chapter 6

Today, we were all called by Jace secretary to come down to horseshoe Bay, another company owned by the Herondale family. And trust me horseshoe Bay, they are insanely busy. But it also brings back unwanted memories of when Jace used to bring me here and show me how to horse ride. It never worked because I was always to scared to ride, but I loved to see Jace ride. The way he whispered in It's ear and they way he strokes it's back. He told me once that he told all his secrets to the horse because it would never tell anyone.

I was talking to Maelle about what Jace had said to me the other day and she was so shocked that she said she would kill him herself. Before I could reply back to her I saw Max walking towards me. Oh... great, this is going to be super fun. I thought sarcastically. He stops right in front of me and says.
"Hey Maelle can you give me and Clary some time to talk alone for a sec?"
"Yeah why not, I was just going out to pick a horse for myself to ride on. But Clary come quick okay!"
"Yeah I will." I replied back at her. I looked at Maelle and her retrieving figure. And then Max says,

Clary about yesterday I wanted to know If that was a "Not Now No" or a"Never No" for the date?"
I looked at him then and was suddenly so sad that I had to put him through rejection again. So I say,
"Max you're a great guy but I'm just not ready dating at this moment. Maybe ask me a week from now okay." He looks miserable when he says,
"Okay, will see what you say next week, Oh and Clary don't worry about me hurting you physically or "
"Yeah Why would I think that?" I say curiously.

"Clary come on you have to get your horse! or your going to be fricken left out." Izzy said
"Okay.. fine! I have to go Max, If I don't go now Izzy will probably pee in her pants."

I head to the barn to pick out a horse to ride on today. I go from stall to stall to stall until I find a horse that catched my eye. It's a white Stallion: with brown eyes and soft hair, someone passes by me and takes the Stallion out and passes it to me. I look at her gratefully and lead the Stallion away. And then i see Jace surrounded BY a bunch of , why hadn't I seen it coming. but i have to admit he looked damn sexy today. With a collared gray shirt that showed of his muscles, black jeans with black boots and a jet black leather jacket to finish it off. He saw me staring at him.


Today It's our 50th anniversary if Idris High Hospital and we thought they why not have it here. Everyone loves horses right? But I told my dad to have it here because It was Clary's favourite place to come and watch me. I just wanted her to remember what it was like to be with me. Cauze I sure damn miss her as hell. It's also because when we were dating I promised to give her horse lessons. But She was always to scared to get on and actually ride on one.

As soon as i come out of the car a swarm of girls come rushing at me. And i have to admit It Felt great that girls were giving me they're numbers and waiting for my attention. Until of course I saw one girl who could take my breath away with just one look. Clary, I gave her a smirk and waved. surprisingly she waved back and went to talk to other people. But it was another thing that caught my attention, the horse that she picked.


After the horse trainers told us everything that we needed to know about the horses we headed to the open field. That's when everyone started riding, but i just looked around with my horse by my side i didn't dare ride on it. I didn't even know if it it's a male or a female? people passed me on they're horses, i looked at mine and debated on what i should do. I think it was a good 10 minutes until i heard a someone say.
"Still scared of horses?" I turned around to meet eyes with Jace.
"No! I just didn't know if it were a boy or a girl." I said stubbornly, crossing my arms across my chest.
"Your such a bad liar." He says while chuckling," well, Magic is his name. I can't believe you forgot his name so quickly."

I jumped at the sound of his name. Magic he was the horse that i always picked when Jace and i came here.
"No way! he looks so different, What happened to him?"
"Well Clary, age tends to do that to animals and people." HE say with heavy sarcasm.
"Okay, I'm still afraid to ride them, but i love watching others ride." I say
"That's why i chose this place, It reminded me of you." He whispers.

"You still remember, wow, I thought you would have forgotten by now." I regretted what I said Because as soon as i said it pain clouded his eyes. But it was quickly masked away.
"Let me ride with you, so you won't be scared." he says it so seriously i can't deny him.
"Are you sure, what about your horse?" He left and my heart sank and little while when he came back his horse was nowhere to be found. I was about to ask when he said,

"Gave it ta Kaya, the horse trainee, she's really good with Skyler."

Before i could reply he tells me to get on the horse. So I put my right foot on the loop to give me a boost. It took me a while before i could get up. Jace tried to help me a couple of times but i brushed his hands away. Jace went around the horse and looked it in It's eyes and smoothly settles behind me. I was startled by how close we were after all those years of being apart. My back is warm against his chest and the pressing of his hips against mine felt so good. Jace said something to me but i couldn't hear it, so i shake my head and he presses his lips against my ear"Go around the square." So I do, and as soon as were out of the square Magic runs with so much speed that i scream.

I press my legs into Magic's side and feel Jace's warm secure arms go around me to grab his mane. When I feel his arms around me i feel more grounded. I turn to say something to jace but he jerks his head to give me room. I forget what i'm going to say and shake my head. So he comes close again and says,
"Are you afraid still Clary?" I shake my head once again and feel Jace's hand in my hair he's slightly touching my neck sending shivers trough my body, he leads my hair to the collar of my shirt his hand still lingering above my collarbone.

Then he links his arm around mine, we go around and I'm not scared anymore I'm used to it. Once we slow down, Jace slides down first and takes me down by the waist. His fingertips brushing my exposed skin. I close my eyes. were both are very silent until Jace takes my wrist and pulls me close. My mind is telling me to stop and run but I listen to my heart. His hands go to my neck and he feels the pulse which is ver fast. And his other hand is on my cheekbone making circular motions. We stood like that for what felt like infinity but was really just two minutes, and then he Jace let go and i breathed again.

"See you at work Clary." He says it so flatly and I'm mad at him for making me forget everything again. But It's jace so what was i expecting from him. I turn and see Sebastian and Max staring intently at me, but i ignore them.

I had one question that kept on repeating it self in my head. Am i over Jace or am i still in love with him? But either way i had a plan for Jace tomorrow, when i see him again. I ignore him like i never knew him. Because he makes me feel the TWO emotion that i hated feeling. That all girls hated feeling. CONFUSED AND MIXED SIGNALS

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