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Warning: OOCness; Un-Beta'd; Motherly!Akashi and Spilled Milkshakes

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The basketball teams all sat in one area in the restaurant. Their Miracle members, however, didn't join. Apparently, they had all decided to sit together at a table of their own. For old times sake.

Meanwhile, as their ace players ignored them, the various teams discussed. What, exactly? The Miracles.

"What's yours like?" they asked each other.

"Aomine sucks," Wakamatsu complained. "He always skips practice and disrespects everybody. Even the captain!"

"Ne Tetsu, let's go play basketball together again."

"And he never listens to anyone!"

"Transfer to Too."

"There'd be no point. You never come to practice."

"I'll go. To practice."

"He's inconsiderate. And he never apologizes."

"Ack! Sorry Tetsu! I'll go get you a new one!"

"Ah, arigato."

"No problem. It was my fault anyway. Here."

"Midorima's the same," the Shutoku captain sighed. "He's selfish."

"Here. I got Aquarius' lucky item."

"He's always going on and on about his horoscopes."

"This should negate today's bad luck."

"And he never listens to anyone, either!"

"Shintarou. Sit over there."


"Murasakibara's easier to handle," Himuro said. "You just have to make sure there's a steady supply of sweets."

"Say 'Ah~' Kuro-chin."


"Is it good? I gave Kuro-chin a vanilla flavored one."

"Hai. Arigato."

"We try to limit his candy intake, but it's hard. He tends to snap if you try to take it away…"

"Atsushi. Stop eating candy. You can eat it after dinner."

"Ehh… If Aka-chin says so…"

"Akashi? Very demanding," Mibuchi said

"Daiki! Stop eating so fast! You're going to choke!"


"Eat slower! You're getting food everywhere. You're going to knock something over."

"He's takes things to the extreme."

"You need to eat more vegetables, Atsushi.

"Hai, hai."

"You're going to get sick if you don't.

"And he sees everyone as shoji pieces. I don't think he cares about anyone."

"You have something on your face, Tetsuya."

"Hmm? Where?"

"Here, I'll wipe it off."

"Ah, thank you Akashi-kun."

"You need to eat more."

"But this is all I can eat."

"That's not healthy, Tetsuya. At least take some supplements."

"It gets really tiring at times. You never know when he's going to snap…"

"Tetsu, can I have some?"


"Uah! An indirect kiss! I want a sip too!"

"Hell no!"

"You guys…"

"But it's not fair! You have your own drink!"

"Shut up! You have your own too!"

"I don't care! I want some of Kurokocchi's!


"Look what you made me do!"

"It's not my fault! You're the one who spilled it!"

"My milkshake…"

"There, there. It's okay Tetsuya. They'll get you a new one. Right?"

"Ha– Hai!"

"Kise isn't that bad, I think," Kasamatsu said. "He used to skip practice, but after the practice match with Seirin, he stopped skipping."

"Really? You have it good then. I wish Aomine wouldn't skip," Imayoshi sighed.

"So he doesn't have any weird quirks or anything?" Riko asked.

"The only thing I can think of is his tendency to add –cchi after people's names. And his weird obsession with that Kuroko guy."

"Yeah…Aomine almost beat up a teammate because they were badmouthing that invisible guy."

"They must have been close in middle school."

"Sorry Kurokocchi!"

"I'll buy you a new one Tetsu."

"The only thing is that our practice is always, always interrupted by his stupid fangirls. And he always has to greet them and sign autographs. We barely can get any practice done!"

"We don't have any problems with Kuroko," Hyuga couldn't help but boast. "Aside from his lack of presence, he's perfect."


"His policy is to be respectful to his senpai. He never skips practice and is very hardworking," he listed as the other Seirin members nodded along in agreement. Hyuga help but inwardly grin at the other teams' jealousy.

"ACK! I'm sorry!"


"Shut up Satsuki! I apologized, didn't I?"

"What's with that aura?"

"Ack! Ku-Kurokocchi! Stop it! It's scary!"

"Ah…Kuro-chin snapped."

"He isn't violent. And he's very polite and doesn't talk back," Hyuga continued.



"I told you you would knock something over. See? I'm always right."


"Tetsu, can't we talk this out? OI! SOMEBODY HELP ME!"



"You have the most normal one, huh?" the other teams sighed wistfully, deaf to Aomine's pleas.


It was only after they had walked out of the restaurant did they notice the suspicious, human shaped hole in the wall.

As for Motherly!Akashi, "Akashi was shown in the Kuroko no Basket: Kiseki no Game to be absolutely caring and considerate towards his former teammates. He constantly reminds them of doing things the right way, even in the way they eat and take care of their digestive system. It was much near the point of nagging that Aomine even called him 'mother'."

You know...I can't help but feel as if I'm bullying Aho- I mean, Aomine. I don't mean to... It just happens.