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Brightfur padded along next to Sunflight, for some reason feeling completely at ease and not cautious whatsoever. She guessed some of her Clanmates thought it was weird that she was content standing next to a former MoonClan cat, but it didn't seem odd at all to her. Sunflight had a sort of…familiar tingle about him, a sense that her intuition liked, but she couldn't place where she had felt that same tingle before.

Probably when he was a kit and came to FlameClan for a day—yeah, that must be it.

The silver she-cat looked around and was shocked to see Squirreltail glaring at Sunflight with narrowed violet eyes. The dusty brown tom appeared to be muttering something under his breath, and kept unsheathing and sheathing his claws in the dirt.

What's under his fur? I understand his anxiety at having a MoonClan cat in the camp, but why hate him this much?

Squirreltail had always been such a nice, kind cat, but now he kept showing random bursts of emotion that Brightfur didn't understand whatsoever, and she doubted she ever would. All she knew was that Squirreltail, that dusty brown tom who had once been such a good friend to her, was now so changed she could hardly even recognize him.

Brightfur was shaken out of her thoughts by Darkstar's yowl. He was standing on the Fire-Rock, his silver eyes gleaming. Next to him was Shadowwhisker. In the black she-cat's jaws was a tiny grey form. Next to her was an ebony bundle, curled up and letting out tiny squeals.

"Aspenkit and Willowkit?" Drizzlestorm hissed at her. Brightfur started, as she hadn't seen the black-and-white cat creep up beside her, but recovered quickly and nodded.

"Warriors of FlameClan," the black leader called out. "Do we have our volunteer to go with Brightfur to bring these kits to MoonClan? To get milk for the first three moons of their lives?"

The silver warrior nudged the golden tom, and he stepped forward, quivering slightly. "I-I'd like to go, if that's okay."

There were some murmurs of surprise and distrust from the cats around them. Brightfur noticed Wolfheart, Whitescar, and Eagletalon looking particularly suspicious, their yowls rising louder than the rest.

"I bet he's just trying to find MistClan's camp so that when he goes back to MoonClan he can lead them right to them—and us as well!" Eagletalon hissed, the brown tabby's tail flicking back and forth.

Wolfheart nodded, digging his claws into the ground. "Who says he wouldn't? Maybe Drizzlestorm is just his excuse to stay here."

Whitescar's tail flicked in agreement. "Yes, he's—"

But the senior warrior was interrupted by a new voice, weaving among the others as easily as two blades of grass slipping among each other in the wind. "He's just a Stoney-foot, is all. A Klutzy-Paws from the clan of cold-blooded killing shells!"

Brightfur almost dropped to the ground right then when she saw who was speaking.

Her old friend, Squirreltail.

Why was he like this? Why could he be acting with such hostility, when he used to be so nice and innocent? The silver warrior felt like yowling to the sky with all of the questions she had bottled up inside of her, but stopped when she saw Sunflight's raised hackles and spiked up fur flatten.

The golden tom took a few paces forward and turned to face the watching Clan, their eyes gleaming with anger and suspiciousness. He sighed and took a deep breath, looking to Drizzlestorm quickly. She nodded, and Brightfur watched with anxiety as Sunflight began to speak.

"I never knew Ebonyflight well," he began. "I've seen her at Gatherings, seen her on border patrols, heard her name rumored among the cats of MoonClan. I wish I could have known her better, because from what I know, she was a great cat, loyal and humorous but still deadly serious to the very end, and I would be more than happy to take her kits to her sister's Clan, rather than see them join StarClan and waste the preciousness of Ebonyflight's spirit. This is why I wish to bring them to MoonClan. Do you really want the spirit of possibly the most upbeat cat in your Clan to die forever, or do you want an outsider who is trying to prove himself to you to help keep her alive forever?" As he finished, Sunflight's ice-blue eyes glared defiantly out at the FlameClan cats, daring them to challenge him.

Dead silence fell.

Brightfur herself was speechless, her pine-green eyes staring at Sunflight in shock. She hadn't known he could produce such a touching yet meaningful speech about a cat that, as he had said, had hardly ever knew. Obviously all of the other FlameClan cats were surprised too, as they were staring at him with open mouths and wide eyes. Drizzlestorm purred proudly.

Some cat stepped forward, and for a heartbeat, when Brightfur saw the dusty brown pelt, she panicked, thinking it was Squirreltail, but her heart calmed down when she saw that it wasn't the violet eyed tom, but Oakscar, Ebonyflight's mate. Brightfur braced herself for another "Klutzy-Paws" remark, but it never came.

"T-that was…beautiful," the brown tom choked out, and he pressed his muzzle against the other cat's. Sunlight's eyes reflected his surprise, but then he calmly pressed against Oakscar as well, sensing the other tom's satisfaction at his doing so.

"I'm sorry about your mate," the golden tom whispered.

"Thank you," Oakscar replied softly, stepping back and staring out at his Clan, all of which except for Brightfur, Flowerbreeze, and Drizzlestorm, were staring at the dusty brown tom as if he had grown a second head.

"You say this young tom is untrustworthy?" Oakscar snarled, digging his claws into the dirt. "This here is one of the best cats we have. To adjust so quickly from his own home, and to say **** wonderful words about a cat he hardly even knew, he must be loyal!"

"Oakscar, grief is muddling your mind and senses," Squirreltail hissed, padding over towards his uncle, whose color of fur he had inherited in exact shade.

"It is not!"

"It is, and this tom is just another Klutzy-Paws, like the rest of his no-good Clan!" the brown tom snapped, and threw himself at Sunflight, paws outstretched, jaws twisted in a villainous jeering smile. Drizzlestorm let out a terrified squeak.

"Squirreltail, what's happened to you? Don't!" she wailed, getting to her paws.


Everyone froze and tried to figure out where the voice was coming from. Brightfur quickly identified it as Darkstar, whose jaws were bared and neck fur bristling.

"Squirreltail, Oakscar, I'd like to see you in my den. Brightfur, Sunflight, take the kits now and go!" He waved his tail and meowed loudly at the shocked Clan.

"This meeting is now dismissed."

*an ominous wind blows eerily through the night*...