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The Fourth Night

Chapter 4: We Meet Again

By Curiosity Killed Kristy

I'm taking it slow

Feeding my flame

Shuffling the cards of your game

And just in time

In the right place

Suddenly I will play my ace


"Breathe…" I instructed. The girl below me nodded in the slightest amount, and inhaled, her eyes softly shutting. I aligned the needle with the marking on her upper lip, and in one fell swoop, her cupid's bow was pierced. I replaced the needle with the piercing itself, and though slightly bleeding, her Medusa piercing had gone as planned.

"Clean it with a saltine solution at least two to three times a day; don't pick…" My own words droned from my mind, and as the girl nodded in understanding, her face began to blur. I went through the normal exchange with my customers: money being held out into my palm, the cash register chiming, and her friends congratulating her on her victory. I sighed.

Everything seemed to be in order. The way it usually was. Boring. Tiring. Simple. I looked out the window, and again, the moon was in its usual spot, selfishly taking up the space where the Sun should be. I turned the radio off, the music abruptly shushing, allowing the silence to fill the air around me.

When I thought about it, I lived a lonely life. There wasn't anything in particular that surprised me.

Without much thinking at all, I reached out for the needle that I had used on the girl, and not paying much attention, it sliced me from my index finger to the middle of my palm. "Ah, shit!" I exclaimed, immediately shifting my eyes about to find anything to stop the bleeding. My eyes thankfully landed on a wash cloth, and I instantaneously wrapped it securely around my hand.

The blood stained its whiteness, and I watched it spread around the cloth. And then moments like these brought me back to what was my reality. Just two nights ago, all these strange phenomena had happened to me. I was chased by an invisible terror, and haunted by lustful dreams, and everything began the instant I stepped foot into that club.

I hadn't had the courage to return. Each night the fucking suffocation got worse. What would happen if I went back again? To be honest, I had no clue. And whenever I thought I shouldn't return, my brain always screamed in denial. Since that night, I've been unconsciously walking to the club, and once I realize that I have, I stop and rush back home. Lock the door. And grip at my head.

It was some messed-up fuckery. And then I thought, what if I meet my marker? Will everything end? But at that point, my rationality would take over and say it'll never end. It'd be too easy. But what other choice did I have? I stare at the effervescent moon. I frowned.

That's right. I had none.


And here I was again. My legs on autopilot as it led me back to that goddamn place. But there was something different tonight. Tonight, I knew that I was walking towards the club. I should go home, and lock the door like I always do… But I knew that I couldn't. The thought petrified me, and at the same time angered me. I had no control. Haven't had it for about a week now.

I heard the booming of the club nearby, and my heart began to race. Inch by inch, I could see the people wanting in, and I wanted to blare at them and say, "It'll be the biggest mistake of your damn, pathetic life." I had always thought that I wanted adventure because nothing gave me passion anymore. But this… This whole damn situation. I couldn't undo it. And the results could very well kill me.

Another thing of tonight surprised me. Once the club was in plain sight, and I was standing in front of the entrance, my heart stopped hammering in my chest. Everything had just suddenly halted. I wasn't scared. I wasn't angry. I heard the heavy drums beating to "My Devil on the Bed" by the Gazette. I saw the strobe lights circling in maddening motions. And everything seemed somewhat… normal.

The beautiful devil on the bed

Tempt me by masturbation

The beautiful devil on the bed

Let's have sex in the darkness

Bodies were twining with each other, and tongues were dancing, and hips were grinding. All these bodies began to mesh together in one big ball of catastrophe, and I began to stumble. What was happening? Why was it happening? I smelled blood everywhere; metallic and disgusting. When I glanced up from my fall on the ground, they were all looking at me. Dancing figures. Kissing patrons. Vampires biting into their partners' necks. All of them had their eyes on me.

When I saw blood trickle from their necks, my eyes began to see double. And the worst fit of nausea had yet to hit me. As I stood back onto my feet, all these parasites hit me from all sides, bumping my shoulder, pushing my back, stroking my hair. And then… I finally felt it. The suffocation. It was as if a pair of pliers attached itself to the vessels of my heart, cutting each one only to rip it out of my chest. I gripped at my shirt, my eyes seeing red. I felt the vomit hit the back of my throat, and I immediately tried to cross to the other room to get to the bathroom.

I slammed a bathroom stall open, and before I could kneel down properly, my breakfast and lunch hurled out of my stomach and into the toilet. I coughed a bit, and wiped at my mouth, backing away from what I had thrown out, gripping my forehead. I breathed shallowly through my nose, tasting bitterness. Every part of me that I glanced at, I shook. Sweating. Bleeding.

And abruptly… it just ceased.

I gasped; as if I had just emerged from a near-watery death. My shaking figure halted in its quaking, and I took it as the perfect moment to flush the toilet. I slowly began to stand, my legs a bit wobbly, but fine nonetheless. Throughout all of this, I couldn't help thinking, it was too easy. The suffocation stopped just like that.

I rubbed at my stomach, trying to forget that horrible feeling… Forget…

"Can't handle yer alcohol?"

I jolted from the sudden voice, rotating in a manner of seconds. "Get out. I gotta piss," the voice demanded. The deepness of it hit me somewhere. Like a sense of familiarity. Akin to that of a snail's pace, I pushed on the door of the stall. I looked around.

Heart pounding. Brain near close to exploding. "Who ya lookin' for?" I gasped and jumped, spinning around to meet with the voice. And he was right there. Eyebrow piercing glinting in the light, electric-blue eyes shining with mischief, and a smug grin plastered on his flawless face. I had never seen him anywhere in this club, yet… I felt like I knew him from a distant memory. He raised his chin at me, the intensity of his aura washing over me. I backed against the wall, trying to grasp onto any remaining bravery I had.

People weren't kidding when they said that a vampire's aura could tear you to pieces alone. "Ya look like you've just seen a ghost. Do I look that revolting?" He chuckled. Walked beside me as I instinctively inched away. He ran fingers through his unruly, teal hair, his guffaws near deafening and intimidating. When he finally calmed down, he just stared at me.

"What?" I asked with irritancy. He seemed astonished for a moment, but the expression was immediately wiped off of his face. He laughed again, and in one swift move, he had his fingers gripping my chin, forcing me to look straight into his mesmerizing eyes.

"Ya hate this? Being forced by a vampire like a bitch, Ichigo?" he purred into my ear. In that instant, my momentary fear dissipated, and in it was replaced with confusion and suspicion. I stared at him with incredulity, while he stared at me with amusement. "Ya wanna know why I know everythin' 'bout you?" he whispered into my ear, his voice growing deeper. "'Cause I'm the one who marked ya…"

I stood there. Frozen. Unable to speak. Unable to move. He's my marker… He's my marker… It blared incessantly in my head. It was maddening. Sickening. Frightening. To think that he was right here, standing right in the flesh. He could kill me. "Oi, let's go outside." He cocked his head towards the door, and it left me nothing else to do but to follow him.

He led the both of us somewhere behind the bar where a door stood lonely. It squealed from the hinges turning, the corner of the door scraping the littered ground. It closed behind us, leaving him and me in a shower of moonlight in a space that barely had room. He leaned against a wall, stuffing his hands into his jean pockets. "Ya look like you've come back here to find some answers," he observed.

I swerved my attention to the ground. "And if I do, will you answer them?" He smiled with a taunting undertone.

"It depends if I like what you ask." I swallowed deeply, hands forming into fists. I needed answers. So I stared at him head-on; dared him to look away, and he did exactly the opposite.

"…Do you own me or something now?" I asked with more agitation than I intended. His eyes glittered with something dangerous.

"You're one of many." My eyebrows knitted together, fists tightening.

"What if I don't like that?"

"Like what? That yer mine, or that others are mine too?" Without a breath of a reaction, I was pinned against a brick wall, his forearm locking me in place and eyes trapping me under their gaze. "Do ya wanna say that I'm greedy? That all the humans I own are my blood bags? Say it all you want; it's all true. Ya know why I do it?" He leaned in close to my ear, and I shuddered involuntarily. "'Cause I feel like it. It's not a fact of survival anymore. Not when all these whores are willing to give themselves to you. Ya know what's even more amusing?" He paused. Let me soak it in. I heard him smile. "You gave yourself up to me, too."

Without much thought on it, I shoved him away, clutching at the ear he blew his breath into. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

He laughed like the bastard he was. "Ya ever heard about the legend that vampires are only allowed to come inside someone's house if they're invited? It's the same with marking someone. The vampire asks for permission, the human consents, the contract is made. We don't have to speak. We just glance and that's why it's so dangerous to be 'round us. That's why we're so despicable." He traced a fingernail across my neck, and I gulped down any fear that I had. Hoped that he wouldn't make it out. "But Ichigo, you know what's even more despicable than us? Humans. They have the ability to reject us, but no… They give in. They always do. They're the ones who are filled with want, with greed, with lust.

"Know what else?" At this, he chuckled. Chuckled until it turned into a full-blown fit of laughter. "You've been wanting me all along." I gritted my teeth; shook with the intensity of my anger. Because it was all true… Everything… and it repulsed me. "But lemme tell ya somethin', I-chi-go," he broke into definable syllables. "That suffocating feeling you get. I don't do none of that to ya. Ya do it to yourself."

"W-what do you mean?" I swallowed again. Afraid… So afraid of what could be the reason.

"The more you stay away from me, the more your body craves me. Wanna know why?" He pulled at my hair, yanking my head to the side to expose my neck. I felt the blood pump through some of the particular veins there, and I closed my eyes, hoping that he wouldn't… "'Cause just like blood is my survival kit, my fangs are yours. The contract goes hand-in-hand like that. The more you put off my feeding from you…" He neared my neck, his nose meeting the upper layers of my skin, his breaths tickling me. "The faster the day you die comes at ya."

I felt him open his mouth and braced myself… only to feel him lick me. He snickered again. "I won't bite ya here. All those bitches and bastards will smell ya, and it'll cause a riot. They're already shittin' their pants from the blood they smell coming from your hand." He shoved me away, and I nearly slammed into a trash can but luckily caught myself in time. I held my hand close to my chest, hoping it would diminish the smell of my blood, but I knew it was to no avail. "Look, I'll make ya a deal. I only have to bite ya once. After that, I'll set ya free."

I looked at him with skepticism. It was too easy again. "What do ya say, Ichigo?" My hands began to ball again, nails nearly ripping into my skin. Swallowed.



He demanded that I close my eyes the entire ride to his house, or else he'd claw my eyes out. I did as I was told the entire way on his motorcycle. I heard the constant purr of his bike, and behind my closed eyelids, I could make out lights, but I dared not open them. I had a feeling that he wanted my eyes closed so I wouldn't be able to trace my way back to his house. But he didn't need to tell me. I would've closed my eyes without being ordered to.

I wanted to forget this as much as he wanted to forget me. I tried not to cling onto him, but I didn't know when the next curve would come, so I still had to. Only when my hair stopped flapping above my head and when my eyes stopped stinging from my constant squeezing was when I knew we were there. I didn't ask him when I should open my eyes. I didn't want to see what the outside of his house looked like. If I did, I would have remnants of this night.

And I'd rather do without them. I gripped onto his black sleeve shirt, and he didn't have any complaints. I felt mushiness beneath my feet; grass. The moment we stepped on hard ground, I knew we were inside. I heard the door creak open, and I could smell his scent radiating from the house. His cologne. The warmth of it. Felt the softness of his couch as we passed by it. Heard a faint sound of "Tainted Love" by Marilyn Manson.

I've lost my lights

I toss and turn

I can't sleep at night

Once I ran to you

Now I'll run from you

I heard him turn the knob. The music muted once he closed the door. At that precise moment, I opened them. We were in a room. I wasn't really sure whether we were in his room or in a guest room. But I didn't make an effort to ask. I tried to prepare myself on the way here, but… I was still terrified in the end. What if he drank too much from me? What if I died? What if it felt good?

I shut my eyes again, albeit the fact that my body was shaking. "Get on with it," I rushed. I heard him move behind me; ran a light touch down my neck, causing my hairs to stand. His hand lingered there, heightening my suspense. Abruptly, I was thrust against the bed, face first, my heart panicking and trying to break free from the ribs that contained them. He opened his mouth, and just like before, he left a trail of saliva in my wake, leading up to my ear.

His hand wandered down to my back, and the sound of my shirt ripping alerted me. I didn't question him on it. I knew he did this for a living. How many had he done this to? Did they all feel the way I was? He caressed my back with soothing circles from his thumbs, both hands going to my sides to massage them. He felt warm against my skin… something I didn't expect.

He hoisted my body up until my back was against his chest, him breathing against my neck like an animal. He moved my jaw to the side with a gentleness I didn't know he possessed, and I knew his mouth was open. This was it… In my final moments, I shut my eyes and accepted my fate.

I felt him laugh against me. "You're not scared anymore… Ya trusting me, Ichigo?" he asked with that condescending tone that I loathed.

"Fuck you," I seethed. His grip tightened around my waist. I grunted.

"Wanna know somethin' interesting?" he blew into my ear. I snarled involuntarily. "Once I'm through biting you… I'm going to fuck you." Before I could retort, his teeth sunk into my neck, and I gasped. I felt my blood trickle down my neck, down to my collarbone, and between my pectorals.

"Hah…" I rasped, gripping onto his hair, and digging my nails into his arm. It was the most excruciating pain I had ever felt. With each suck he took, I felt his fangs embed even further into my veins, his fingers pushing my jaw to extremities. I heard his slurping, and it made me want to hurl. It was vile, this act. But with each second that ticked on, I felt myself growing into putty in his hands. I was beginning to succumb to him, and lulling to a sinful bliss that I had vowed to never feel.

I began to push his head against the bite he made, wanting him to take more… Take more from me… The moment his teeth recoiled from my neck, the spell began to lift. Once I regained my right mind, I pushed him away. "What the fuck…" I muttered to myself.

"Heh," he scoffed, licking his lips where my blood still remained. "Ya enjoyed it," he stated. I covered the markings he made on me, my bottom lip quivering from the immensity of the pleasure. It was nothing like masturbating or fucking… Nothing like it. Each suckle of blood was like an orgasm; only, it felt even stronger. It was abnormal. Addicting. A ploy so that humans could beg to be drunken from to sate a vampire's needs. "Trusting a vampire isn't wise, Ichigo."

"Huh. So you don't trust your own kind…" I commented bitterly. I was rapidly slammed against the pillows, his fingers curling around my neck. I clawed at him, but it didn't lessen the effect.

"Yeah, got a problem with that?" He smirked in my face. "Could you fully say that you trust your own kind? Anyone who believes that is delusional. You can't trust anyone. Everyone lies. They deceive to get what they desire, grow another skin to create a new reality, and betray to protect themselves. Take it from someone who's lived for three hundred years."

"Is that… so?" I attempted to speak. He raised an eyebrow at that. "Doesn't that mean… we fall… into the same category?" This widened his eyes in dawning. Swiftly, the expression was removed, and immediately substituted with his usual side smirk.

"Why don't you put that mouth to better use, yeah?" I felt the crush of his lips against my own, bruising and rough, his fangs nicking me in the slightest. His tongue probed between my lips, fighting with my own, and I knew that once I responded, I wouldn't be able to stop. His thumbs rubbed against my nipples, eliciting from me a few grunts. He separated from my lips, our tongues lapping at the other.

He ripped the buttons that held my jeans together, leaving me bare to the air. "Hn..." His hand traced the contours of my stomach, twisting the hairs above my sex. He ran a light touch over my cock, and it responded to him. I squeezed my eyes shut in shame, knowing that he took pleasure in this while smiling. He ripped his own shirt off of him, displaying his Greek-like body to me, the muscles indented into his skin. He yanked the buttons on his pants, and they came off, his arousal springing free. "Oi, didn't I tell ya to put that mouth to good use?"

This was fucking sick. I was gonna fuck a vampire. This was going against every virtue that I upheld all these years. I wanted to kill myself. I wanted him to kill me. I didn't want to live because I was enjoying every last bit of this. Even though tears sprung from the corners of my eyes from his vigorous thrusting in my mouth, I allowed him to do it. Repeatedly. Strongly. Pleasurably.

Every time he paused thrusting into my mouth, I knew that he wanted me to use my tongue, and I willingly did so. He pushed me back instantly, leaving me in a panting heap, eyes brimming with forced tears. I knew what he wanted to do next, but I couldn't find it in myself to stop him. He plunged his three fingers into my mouth, my saliva coating them like a second skin. I was fearful, yet at the same time excited, and because I was excited, I was revolted. He circled around my orifice, and in one shove, his middle finger intruded and abused my insides.

"See? I told ya… Humans always give in…" His sinful voice echoed in my mind. And gone was one finger, but two, and then three. By an additional four, I was a writhing, sweating mess. He stroked me repetitively, never changing his pace, and keeping my hips locked in place.

I moaned excessively. I begged for him with my eyes; hands gripping onto the sheets. "Please…" Everything about this, it reminded me of those dreams I'd been having. Only this time, I could see, feel, and hear him clearly. It left me wondering if those dreams were actually real.

He pushed my legs apart, and with some lube capriciously slathered on his dick, he positioned himself at my entrance. Everything about me was exposed. I wondered why I didn't feel anything about it.

I just felt…

I screamed. He didn't leave me time for adjustment, and continually drove himself inside me.

He hoisted my legs until my knees reached my shoulders, gaining more access into my ass. "Hah… Faster…" I begged. He did just that, licking his lips. His sweat dripped onto me, mixing with the blood that had poured from my neck. Each thrust was quick and strong, and everything that he was doing to my body was inhuman. It was otherworldly. He turned me over onto all fours in less than a few seconds, and reenters me, back into pounding me senseless.

"I'm… I'm co-" I began, when I feel him encircle my arousal in a tight grip.

"Let's see how far you can hold out," he seductively voiced into my ear. I bit my lip, feeling my precum escape in the smallest amount. He turned me over to the missionary position again, holding one leg higher than the other, while his other hand held my dick in place. Please… Please… I pleaded. Shiro was right. No matter how much I begged, or kneeled, he wouldn't go easy on me.

He lowered himself near my neck, and my feelings battled each other. He would torture and pleasure me at the same time. But in the end, pleasure won out. He implanted his fangs into the bites he had first made, and combined with his thrusting, this was… "Hah! Please… Please…" I chanted like a mantra. I grasped onto his hair, hoping to dear Kami-sama that I would endure this. My dick hurt, but the thrusting and sucking drove away from that, but at the same time, raised my awareness of it.

"Say my name, Ichigo…"

Name? And as I tried to gather my wits, I listened as intently as I could through my drunken state, and the moment he let go of my sex, I emptied myself on his chest, and he filled me with his own. "Grimmjow…" I whispered softly. Even though I saw that damn smirk on his face, he closed my eyes for me, and I knew that I wouldn't see him ever again.


The sunlight streamed into my room, and baked my eyelashes. When I opened them, I immediately turned away from the Sun. When I sat up, I realized that I was back at home. Bed by the window. Bathroom to my right. Closet to the north. So… it was just a dream? But, then I felt the soreness from my lower back and down. In my haste to stand, I nearly toppled over, but corrected myself and treaded my way over to the mirror. I angled my neck to the left, and there it was.

Fresh, swollen, and slightly bleeding.

"So… It's over?" I asked no one. Stood there, and yet again, I was struck frozen. When I felt the first few tears hit my cheeks, I finally collapsed onto the carpet, and embraced myself. "It's over… It's over…" I cooed to myself. And for the first time in days, I was relieved.


The extraordinary phenomena had ceased. In fact, it may have just all been a dream, if not for the remaining bite on my neck. Ever since then, I hadn't been drawn to the club, and I hadn't been having nightmares about a vampire groping me in my sleep. Even now, I didn't fully accept vampires. I still felt they were a menace to society, but… maybe not all of them.

It had been about two months, and my life had finally shifted back on track. All of my friends had partners for vampires, and at some point, I began to tolerate it. They still didn't know about what happened, and I wanted to keep it that way. "Okay, you're set to go," I informed. The man rotated his shoulder, cracking his neck from side to side.

"Thanks man; I owe ya one," he appreciated. He paid me the right sum of numbers, and he was off with his new tattoo of a vampire seductress. Some people were just absurd, but I guessed the world wasn't as normal as it looked anymore. The bell rang above the door, and since it was near closing time, I knew that Renji and the others had arrived.

"Ichi! There's this new club in town called Las Noches, and I heard they're givin' free drinks as a celebration for the grand opening," Shuheii exclaimed.

"I'll pass, you guys. I'm beat," I declined.

"Aw, come on, Ichigo, you haven't gone out in months," Renji complained.

"You guys, leave Ichigo alone. If he doesn't wanna go, he doesn't wanna go." All of us turned our attention to Shinji, quite surprised. He never really stood up for me when it came to going out, but tonight, I thanked him in my mind with great gratitude. "Ichigo's been through a lot these past few months. Just let him breathe…"

Somehow, I got out of there unscathed. It really was funny how things turned around like this. I betted those three were having the time of their lives, drinking without repercussion. Well, I guess it was all good. They had vampires who were immune to alcohol. Guess at times they came in handy.

When the first few lights flashed into my eyes, my heart slightly palpitated.

There was the bodyguard, and there was the waiting line of people. I was back here again. This hadn't happened in months. Why the hell was I back? Even though my mind screamed for home, I knew that if I didn't face this club, it would begin to haunt me again. So I entered. And it was the same. Same shuffling bodies. Same Swirling Pools being served. It was all the same.

I meandered my way through the crowd, and once achieving that, I sat myself at the counter. I was sure that I'd feel the same anxiety. The same suffocation… But I didn't. I stayed there for hours, drinking water, rejecting some lonely vampires, and conversing with some humans. It was the first time that I ever enjoyed this club to the fullest. As I turned around to leave, I stopped because he was right there, leaning against the same wall from the very first night, smirking that damn smirk. Then he began to stand on the balls of his feet, and throwing me another glance, he beckoned me with eyes alone.

I followed.

Just to clarify, this story was not meant to be about Ichigo and Grimmjow "falling in love." I never intended for that to happen. They are basically connected through the vampiric contract. But who knows? Maybe they WILL fall in love and live happily ever after. Up to you, in the end.