Percy's POV

Nico and I were on patrol there was apparently some movement in this part of the forest and Chiron sent us to check it out. After the fight with Gaia we were pretty popular among the other campers but that fame was short lived and camp got back to normal. Annabeth was still working on constructing Mt. Olympus. She told us everything was going pretty great she would be with us now but she went up there two hours earlier. She would be back tomorrow just in time for Capture the Flag. I was about to suggest to Nico that we turn back when I heard a rustle behind a bush.

"Did you hear that?" I really didn't need to ask. Nico had already got his sword out and held it up in a defensive position. I pulled out Riptide and turned it into a sword. As we turned the corner I saw something I did not expect to see. It was a girl.

Nico motioned me to go forward his sword still raised. I slowly walked towards her. The girl was curled up in a ball her hair was splayed out in waves around her head. She was really dirty and looked like she had been laying there for days. I knelt down next to her and reached my hand out to touch her shoulder. When I was about to touch her her eyes opened and she scrambled back. Nico tensed next to me but stopped when he saw she was looking directly at his sword. She could see it.
"What are you, are you a monster?" Lets just say Nico isn't the nicest person in the world when you first meet him. The girl shrunk back into the bushes some more. I looked at her eyes and found myself slightly lost in them. They were a beautiful emerald green with gold and grey flecks in them like a lightning storm in a grassy field surrounded by long lashes that made them look innocent and somewhat sad.
"Nico cut it out you're scaring her shes just a girl." He didn't even flinch.
"Lots of things can take human shape Percy." I gave him a duh look.
"Yeah but what if she is a demigod like us. You ever think of that?" He looked at me for a second and lowered his sword (barely). I looked back at the girl. She was looking at us with a to my surprise a calm calculating look. I held out my hand.
"Hello my name is Percy I promise we won't hurt you can you tell me your name?" She seemed to consider my question looking away from me then got a very startled and scared look on her face and stared straight at my eyes.
"I...I don't know..." Her voice cracked as tears started to fall down her eyes.

Girl/Max's POV

"I...I don't know..." My voice cracked. An alien voice to me. Questions race through my head some obvious ones. "What is my name?", "Who am I?", "How did I get here?" But most of all the questions that surfaced in my head were "What is my favorite color?", Favorite food?", What is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen?" I look up, the boy, I think he said his name is Percy is looking at me with a kind of sadness in his eyes. The other boy however is still pointing a jet black sword at me. I turn back to Percy who is looking at me with kind eyes. But why does he scare me more than the other one?
"Hey do you want to come and meet a friend of ours he may be able to help you?" He held out his hand for me. I don't take it but I stand up. Run You Need To Get Away You're Faster Than Them Run And Hide. Suddenly I knew I was faster and as I stood strength returned to my legs. In a split second I turned around and ran as fast as I could dodging roots, trees, and bushes. I could hear footsteps behind me but they were fading and fast I kept running and running amazingly not slowing down or getting tired. I finally stopped hearing footsteps. But out of nowhere a tree popped up and I ran right into it knocking it over...wait...WHAT!? I looked down and found myself on top of that other kid the one that wouldn't stop pointing the damn sword at me. Before I could move though he grabbed me and held me to him. Damn hes strong. I struggled to get out of his grip.
"Oh no you don't we are waiting right here until Percy gets here which could be awhile considering you are incredibly fast." He told me pretty much oozing arrogance.
"Great just enough time for you to use too much of your strength and falter for only a second so I can leave." I snap back just as easily. We were face to face only inches separating us. God Percy would be here any minute I need to get out of here who knows someone could be looking for me that actually knows me. I am so going to regret this...
"You know I have a better idea." I tell him. He looks at me.
"Oh yeah what?" I lean down closing the gap between us. He was startled at first but soon started to respond back. His lips were soft not what I thought they would be. Wait what am I saying I don't even know this guys name! I end the kiss by pushing on his chest and jumping off.
"Bye now!" And I start running again leaving the boy lying down on the ground.

Nico's POV

"Bye now!" And she started running again. She kissed me. Sure I thought she was pretty but I also think..thought she was a monster. Her mouth was soft and tasted of strawberries. I was in a bit of daze but I started to stand up when Percy came into the clearing.
"Where the hades is she?" He yelled at me.

"She ran that way." I said pointing to the left.

"Well how did she get past you?" He asked. My face turned a slight shade of red. Though Percy thank the gods didn't seem to notice.

"Oh um she hit me over the head. But Perce I think you're right she is most likely a demigod." He looked at me then.

"What changed your mind?" He asked very confused.

"She would have killed me not just knocked me out. Also she looked very scared."

"Okay but either way we have got to find her."

"Agreed lets go."

Girl/Max's POV
I was running through the forest again. God why did I do that I mean sure it got me out of there but that is officially the first boy I have ever kissed-well since I woke up- and I don't even know his name. What if hes a bad person, then again what if hes a good person it's not like he isn't cute or anything wait no bad...oh right no name. Damn. If I ever get back to civilization I am going to need a name. But what? During the time I had been contemplating I had unintentionally been slowing down. And now I heard footsteps again. Shit. I pick up my pace again. I see a break in the trees and sprint towards it. I get past the last tree I realize my mistake. What I mistook for a clearing was really a cliff face. I end up falling over the edge.

All of a sudden I am not falling but hovering. Hovering! I look behind me and see two White wings with tawny speckles. What the hell is going on here? I waste no time in flying up to the ledge and grabbing on. Just as my wings fold neatly into my back the wonder boys are standing over me. My first thought is oh great they totally saw them. But apparently not.

"Oh my gods are you okay?" The one named Percy asked.
"Yeah dangling from a cliff face is so okay with me I do it all the time. Then again I could have done it all the time of course I wouldn't know. Ahh the lovely feeling of not knowing who you are ever try it?" I say sarcasm dripping from my tongue.
"You gonna help me up or not?" I practically yell at them.
"Oh yeah sorry forgot." I laugh as they each take one of my hands.
"Nice choice of words." I am finally not holding onto a ledge for dear life and I lay down on the cliff in front of them finally feeling the effects of running and flying...
"Okay I give up take me to your leader." I say with snark.

Percy's POV

We had seen a glimpse of her running away from us and I saw Nico give me a look. Then I realized where she was headed. The Cliff. I picked up my speed. I saw her break from the trees. And then I saw her fall. I froze as did Nico. I couldn't believe what I just saw. Nico and I raced for the cliff. When we got there we were pleasantly surprised to find two hands gripping onto the edge of the cliff.
"Oh my gods are you okay?" I asked her.
"Yeah dangling from a cliff face is so okay with me I do it all the time. Then again I could have done it all the time of course I wouldn't know. Ahh the lovely feeling of not knowing who you are ever try it?" She says rather sarcastically I might add. I feel really bad for her not knowing who you are must really suck.
"You gonna help me up or not?" She yells at us.
"Oh yeah sorry forgot." For some reason she starts laughing. We finally manage to pull her up. And she lays down on her back.

"Nice choice of words." Finally getting a good look at her I noticed How she looked. She had long wavy dark caramel hair that had mud and twigs caught in the knots. Her skin was smeared all over with mud. But her mouth was red and clean. She was wearing a sky blue tank top with skinny jeans and dark green converses. But they were all crumpled and dirty. She had no nail polish on but her nails were perfectly cut but had dirt under them. She was pretty tall and skinny but you could tell she was fairly muscled.

"Okay I give up take me to your leader." She says after catching her breath. I give her my hand only this time she takes it. I help her up and notice many scars on her arms. At closer inspection she had a lot of scars all over her body. I take the lead as we walk back to camp. Thali is gonna have a field day when she get a look at us I was covered in dirt and had a few cuts on my face from running through the trees. And Nico was also covered in dirt from being on the ground he too had cuts on his face but was more tired than me because he shadow travelled trying to catch up to mystery girl. It feels like we have been walking for hours when we finally make it to the arch.
"Camp Half-Blood. What is that?" She asks us. Good so she can read it.
"It's the name of our camp. Come on through the arch."
"Okay then." We all walk through no problems. I turn around to give her the official welcome.
"Welcome to Camp Half-Blood."