I was at home today because i had a day off. And truly I needed it, the conversation Clary and I had yesterday was not something i wanted. But when i saw that bruise on her arm i couldn't help myself but be protective and ask her who did it. Yes, someone made that bruise on Clary she's not the type to be careless plus as i said before she is a terrible liar. Anyway I called my dad to my house to discuss about Clary and why she didn't get the chief of staff position first.

The door bell rang and i went to go answer it, I opened the door and saw my dad and MEGAN what the fuck?


Today I called in SICK not because i was pretending or anything, i was actually sick. I think it was something i ate yesterday and know I'M PUCKING AT EVERY MOMENT I GET. Gross right? anyway i called Izzy and Mealle over to see what was happening with me and they said that IT was something i ate just like i predicted and told me to just digest fluids for 5 days. Great no pizza, sometimes i feel like saying screw you human body!


" NO, SHE IS NOT ALLOWED INSIDE!" I said furiously.
" Jace calm down please, her car broke down and she needed a ride so i offered. But you said that talking to me was an emergency so i rushed over. I apologize IF you don't want her here." Stephan said

Want her here, I want her out of this fricken country! But I was raised as a gentleman so I let both of them in so i could kick one of them out. Don't get me wrong Megan is a very attractive girl but she doesn't deserve to be at Idris High Hospital. Let alone be the staff of chief, that girl payed her way into the hospital because her dad is a rich man, and she can pay herself out.

" I'm not talking to you with her here." i say furiously
" Jacey! YOU know i would never do anything to offend you right? I know you want to talk about that bitch Clary, and how we can fire her ass to downtown." SHE said in a husky voice,
" First of all DON'T call me Jacey, second if there's anybody I'm gonna fire Its gonna be you. SO don't go talking about Clary like that! she is much more than you wold ever be!" I say, my ears feel like its fuming fire.

" What do you say dad, she no good at anything and she just sits on her ass all day long and just yells at everybody. If your going to hire people like that i might as well bring DRUGIES to the hospital too and tell them to change people IV!" ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT I'M PISSED!

" Jace calm down, I would change the chief of staff but unfortunately nobody wants the opportunity." HE says it so calmly, like he doesn't care if his own hospital goes down the drain.
"I know what this is, how much money is her dad paying you to keep her here?"

" JHONATHAN CHRISTOPHER HERONDALE! DONT YOU GO SAYING THINGS LIKE THAT." Now he was furious. ' I know what is best for this hospital and i never take money just to fulfill people's wishes."
" Clary is the best thing for this hospital, dad, she works overtime all the patients love her, she just loves that hospital and wants to see it on the top." I say

" You think i Don't know that? I called her to the Herondale Mansion and asked her, as If she were my daughter, to have that damn place. She was hesitant at first and then asked me if I were you father! I said yes. She then asked me if She had to come here for private staff meetings and meet you because you were the future of this Hospital. I said yes! and she automatically said NO!" I thought he was done but just my luck he wasn't, " I know jace, I know, That she is an amazing doctor and i still plead with her to become the Staff of chief but she constantly says no, I ask her and she just says that its personal."

I sit down then, Clary turned down the option of becoming something so great because of me. The only Question i had was why?


I was sitting on the couch bored out of my mind while Izzy and Mealle were chatting, and out of nowhere they both ask me,
" Hey Clary, why don't you take the offer of being chief of staff?" They say, GREAT what the hell am i going to say now.
" I just don't think its the right time you know." I said nervously,
" Really Clary, we've known you for so long, if its because of jac- "It's not!" I cut in, "because of Jace i mean." I said quietly. Then Mealle spoke up,
" Clary, we heard Stephan pleading with you the other day, And you just turned it down like it was a fly that didn't need to be payed attention to. We know that Jace has hurt you and that there more to the story then your telling us but don't let him hurt your chances like he's done before." she smiled as she said is.
" Thanks! If he asked again then i will take up he offer." I said sweetly, im glad that have wonderful friend like i do.


My dad dropped Megan off and came back again to speak to me. When he came again I said,
" DAD, call Clary and see if she wants the place again, if she doesnt then I'll quit asking you again . I promise."
" alright I'll see what I can do.'' He said

while he was on the phone with Clary, i was in deep thought of what i could do to make me and Clary right again. I know she is broken because of me but there's something else that she's not telling me. So i know what to do, In a couple of days the Herondales are going to be hosting a dinner and dance ball. Everyone from each district is going to be there and i want Clary to be my date.


I was at work today and Clary was supposed to be working with me but she called in sick. When she comes back tomorrow I'm going to ask her out to the Herondale ball. She's gonna be my date no matter what.



THe next morning i woke up groggy, I remember i was so excited to have Stephan call me and offer me the posision again. SO all of us girls celebrated and went to sleep at like 3 am. So Not a good idea.

Anyway i got up got ready and walked to work since my car was at the garage shop. I walked in and was welcomed by warm heat. Finally out of the cold i thought. Before i could go change into my scrubs I saw Jace and he was behind the counter working on some paper work. He looked like a god as usual. Jace looked like he was going to say something but was stopped by Max.

OH... yeah... I gave Max a week to ask me out again. And low and behold a week was over! he was going to say something. And all i could think about was... I AM SOOOOOOO SCREWED! SO GOD HELP ME!

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