, Foxstar, or anyone ever again...

On the other paw, she'd be living happily ever after with her mate once more.

The kits will be fine. She told herself firmly when she asked herself to check on them for one last look.

They would never get a proper goodbye.

Gritting her teeth, she flung her head toward to gloomy stars.

"I'm coming. I'm coming, Shadowbird!" she cried.

She took a deep breath and leapt into the icy river. Her lungs screamed for air as beads of air spilled out of her mouth. As the time rolled by for the queen like a snail, her heartbeat grew slower, and slower still.

Until it finally stopped.

The drenched body of Frostbreeze, warrior of MoonClan, mate to Shadowbird, and mother of two kits, rose to the surface and drifted lazily along the river.

So, here's another note:

This story is beginning to be edited one more time starting right now! 2013!

Now that I'm a grade older than I once was, my co-author and I have decided that it's now time for an update.

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