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"Why are they taking you?" Danny instantly asked me in a whisper when we started to take off.

"They want some'ing I have. They've been trying to get it for years." I whispered back angrily. "I don't know why they want it anyway. It's pretty much worthless."

"What is it?" He asked curiously.

"A necklace my mom gave me before she died." I said solemnly.

"Oh, I'm sorry... I... I.."

"It's okay, you didn't know. I'm sorry too about your dad."

"Don't worry about it," he said affectionately," it's just now he's gone, my mother disappeared years back. Charlie is going to freak out."

"Charlie's your brother?"


"Shut up back there!" One of the 'soldier' 's yelled. Danny and I glanced at each other and stayed quiet for a while eventually reaching a little river.

We stopped and the men got of their horses. Captain Neville came to us with a paper and pencil. Why, I don't know and don't really care.

"Son, I'm sorry that you got mixed up in all this. But you gotta understand, if I couldn't have your dad. I had to take you." Captain Neville said looking straight at Danny. Danny slowly raised his head, glaring. Hell, I probably was too. "I couldn't go back empty handed. But make no mistake, it's a mess, bad news for everyone."

Oh the things I wanted to say right now but refrained from doing because if I want to run away from this guy again I'd have to wait for the right timing.

I could feel the anger riding up in me. The only thing that calmed me down was when Danny rested his hand on my knee and giving it a little squeeze.

Captain Neville stopped writing whatever and sighed, "Go." He handed the what I now assume was a letter to a man and he left off on a horse. "Tell you the truth, when General Monroe finds out, it's gonna be irate, might even have my head." He smirked.

"Let's hope," Danny smirked back as Neville's smirk feel. I couldn't help but stifle a laugh. Making Neville to frown even more. He then smacked Danny violently. It left a red mark on his cheek. He took the hard hit fairly well, which I admired.

"Hey!" I yelled angry again getting his attention; which it did.

"I'll deal with you later." He said to me and walked away.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked Danny switching my attention to him.

"Yeah," he nodded the turned his attention to a pipe looking thing we attached to. He slowly started moving the screw with his fingers. I nodded understanding what he was doing and kept quiet doing the same on the other side of the pipe.

By the time they set up camp it was nearly dark. We were still working on getting the screws undone when one of Captain Neville's closer men came over towards, causing us to stop before he noticed. Oh, great, David, I think his name is. Last time I encountered him I left a lovely cut over his left eye.

"You," the soldier pointed at me. "your coming with me."

"Sorry, can't," I said snarkily, tugging on my chain showing him.

"Don't smart with me little girl," he snarled unlocking my chains from the pipe but keeping them bound together . "Or I won't be as nice as last time."

"Where are you taking her?" Danny interjected.

"None of your business." David said harshly.

He yanked me to my feet , shoving me forward.

"Where are you taking her?!" Danny asked again. "What'd she do!?"

"She's a criminal, you don't want to get involved. Now move or I'll make you." He commanded.

I glanced at Danny, to give a face of 'that's not true'. But he wasn't even paying attention because he was working on unscrewing the screw. I then realised I had to distract the soldier.

"You know what, I was going to go quietly and all that lovely stuff but I changed my mind 'cause you're being so rude." I said taking a couple steps away from the wagon as well as away from the camp. The soldier took a step towards me.

"I don't feel like dealing with this." He said going to grab me but I took a step aside as Danny hit the back of his head, knocking the soldier out.

"That was close," I breathed. As Danny found the key and took off my handcuffs.

"Yeah, let's get going before they notice. " Danny said grabbing my hand and running away from the camp.

We saw how in the distance in a open grassy field when Danny started breathing heavily.

"Are you okay?" I asked worriedly.

"No... Asthma. " He choked out falling to his knees. I caught him and picked him up determined to get him to the house. I've never seen anyone have an asthma attack but I'm guessing that was happening and I have no idea how to stop it.

I banged on the door, "Hello! Can you please help us!?"

Slowly the door opened, a black woman opened the door holding a shot gun.

"He's having an asthma attack."

She looked around outside before letting us in and leading me (half carrying half dragging Danny) upstairs to a spare bedroom. I laid him on the bed and she gave him some sort of medicine. I can't believe I just trusted her but I was desperate.

Minutes later he woke up, "What happened?"

"Asthma attack."The woman said still pointing the shot gun at us. "Now know funny business, were you followed?"

"I don't know," Danny answered, "We were running from soldiers."

She glanced at his hand with the hand cuff still on it.

"It's not what it look like," I said quickly.

"Look we mean no harm, we'll leave now." Danny said getting up, and slowly going back on the bed from lack of energy.

"Rest one day then be on your way." She said putting her shot gun down. At that exact moment my stomach growled loudly.

"I'll get you some food," she also said. I looked down slightly embarrassed.

When she left I refrained from hugging Danny, he scared the shit out of me. I sat down in the chair next to the bed.

" You scared the shit out of me. " I told him.

He looked at me sheepishly, "Year sorry, I guess I could have warned you."

"Ya think? Well at least now we're even." I smirked. He gave me a quizzical look. " You saved me once, I saved you once, makes us even."

He chuckled lightly and smiled, I smiled back.

The woman walked in with a bowl of fruit and two glasses of water.

"Thanks, for everything." I said.

"You're welcome."

An awkward silence laced over before she decided to leave.

"Man, I'm starving," I said going straight for the fruit, it's been forever since I had something to eat.

"Slow down before you get sick." Danny said to me and I did.

"Sorry," I said, my turn to give him a sheepish smile.

For the next half hour we talked about everyday stuff getting are mind off Militia. I somehow wound up sitting next to him on the bed and eventually from exhausting we both lulled off into a sleep.

I woke up to Danny shaking me and the sound of heavy footsteps.

" We have to go. It's Militia." Danny said in hushed voice. He noticed a window and we ran over to it. But we were to slow and Captain Neville's men were pulling us away from it. A man grabbed me from behind and I fought hard we were so close to being free from them! I head butted the guy making him let go, then I had two other men grabbed both y arms. I started kicking and yelling. I saw Danny fight just as hard when I was hit in the back of the head and my world went black.

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