Title: Reconnect Part 2
Author: DancingStar
Pairing: Connor/ Lindsay
Rating: 12
Category: Romance, Mystery, Sci Fi, AU
Notes: See Part 1
Summaries: Lindsay´s world falls apart when Marc shows up in Edinburgh…

Reconnect Part 2

„You´re beautiful", Connor told Lindsay while they were dancing. In the belly of the Britannia there was a huge exhibition room but for tonight it was a large ballroom and the dance floor was filed which dancing people.
„I know. But meanwhile I don´t believe", she turned around, „By the way thank you for the great idea. And we´re here because of what reason?"
„Reason? Oh, please", he smiled, „You wanted to know if the story about the druids is true."
„I didn´t see a druid so far," across his shoulder she discovered a face in the crowd which she had seen very often. At the moment she told herself she was wrong. When the face showed up for another time she had to know it. „Please excuse me for one moment, okay?", she saw, how Connor returned to Emma who was sitting on a table. Lindsay walked through the dancing crowd. Finally she discovered the figure she had been searching for. „Marc!", her heart almost skipped a beat, „How did you know where I am?"
„Wow, Lindsay, you look great..."
„How did you know where I am?", she repeated.
„I called the people in your office. They said you bought a ticket to Edinburgh."
„Since when are you here?"
„I just arrived."
„That´s bad." She gasped for air.
„Bad? What do you mean?"
„Didn´t you read my E-Mail?"
„Which E-Mail?"
„We have to talk", she grabbed for his arm and went outside.

"What are you talking about? I don´t know someone named Emma and if she were your daughter, I would have certainly known."
"I´ve already explained to you. I've found out that you've instigated William to falsify the death certificate. Don´t pretend as if you can´t remember. Do you think after you have separated me from my daughter for four years, I can still be with you?", Lindsay cried out straight.
"Lindsay, I borrowed money from William for the car repair."
She wanted to call their friend William and ask if that was true, but probably he was on Marc´s side. "I don´t believe you," she said, "Go now. I don´t want to see you again." She walked past him and at the last moment, he grabbed her wrist. "You won´t leave me!", he growled and was just about to hurl her against the railing.
"Let me go," with a strong tug she tore herself away from him and noticed her wrist was hurt. With tears in her eyes, she left the deck and returned to the ballroom.
Of course, Connor saw her frightened face and gently grabbed her hand. He looked at the bruise on her wrist. "What happened?"
"Nothing." She avoided his gaze.
Suddenly the light above them failed and a cold wind swept through the ballroom. Lindsay heard some of the present people whispering: "The storms of the Druids."
"I don´t think those are the Druids," it came from another person in the room. She got up and saw a figure walking through the crowd. An elderly man was pushed roughly aside.
"Lindsay?" Connor took her hand and she turned around to face him.
"These aren´t Druids. Something is wrong."
The whispers in the hall was interrupted by a short cry: "He has a gun!," a woman shouted, when Marc emerged from the crowd and headed for Lindsay. He swept past her and pointed at Emma. "You little bitch," he squeezed out and suddenly Lindsay felt, as it would take forever to get to her daughter.
Connor tried to stop him and raised his fist.
The last thing Lindsay could remember was that panic broke out in the hall after a shot was fired. And Connor's rigid face. Then everything disappeared in a bright light.

When Lindsay awoke, she looked at a gray ceiling. She sat up and noticed she was in a brightly lit room. It was decorated with some expensive-looking furniture and to her left there was a huge window through which you could see the city and the sea. In addition, her dress had changed into a dark blue lab coat.
"Good day," a voice behind her said and she was alarmed. Her legs touched the ground and it wasn´t surprisingly that her launcher was adapting to her size.
"Who are you?"
"I am Cecilia."
"I don´t know anyone with that name."
"At least not yet," the woman said, "If my information is correct, then you are from the year 2002." All of a sudden Lindsay remembered the scene at the Britannia again. Marc showed up and she had told him she would never return to Toronto. Then the light turned everything into darkness... and she remembered the shot and Connor's face...
She jumped up from the bed. "Where´s Connor? Where is he? Please tell me!" She grabbed Cecilia by the shoulders and shook her. Despair rose in her.
"Grandmother, you're the only one who has come through the time and space portal."
"What does that mean? Is he...? Does it mean Connor is dead?"
Cecilia helped her to sit on the bed.
"I can´t tell you," Cecilia persisted. She began to sort some medical instruments.
"Who are you? And why do you call me grandmother?"
"This is very confusing for you, I know. I am your granddaughter, Cecilia Doyle."
Incredibly, the woman who was standing in front of her, was claiming she was her grandmother. They both looked the same age. "What year is it now?"
"It's 2061, grandmother."
"Please stop calling me grandmother... You are Emma's daughter?"
"I really can´t tell you," said Cecilia. But every word she had said until now was probably one word too much.
"No, I´m Rosi's daughter, she´s Emma's youngest sister."
"Emma's youngest sister?" , Lindsay asked, "How many sisters does Emma have?" It was more of a rhetorical question.
"Even this I can´t tell you", Cecilia continued, "You and grandfather could decide in your time that you don´t want to have Uncle Rowan and my mother," she grinned wryly, "To answer your question; Connor, or better my grandfather feels excellent. He is currently in France. He´s on vacation... With the Lindsay Doyle from our era."
Lindsay was relieved when Connor was fine and found the prospect attractive to be still alive in the year 2061. How she now looked like? If she counted correctly, then she was now... She started when she noticed that she now had to be over 90.
The first shock was gone, when she noticed Cecilia had called her "Lindsay Doyle." That meant she and Connor would get married in the foreseeable future.
"We're married? How long?"
When she heard this question Cecilia raised her eyebrows.
"Yes, I know you can´t tell me..."
"For 54 years," she paused, "Just rest a little."
Her eyes wandered to the window again. She could see the sea and dizzyingly tall buildings stretched to the sky. Small aircrafts snaked between the buildings in different heights.
"What city is this?", she wanted to know from Cecilia.
"This is Edinburgh. Has changed quite a bit, huh?", Cecilia said while she gave Lindsay a sleep aid. Cecilia's grandmother fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

"Where the hell am I?", Connor raged and slapped his right hand furiously against the glass which separated him from freedom. Five minutes ago he woke up in that cell. He was alone and remembered what had happened at the Britannia. Connor wondered how he had come here after Marc's shot had hit him. Where was he? Where was Lindsay?
"You better stop screaming. Maybe we then change our mind", he heard a voice. Claire came out of a shadow.
"Claire? What... Let me out of here."
"I can´t."
From the corner of his eye Connor saw another figure: She stood on top of the stairs, holding her hands folded in front of the abdomen. In silence she stared down at him and Claire.
"Lindsay", he finally realized, "Lindsay, are you all right?" Instead of answering him or save him from this predicament, Lindsay turned around when someone called her and walked away. Then he realized this wasn´t his Lindsay: She wore her hair longer and her wide shirt was hiding her belly.
"Who is she? I hardly recognize her, "he said, without taking his eyes from the spot at which Lindsay had been standing.
"She´s different than before," Claire confirmed and Connor then asked her what she meant, "It may surprise you, but in our reality you are married to her... That was a shock: One day the two came back from a weekend trip and everyone was wearing a ring. For five years they have tried to have a baby and because it finally worked, I can understand why Lindsay is, how she is."
Incredibly, they were married. What I had brought him to marry her in this time line?
"Where am I?", Connor wanted to know and Claire registered in the corner of her eye there was another figure who joined them.
"Ah, Lo and behold. I can´t even remember having a twin, " his opponent said firmly. Connor and Lindsay now came into the basement.
"I can´t remember, too," they looked very similar. The only thing that distinguished them was the stuffy sweater that the other Connor was wearing.
"I only ask once again: Where I am," he was angry.
"What will you do if I tell you?", the Connor on the other side of the cell crossed his arms defiantly over his chest, "All right, you are in the basement of the OSIR Institute."
"OSIR Edinburgh?"
"Toronto. How do you come to Edinburgh?"
"Because we have several teams in Europe and...", he stopped and Connor and Lindsay were waiting on the other side of the cell for the true answer, "What year is it today?"
"1998," Lindsay said.
"And that's exactly my problem," he acknowledged, "I come from the year 2002."
"No, I don´t think you´re telling the truth. What planet are you from? Who sent you? Tell your master, it´s useless to attack earth."
Connor couldn´t believe it: his alter ego thought he was an alien spy in human form who should take over earth. "You're an idiot!", Connor noted, "How could you marry this guy?" He looked at Lindsay.
With still sullen gaze the other Connor walked away, leaving Connor Lindsay alone. Claire had apologized and was also gone.
"I'm not a double. I come from a different time line."
"What you can´t prove…," Lindsay added and saw how he walked back and forth in his cell, annoyed.
"He wouldn´t believe me anyway. And this is me?"
"Please stop. He really isn´t like that", Lindsay's voice was very quiet.
"Listen, sweetheart. The last thing I remember is a shootout at the Britannia. I have no idea what happened to the Lindsay from my time line, perhaps she´s even dead and I'd be much obliged if you let me out of here so I can figure it out", he screamed out, literally, "Maybe this is the future you´re going to have."
"No, that´s not true!" Lindsay's eyes filled with tears, "It´s a lie!" She walked past him and wiped her eyes.
"You know I'm telling the truth," he called after her, but she didn´t stop, "All right, ignore me. But remember me when you call your baby Rowan or Rosi!"
She stopped, as he said this. How did he know...? "You know what? But how?", she came back to his cell, "I haven´t even talked to my husband about that."
"I'm from the future, I said that?... Lindsay, help me out here", he sounded very calm," I need to know what happened to my daughter and my Lindsay."
"Your daughter?", tears shot back into Lindsay's eyes. Of course, she put the blame on the hormones.
"Excuse me, you wanted to be surprised, I know... Please help me."
She unlocked the door and it opened and with a hiss. He took her hand and led her up the stairs quickly. To sneak through the OSIR headquarters wasn´t difficult: Claire had announced to have a pizza and the Connor of this timeline was outside. So they could easily go to the main entrance.
"How did you come in our time?", Lindsay wanted to know.
"I suppose it has something to do with the storms of the Druids," he noticed the quizzical expression on her face, "If you ever come to Edinburgh, stay away from the Britannia."
"This means you have now returned to Edinburgh, to get back in your time?"
"Yes, I presume."
They were now on the square in front of the main building, as Lindsay began to rummage in her pocket. "Take this," she said, handing him a car key, "Hurry up, I'll stop my husband when he´s noticing your disappearance."
"Thanks, that's really friendly... You have a good heart, Lindsay. Your husband doesn´t deserve you."
"Oh, go now," she smiled, "Go, before I change my mind." She watched how he disappeared into the darkness of the night, got into a parked car on the opposite side of the street and drove away. "Hey, what's going on here?", Connor asked her suddenly and paused beside her.
"No, wait," Lindsay held his arm when he wanted to run and follow him, "I helped him to leave. It's okay."
"You... Why?"
"Trust me, it was right."
"But my car!", he protested, when Lindsay cuddled up to him.
"You´ll get it back... At least in six weeks if it´s found with a wheel clamp for parking cost overrun. And now let's go inside."

When Lindsay awoke from her sleep, she was alone. The sun was already beginning to set and cast its last red rays in her room. Lindsay watched the city. It was clearly Edinburgh. She recognized the castle, but many buildings had given way to ultra-modern towers whose construction Lindsay had never seen before. When she first saw the changed skyline, she didn´t notice the many small aircrafts. For a split second Lindsay thought it was even possible in some of these missiles were aliens. How absurd!
With a soft hiss the doors at the other end of the room opened. "You're awake," Cecilia stated and put a tray of food on a table.
"How do I get back to my time?", Lindsay asked without looking at her.
"You have to wait until the time portal opens again. Then you can go through."
"How do you know all this?"
"Rowan explained to me. I asked him. He is familiar with this whole story", Cecilia said.
"I want to show you something," Lindsay heard Cecilia laugh softly as she came back with a rectangular object in her hand. She put a piece of paper in her hand. There was a photo. "Grandfather's face is priceless, right?", Cecilia chuckled. In the photo Connor, Lindsay and Emma were pictured and while Lindsay was smiling happily, Connor made a horrified face. "We found this when we were kids and had to promise we´d keep that in private."
"Cecilia, how did you know I am your grandmother?", she asked out of interest, stroking gently over the memento. She could also be a spy.
"Because your blood sample tells me. The x-rays of your teeth agree, except for tiny little things, with my grandmother´s and ... Well, she looks like you at her photos. I wish you could talk to her, but I don´t want to disturb her and grandfather in France. They´re terrible after the children have left home. "
A low beep sounded in her room and Cecilia took the photo again. "That's the signal, the time portal is open in five minutes and takes you back to your original time. Come with me, I'll take you to your ship."
Ship? Lindsay didn´t understand. "You have to go to the place where you crossed the threshold." How should Lindsay reach the port of Edinburgh in such a short time?
"This is hopeless. I can´t reach the port in five minutes."
"You can", Cecilia pressed a switch and the door to a glass capsule opened. Inside the capsule Lindsay could see the flashing of technological devices. "You don´t have to worry about anything. The computer is supplied with the target data. Goodbye, grandmother", Cecilia said.
"Now I can´t go back yet. I still have so many questions!"
"I know. But in the 21 Century there will be many changes. Someday you'll understand."
"How do you know?"
"We're stuck right in the middle, grandmother," she smiled, "And now go back to your time. They certainly miss you." The small transport aircraft broke away from the Medical Tower and automatically steered to the north. After two minutes of flight time Lindsay already saw the Britannia at the Port of Edinburgh. As part of the history of the United Kingdom, the old ship was well protected. It looked exactly like Lindsay could remember.

The next moment Lindsay was on the pier, it was pitch dark and she had a clear view to the anchor chain of the Britannia. Neither Emma nor Connor were with her. Around her there were many other people and on their heads away, she noticed the twinkling of an emergency ambulance. She could hear the people talking to some cops about the shooting on the ship.
Suddenly she discovered Emma: She sat in front of an ambulance, wrapped in a blanket. "Mommy!", Emma cried, when she discovered her mother in the crowd and jumped up immediately to go to her.
Lindsay hugged her daughter, "Emma, honey, where is your father?"
"I don´t know," Emma apologized and Lindsay picked her up to start searching for Connor. "Mommy, what happened to your hair?", Emma said. Lindsay's hair was a terrible mess. "Connor?", she called him and looked restlessly through the crowd. But apart from the guests no one else was present, "Connor?"
"I'm here," he replied and appeared out of nowhere between all the people.
Lindsay had to cry when he took her in the arm silently. Lindsay watched over his shoulder, when Marc has been set in a patrol car by a policeman. He stared blankly across to them. The police car drove away and tears came into Lindsay's eyes. "I thought... I thought, you are... Marc hit you. Are you hurt?"
"No, I'm fine. What about you?", He reached into her ragged hair.
"I'm so relieved! I have found Emma with the paramedics, "she told," Where have you been all this time?"
"I found out what the storms of the Druids are: It´s a time portal into the past. However, the past is different there than ours was."
"How far?"
"Can you imagine to marry me?", he asked.
"Was that a proposal?"
"Do you want one?"
"I always get what I want," she smiled, "I have traveled into the future."
"What did you see?"
"I can´t tell you. Sorry."
"Oh, come on," he groused, "You should not announce it in the newspaper."
She wondered. "Ah... No."
"How far did you travel to the future, you may at least reveal that?"
Again she shook her head and Connor was disappointed. "I hope you haven´t seen too much. This could affect your future decisions." He didn´t know that Lindsay had seen exactly what she needed to see. In addition, she noticed they both were married to each other in Connor's past vision and in the future. Was there a time line in which they weren´t married?
"We´ll have a beautiful future, this is all I can tell you."
Arm in arm they walked across the pier and put Emma into the car. When they wanted to enter, too, Connor jumped up from his seat again, "Wait, there's something," the car door slammed and with rapid steps he walked around the car. Then he took her hand.
"What´s wrong?"
"Maybe I should...", he paused as he looked into her eyes, "You know, when I traveled to the past, I have... So, my past alter ego was married to your past alter ego and…", he tried to breathe," I really asked myself, why this idiot earned a woman like you and what she sees in him... Lindsay, I'm not very good in such things, but I've thought about it well. And Emma isn´t the main reason for this."
"Connor," she interrupted him, "What do you want to say?"
"Will you marry me?"
"I have to think about that. Finally, I wasn´t expecting this", she lied, took his hands and took a step toward him, "But you know what? I really want that."

They actually got married on a sunny March day in Edinburgh, where they lived since last October. When Marc was arrested by the police, they were calmed.
"Come a bit closer together!", Lindsay's father said to them on their wedding day, when they wanted to take a picture. "Why couldn´t we have a professional photographer?", Lindsay asked and pushed her veil back over her shoulder.
"Because of the house you wanted to buy. For this, I'll pay up to the rest of my life."
"When will that be?", she grinned at him from the side.
"Why do we need such a big house? Didn´t you like our old house in Edinburgh?", he still asked himself, why they had to move and were now living in a house on the other side of town. Emma was even allowed to keep her pony.
"It was too small," she replied, while Connor took Emma's hand.
"For what?"
"For our children," she smiled and noticed how he looked at her shocked, "When Rowan and Rosi are born we will urgently need the space."
"Does that mean you are...?"
"Please smile!," Lindsay's father yelled at that moment and pulled the trigger of the camera. It was the moment the photo was made, which Cecilia Doyle and her cousins would discover on a Christmas celebration in 35 years in a dusty album and they had to promise to their grandfather, never to show it to someone. He had to tell his grandchildren how he met their grandmother at the OSIR. But this was, of course, another story...