Han solo and Chewbacca

Two very best friends (short stories)

Story 1 Han solo I won't let you fall!

Han and chewie were on chewie's homeland of kashyyyk on their way to see Chewbacca's family for life day the two friends were inching up the bong-bong tree han sticking his long fingernails into its bark while chewie used a rope chewie was training his best friend to become a wookie so han decided to climb be finger and toes nails which seemed harder than it actually looked but chewie knew the jungle of kashyyyk had many dangers for humans even han solo couldn't defeat them all one day han and chewie decided to go vine swinging one of Han's favorite things to do on kashyyyk because he felt free han found a thick vine pulled tight and ran then jumped swinging ahead as chewie did the same "HHAANN!" han bellowed through his throat when all of the sudden Han's vine snapped "uh-oh HELP!" han screamed plummeting fast *hold on cub!* chewie lunged at han grabbing the corellian in his arms and landing safely on the ground "thanks chewie you saved me pal" han said giving chewie a huge wookie hug * han solo you're like my little cub I'll never ever let you fall* chewie said ruffling Han's brown shaggy hair "hey" han said laughing the two friends went back to chewie's to help celebrate life day