Light died the same day I, L Lawliet did. I know, because I witnessed it with my own eyes. Even through the crushing weight residing in my chest I forced myself to keep my face placid, to keep my own triumphant smile away, knowing that I was correct all along, about Kira's true identity.
I knew from the beginning that the mass murderer could be only Light, I knew because I was the only one who could see through his sweet picture perfect facade that everyone fell over themselves for. He exuded arrogance, so very confident I knew from the first moment I spoke to him.
I knew my death was coming since Watari only moments before me had passed away. I remember seeing Light shocked, terrified expression upon his being, thinking 'what have I done?', I remember his eyes open with horror, then I remember how Kira's maniacal grin split his beautiful face apart, and then I knew Light was forever dead. Kira had possessed him completely.
I should've never fallen for him, for it was my undoing, but it wasn't in the plan, not at all. I always wondered, if he wasn't Kira, if we had met a different way, we could've been together happily, because our personalities fit each other so well, a perfect blend.
Say we met at the college coincidentally, and we had clicked the same way without any of the complications, had played a wonderful game of tennis without any of the suspicion, and had eaten together at that restaurant with no hidden plan. Just innocently, cliché-like fell deeply in love, with no horrid plans for the both of us. He was my other half, I felt, my 'missing puzzle piece' if you will. So many what ifs, and it sends a nasty pang of sadness through every nerve of my body.
My poor, unfortunate Light, he was terrifyingly brilliant, so horrifyingly bored and that was the death of him.
In the end, ironically, Kira killed him as well.
Kira was different than Light, they were two totally different things. Kira was insane and power hungry, Light had a strong urge justice and wanted everything for the better.
But after I passed to the afterlife, watching Light's body get shot by Matsuda I could deduce that Light finally learned he was wrong. I watched his eyes ache with sudden realization that he was alone, that no one was there to help him although it hurt so bad.
The last bit of Light came through Kira in his last moments, and that made me somewhat joyful knowing this.

Funnily, both I and my other lost to Kira.


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