Hola. To anyone that may actually be reading this, I am quite proud of myself, despite the fact that this is short and...yeah. You see, this is my first chapter of my first fanfiction, and I should be asleep right now. I've decided to star with a fairytale rather than jump straight into fictions for novels, so LET THE READAGE BEGIN!

BRING! The bell startled me out of my trance. I shook my head to clear the cobwebs filling my mind and shoved my pencil into the pocket of my ripped jeans, adjusting my tank top and shouldering my book bag.

My freshman algebra teacher shook his head at me as I stalked out, having learned absolutely nothing. I just shrugged and tucked my raven colored spiral curls behind my ear before searching the hallways of Brookefield High for my best friend, Stryker. I couldn't find him anywhere, though the hallways seemed overcrowded. I yawned, the thought of my warm bed filling my mind. 7 AM boarding school would drive any kid out of their minds.

I wasn't here because my parents didn't want me or anything, like Stryker's. Actually, I had never even known them. They left me on the side of the road as soon as I could walk. Mrs. Sheffered and her husband had taken me in and let me grow up to be my own person instead of conforming me to the ways of society, like most teenagers, and I was grateful for that. They'd loved me, despite my oddities, but ended up not being able to afford me anymore, and so I was sent to a free boarding school for kids whose parents couldn't care less what happened to them. The late bell rang and I quickened my pace, only to find that the crowd was now impenetrable. I caught a glimpse of Stryker's chesnut colored head peeking above some other people's and stood on my tiptoes, trying to let him know where I was.

But it seemed he already knew...

He was heading towards me, dark blue eyes ghosted over, and paler than I'd ever seen him. His gaze connected with mine over the heads of the crowd, and it felt as if time itself had stopped, that everything was still, and the world was nothing more than a whisper on a breeze. My vision almost seemed to turn into a black and white photograph, before everything snapped back into attention. Only this time, the hallway was deserted except for Stryker. He stood over me, eyes troubled and murmured something under his breath.

"We need to talk."