Killing it with Laziness

A collection of Romy One-shots

By Destiny

Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel, X-Men or the specific characters of Rogue and Gambit. I am simply playing in the sandbox for my own amusement

Author's Note: I swear I have at least half a dozen of these short little things in my head so there will be updates soon. Likely when I'm feeling rather brain dead for my ongoing fanfics. For now this will be kept at a T level. As darker stories (and possible smut/lemons) join the band the rating will be raised to M. You have been adviced

Spiced Apples

Summary: It's too warm for Rogue to concentrate on reading... is a certain Cajun possibly going to be able to help? Fluff, cuddling

Summer seeped in through the windows, a heavy afternoon heat stinging at the eyes and skin. Even the plants of the sitting room seemed to be wilting visibly under the oppressing temperature.

Worse than that, though, was the buzzing in the room. Rogue wasn't sure if it was her brain or if some bug had slipped its way into the mansion. Despite her southern heritage, even Rogue was feeling the oppressive heat. There was reading she needed to get done for her studies but all her eyelids wanted to do was whisper shut.

And the irritating buzzing was keeping her spacing out, ranting about it in her head. God, if she found out it was some sorta kid's practical joke she was gonna shake 'em. Otherwise she'd really like to get up and attack the thing with her book over and over. If she could convince her muscles to move. Right now her limbs felt limp and dead, her head tilting on her head while she tried to keep her dry eyes reading the book.

The book was snatched out of her fingers suddenly, startling Rogue out of a slight doze. But before she could sit up completely, another body was settling next to her. An arm around her shoulders brought her back into a chest as the other person settled into the couch.

"Now… where were y'?" Remy's voice rumbled in his chest right behind Rogue's head.

"Remy…" she said in a warning voice.

"I'll just start from de top den," he said. Before clearing his throat and starting to read out loud.

Rogue's lips pursed at his forwardness and she started to square her shoulders to fight against him. But she started to notice the feel of his arm around her small frame. His bicep pressed into her back and his hand resting on the dip of her waist. One of his fingers started to making a small circle on her stomach through the fabric of her shirt.

Then her shoulder started to notice the feel of his hard chest under her. The rippling of his pecks as he spoke and the defined muscles of his abs, prominent under the thin t-shirt he was wearing. Everything about him oozed sex while he sat as the most relaxed man in the mansion, his voice rumbling his chest as he spoke. Agile fingers managed to turn the page with but a flick of his thumb, his oration barely pausing a second.

She was lulled by his rich voice, suddenly possessing a depth not often heard from the Cajun. He really seemed to be enjoying recounting the tale of the Creature of Victor Frankenstein, even adding voices for the characters. It was almost amazing how his cadence could shift into a whole new person and yet it was still Remy with his smooth accent and honeyed tone speaking underneath it all. He never lost himself in these other people he spoke for.

And his body emanated a different kind of heat than the summer. It settled around Rogue, a pleasant warm lump settling in the bit of her belly and reaching out tendrils to electrify every inch of her skin. She became more and more aware of his fingers creating circles over her shirt and through to her sensitive skin. God, it was almost like being touched.

Rogue's head settled back lazily, pleasantly feeling Remy's hard shoulder behind her neck. Fitting the curve almost perfectly. Like they were meant to be in this position.

A scent rose from him, musty and sweet all at the same time. Rogue found herself inhaling deeply, trying to place it while her eyes closed. She was sure her chest was rising and falling dramatically while the rest of her body was puddy under Remy's minimal touches.

Her head lulled to the side, face an inch away from his strong neck. The scent was stronger now, and she could almost place it perfectly. She could feel her body breathing in tandem with Remy's breath, feeling his own chest moving under her shoulders.

Then all at once she was suddenly aware that Remy had stopped speaking. It was only for a moment but he had definitely paused in reading.

"Getting comfortable dere, Chere?" he chuckled in a breathy voice.

Rogue's eyes fluttered open, meeting his dulling red irises in that sea of black. Like embers dying down in a campfire. Still warm and full of depth, but losing the danger and the potency of the fire that once blazed there. His lips were quirked in an unusual smile that Rogue wasn't sure she'd ever seen before on the Cajun. It wasn't a smirk or a grin like he often used around the ladies or a poker table. And it wasn't a hidden smile, one meant to keep the onlooker at bay from his deeper feelings.

This was mirrored Rogue's own sleepy smile while also addressing a hint of knowingness. Like he understood what Rogue was thinking and feeling better than she did. And he was enjoying it…

It was also soft, like he was simply fond of the view and needed nothing more. She reached up a gloved hand, running fingers lightly over his forehead, down over his cheekbones and then gliding over his bottom lip. Remy didn't moved at all but she felt a slight tremor in his body and his eyes seemed to dull further.

Rogue's smile grew a bit more under the content gaze. "Yah smell of spiced apples," she concluded, taking in another deep breath just to confirm it.

Remy's low laugh shook her slightly but Rogue didn't mind. It gave her the opportunity to scoot closer to him, leaning back into him with her legs resting up on the couch. His arm adjusted with the new position, settling over her hips and his fingers starting their dance upon her outer thigh instead.

"Now… Ah need yah to start ovah. Ah didn't catch a single word of that."

Remy laughed, flicking the page back with his thumb. "Course y'didn't," he murmured down into the top of her head.

He seemed to rest there for a moment, body still and face a breath away from her head. Silence ticked by for a few wonderful seconds, then Remy pressed a long kiss to the top of her head. When he pulled away he instantly started reading again.

And still Rogue heard none of it. Bathing instead in the sound of his voice and that distinct smell of spiced apples that was simply Remy.