One day, Otacon was skyscraping with Spike and Spyro.

"Isn't it a beautiful day?!" asked Otacon.

But there was trouble afoot.

"Beware the one-legged man!" warned Koizumi before he died. "He's the one to fear!"

But Otacon remained mellow, and so did his friends.

"Well, better go find him," said Otacon.

"Where is he?" asked Spyro.

"Why he's in Neverland," said Otacon.

"But Otty, how do we get to Neverland?" asked Spike.

"We shall fly by magic carpet, side by side," said Otacon. Then they went to Neverland.

"Long John Silver, at your service," said Long Johns.

"One leg Spy, count 'em one," said Otacon warily. Then they went... TO DA TOILET! "All at once?" Well yeah I guess. So kinda strange but now they're all out. "Was it fun?"

"Koizumi lies," said Kyon. "Daddy's alright, daddy's alright they just seem a little weird. Surrender, surrender or not because we are Devo and we have got guns." 'Cha-ching' 'machine gun noise' Harharhar! We killer you all trollLoL.

The End

AN: The lyrics for the Cheap Trick song 'Surrender' were written by Rick Nielsen.