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On his way to school, Kise spotted a small black and white dog. To his surprise, the dog walked up to him and sat down on the ground, looking up at him.

Kise crouched and picked up the dog. Looking closer, he noticed that it was wearing a basketball jersey.

'Seirin 11' it said.

Wasn't that Kurokocchi's jersey number?

Staring at the dog, he noticed its eyes.

They look familiar…

Kise racked his brain for a clue. Suddenly, he froze.

The eyes…! Kurokocchi's eyes!


"Aominecchi! Aominecchi!" Kise's voice was heard over the phone. "Somethingterriblehappened!"

"Hah?" Aomine raised a brow. "Talk slower, idiot! I can't understand you!"

"Just come over here! It's an emergency!"

Aomine sighed. "This better be worth it."

"Midorimacchi! Help!"

"What is it now, Kise?"


"... You can't be serious."

"I am! I am! It's not a joke!"

"I knew you were an idiot, but I didn't think you'd–"

"I'm not joking! Kurokocchi's in serious trouble!"

"... Fine," Midorima sighed, "I'll call Akashi."

The members of the Generation of Miracles gathered in a circle at an empty park.

"What was the 'emergency,' Kise?" Aomine crossed his arms. "This better be good."

"Shintarou mentioned something about it involving Tetsuya."

"Kuro-chin? Is he in trouble?" Murasakibara asked as he munched on a treat.

"Un!" Kise sniffled.

"Well?" Akashi said, looking serious. "What is it?

"This!" Kise whipped his arms in front of the group, showing off the jersey wearing puppy.

"... A puppy?" Aomine twitched. "That was the so called 'emergency'?!"

"Ryouta," Akashi's aura became dark, "be serious!"

"I am! Look at him closer! Doesn't he look familiar?!" Kise cried, shoving the puppy into Aomine's face.

"Dammit Ki- Wait. Now that you mention it..."Aomine trailed off, his eyes widening.

"It's wearing Kuroko's jersey number..." Midorima looked back to Kise. "I thought you were joking."

"Ah! Kuro-chin's eyes!"

"What about it, Ryouta?"

"KUROKOCCHI'S BEEN TURNED INTO A DOG!" Kise sobbed, hugging the puppy to his chest.


"Ryouta. Daiki. Be quiet."

"Hai," they chorused in sync.

"First of all, don't be an idiot. Did you even call Tetsuya to check?"

"I did!" Kise wailed, "He didn't answer!"

Midorima sighed and rubbed his temples. Kise's annoying cries were beginning to give him a headache.

"Did you even bother to check to see if he was at school?"

Kise blinked. "No...?"

"Then go check, idiot! You should have done that before calling us all here!"

"Uah! Midoricchi is so mean~! Don't you even care about Kurokocchi?"

Midorima sputtered incomprehensibly with a flushed face. "That's not the point!"

"Ne ne," Murasakibara spoke up in his bored drawl, "let's just go see Kuro-chin's school."

"Excellent idea, Atsushi." Akashi approved. "Let's go."

When they finally arrived at Seirin's gym, they were immediately welcomed by surprised looks.

"Kise and Midorima!"

"What are they doing here?"

"Who are the others?"

"We know Kise and Midorima," Riko said, not recognizing the other three, "but who are you guys?"

"None of your concern," Akashi dismissed, ignoring how she bristled.

"Is Tetsu here?" Aomine asked, ignoring the flat girl's question as he scanned the area.

Riko felt her irritation fade at the sudden question. "Who?" She didn't recognize the name.

Akashi narrowed his eyes. His Tetsuya's current team didn't even remember his given name.

They don't deserve him.

"We're looking for Tetsuya," Akashi elaborated. "Kuroko Tetsuya."

Akashi's irritation doubled at Seirin's sudden realization.

"He didn't come to school today," a tall redhead said.

"Ah!" a cat-like person exclaimed, pointing to the puppy in Kise's arms. "That's Tetsuya!"

"EHH?! So it's true!" Kise turned to the spectacle-wearing teen. "I told you!"

"You recognize him?" Midorima pushed up his glasses, ignoring the annoying blond.

"Yeah!" The cat-person nodded. "We found him after you and that hawk-guy left the restaurant the other night."

"Oi... What's up with Kagamicchi?" Kise sweatdropped at the sight of the redhead cowering in a faraway corner.

"He's," Riko sighed, "not good with dogs..."

"'Kagamicchi'?" Aomine raised a brow. "Who's he?"

"Oh, that's right!" Kise hugged Tetsuya closer, gaining a mischievous glint in his eyes. "He's Kurokocchi's new Light," he said simply.

The rest of the Miracles observed Aomine's reaction with interest.

Seirin was lost in confusion, not understanding what Kise meant.

Kagami was still cowering in fright of the dog.

And Aomine? He was seething in jealousy.

"Oi!" he barked. "You, with the eyebrows!"

Kagami twitched and turned to face the tanned player, forgetting his phobia. "What?"

"Play a game with me. One-on-one." All but Kagami noticed the dark gleam in Aomine's eyes.

"Uh oh..." Kise's eyes darted back and forth between the two hotheaded players.

"Mine-chin's possessed."

"By a green-eyed monster, right?" Midorima sighed. "That idiot..."

"Well, this is an interesting development," Akashi smirked. "Let's see how Tetsuya's new partner fares against the ex, shall we?"

"The way you say that sounds wrong..."

"Nonsense. I'm always right."

To say the least, Kagami accepted the challenge despite his coach's refusal. Needless to say, he got utterly demolished.


"Wow," Kise whistled. "You guys have a lot in common. 'Bakagami' and 'Ahomine,' tall, Kurokocchi's partners, hotheaded," Kise listed. "You guys even have wrinkles in common!"

Aomine whacked the model on the head. "Shut. UP!"

"What? It's true!" Kise cried. "You guys look like you're in your middle ages or something! That's what you get for scowling so much and not taking care of your skin!"

"Not all of us are as girly as you and Midorima!" Aomine huffed and turned back towards the tall redhead. That guy was seriously weak!

"You," Aomine began, catching Seirin's attention (not that he ever lost it after he crushed their player). "Your Light is dim."

"What are you, an electrician?" Midorima muttered.

"I don't know what Tetsu sees in you," Aomine continued, pretending not to have heard the tsundere. "I don't understand why Tetsu left me for a weakling like you-"

"Don't say it like that - it sounds wrong on so many levels!"

"-but I'll get him back! Someone like you will never be able to unleash Tetsu's full potential."

Murasakibara grunted in agreement as he continued snacking. Akashi nodded at Aomine's words. The thought that his Tetsuya was partnering up with a weakling all but made his skin crawl. Perhaps he was brainwashed?

"Who are you to say something like that?!"

"Someone better than you, obviously!"


"Hm?" Akashi turned around to see his former Phantom Player. "Tetsuya?"

Kuroko had a surgical mask on. Was his Tetsuya sick?

"Akashi-kun? What are you doing here?"

"Ryouta dragged us here. He thought you turned into a dog," Akashi said, pointing to the black and white puppy in the blond's arms.

"Aa... I see," Kuroko said in his usual deadpan. "I didn't think he was that stupid..."

"Kuro-chin," the purple giant greeted, "are you sick?"

"Hai. It's not that serious, though."

"I got Kuro-chin some vanilla candy," he said as he held out a bag of candy.

"Thank you, Murasakibara-kun."

"AH!" Kise finally noticed the mop of teal hair. "IT'S KUROKOCCHI!"

Kise let go of the dog and ran to glomp the small teen. "I THOUGHT YOU-"

"GET OFF OF HIM!" Aomine kicked away the clingy model before grabbing his former partner by the shoulders. "Tetsu! Why'd you-"

"Hands off! He's ours!" Riko yelled at the tanned ace. She stole Kuroko away to the other side of the gym where they rest of the Seirin basketball team was. She grabbed his shoulders. "Kuroko! Who are those people?!"

Seirin waited urgently for an answer.

"They," Kuroko began, not noticing how his current teammates leaned in expectantly, "were my teammates from middle school."

"The rest of the Generation of Miracles?!"

"Isn't that tanned guy wearing a Too uniform?"

"Aren't we up against them next?"


"Kuroko..." Riko twitched. "Are all of the people you know that insane?"

"'Insane'?" Kuroko tilted his head, wondering if something happened. "Did you look Akashi-kun in the eyes?"

"'Akashi-kun'? Who's that?"

"Or try take away Murasakibara-kun's sweets?"


"Or provoke Aomine-kun?"

"We don't know who you're talking about, but why are you mentioning this?"

"Well, if you look Akashi-kun in the eyes and you don't serve him-"

"'Serve'? What?"

"-then he'll attack you."



"Kuroko... who is 'Akashi'?" one of them asked, wanting to know who not to cross.

"The one with red hair."

"The short on- !"


Everyone turned around to see a pair of red scissors stuck on the wall. They all turned their heads in the other direction. The redhead had another pair of scissors in his had, opening and closing eerily.

"WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE DID YOU KNOW?!" they all screamed at Kuroko.

"He was my captain," was all he said.

Riko massaged her temples. "And the other two? And what was this about some sweets?"

"Murasakibara-kun is the tallest one. He tends to snap if you try to take away his snacks."

"And what do you mean by 'snap'?" Hyuga asked warily.

"Umm... How do I say this..." Kuroko thought for a bit to come up with the right words.


"He'll want to crush you."


"Maybe snap you in half..."



"Akashi-kun has a lot of connections."



"Nothing is impossible for Akashi-kun."

"Why thank you, Tetsuya." Akashi appeared - the rest of the Miracles behind him.


"He popped out of nowhere!"

"You're welcome, Akashi-kun."

"Ne Tetsu," Aomine started, "why'd you leave me for this guy?" Aomine pointed to the frozen Kagami who had Tetsuya #2 playing with his shoelaces.

"Please don't say it like that. The context sounds weird."

"It's okay, Aominecchi." Kise patted the tanned ace sympathetically. "Kurokocchi dumped me too."

"Like I said, please don't say something weird." Kuroko commented in the background.

"I don't wanna hear that from someone like you," Aomine deadpanned.

"You're so mean!" Kise wailed. "Kurokocchi! Aomine's being mean to meeee~!"

"Don't be so clingy, Ryouta," Akashi reprimanded.

Kise's constant crying gave Midorima a migraine. "You're such a baby, Kise."

"Ne..." Izuki muttered to his team as they watched the legendary Generation of Miracles interact. "Doesn't it feel like we're being ignored?"

"With the way they act, I can't believe they were the infamous Teiko team back then..." Hyuga sweatdropped.

In the end, Seirin never learned why the Miracles dropped by in the first place.

In fact, actually witnessing the famed Miracles interact the way they did (which is to say, not unlike people who had just escaped a mental institution) and learning about what dangerous figures had once surrounded their small teammate was too much for their brains to handle.

The visit was never mentioned ever again by an unspoken agreement.

Some people in Japan wear surgical masks when they are sick to prevent the spread of germs.

Aomine was talking about how Midorima likes to take care of his nails and how Kise uses facial products like face creams and make up(because he's a model).

Meh... This one wasn't that great in my opinion. I couldn't think straight since I was too busy thinking about other stuff.

The ending... It felt off and rushed :/ Sorry about that.

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